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  • Anna Gorman and Heidi de Marco

Armed with strict guidelines and motivated by sheer urgency, a specialized team of nurses makes the rounds, seeking to thwart the No. 1 killer in U.S. hospitals.

  • Emily Kopp, Kaiser Health News
  • Updated

Documents examined by Kaiser Health News shed light on the workings of the Trump administration's “Drug Pricing and Innovation Working Group."

  • Alex Smith, KCUR

The U.S. government has been struggling to balance a surge in applicants for disability benefits with shrinking funds. An updated application process could make getting benefits even harder.

  • Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News
  • Updated

The Senate’s secret deliberation on the health bill overhaul is part of a long, slow slide away from transparency. And I’m a witness.

  • Emily Kopp
  • Updated

This year’s American Diabetes Association scientific meeting came with a hefty price — a policy of no photography and limits on social media. That did not go over well on Twitter.

  • Phil Galewitz, Kaiser Health News
  • Updated

States are not doing enough to help elderly and disabled Medicaid enrollees receive services in homes and community locations instead of in nursing homes, where care is more expensive, AARP report says.

  • JoNel Aleccia and Heidi de Marco

So far, 72 affected babies have been born in the continental U.S. One young mother, infected in Mexico last year, and her infant face an uncertain future in rural Washington.

  • Liz Szabo

Due to poor doctor-patient communication, most people with advanced cancer don’t know enough about their disease to make vital decisions.

  • Michelle Andrews

The researchers looked at 11 services that medical groups have said are often unnecessary and found that Hispanics and blacks got them at higher rates than whites.

  • Rachel Bluth

Tom Price defends proposed spending reductions in Medicaid and other HHS programs while demurring on questions about cost-sharing subsidies for the 2018 Obamacare marketplace.