Color in Bloom's first billboard was strategically placed near a conservative Christian school known for practicing conversion therapy. 

Photo: Kathy Flores

The LGBTQ self-love campaign Colors in Bloom's first billboard went up last week off of Highway 151 in Columbus, WI. The billboard was strategically placed near a conservative Christian school that practices conversion therapy.

The billboard went up as part of the Colors in Bloom campaign, a partnership between Milwaukee artist Lex Allen’s production team and Diverse & Resilient.

The statewide Colors in Bloom campaign began when Allen debuted his self-love anthem of the same name, featuring Taj Raiden, at the LGBTQ Summit on February 24. An accompanying music video, along with the message of the song, help to deliver the message to LGBTQ youth that their identities are something that should be embraced, and that they are perfect the way they are.

“Self love is where it all begins: teaching youth at a young age that they are allowed to be themselves leads to happier, healthier lives,” Allen says.

Colors in Bloom will involve the installment of billboards throughout Wisconsin that state: “Here is your reminder that you are: beautiful, worthy, loved, just as you are.” The billboard portrays Allen and other people of varying race and gender smiling and standing together, surrounded by rainbow-colored flowers.

The first billboard was put up with assistance from the Birch Lodge Fund of Cream City Foundation, who helped cover the start-up costs and the first month of the billboard. 

The timeliness of the installment of the billboard aligns almost perfectly with the Milwaukee Common Council’s decision today to vote to ban conversion therapy. Allen was overcome with joy at the news of the Council’s decision.

“The Council’s ban acknowledges the fact that conversion schools are not only divisive, they are unnecessary,” Allen says. “Nothing is wrong with you, nothing is wrong with me…we all were created in the image of something greater than us. Who are we to judge?”

Billboards are set to go up in Fox Valley and in Milwaukee towards the end of May and in June, closer to Milwaukee’s Pridefest.

“This Colors in Bloom billboard is a reminder to the LGBTQ family that they are beautiful, loved, and worthy,” Allen says. “Just as you are.” 


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