A University of Minnesota professor is out with an adult coloring book poking fun at college life.

Julie Schumacher wrote Doodling for Academics, a coloring and activity book that includes a diagram of a student’s brain with “Weekend Booze Run” and “YouTube Binge” taking up a lot more space than “Assignments.”

Schumacher’s book revisits the world she last skewered with her 2014 comic novel, “Dear Committee Members.” That book won the Thurber Prize for American Humor.

“Doodling for Academics” follows a day in the life of a student or teacher. It starts with “the magical dreamworld of academia” with a No. 1 best-seller and money falling from the skies, and ends with after-hour drinks at the visiting scholar dinner.

Schumacher says her book is “intended to be funny, whether you get the crayon out of the box or leave it in there.”

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