88Nine - 10 years

88Nine Radio Milwaukee has launched a new HD2 broadcast radio channel and mobile and online stream. All-Milwaukee music began broadcasting and streaming around the clock June 20 with the launch of 414Music.fm.

The new channel and stream is the first to broadcast only Milwaukee music, “bolstering the commitment of Radio Milwaukee (WYMS 88.9-FM) since its founding 10 years ago to play and support Milwaukee bands,” according to Program Director Jordan Lee. The station plays at least one Milwaukee artist every hour and supports Milwaukee bands via its weekly on-air 414 Live interview and performance show and its annual Milwaukee Music Awards.

“We’re proud to play all Milwaukee music because it rivals music from any city in the country,” Lee said. “Our playlist ranges from earlier groundbreaking Milwaukee bands to some of today’s top artists. The list of Milwaukee music we’re playing includes the Violent Femmes, Citizen King, Coo Coo Cal, Field Report, IshDarr, Trapper Schoepp, Naima Adedapo, Vinyl Theater, Willy Porter, GGOOLLDD, WebsterX, Paul Cebar and the late Al Jarreau.”

414Music.fm is being simulcast on 88Nine’s HD2 frequency, available on HD2 car and home radios, online at 414Music.fm and on the station’s mobile app.

Milwaukee musicians are encouraged to visit the channel’s new website to upload their music — recently recorded or from the past — for consideration. So far, about 100 Milwaukee bands and musicians have submitted music.

“This is a perfect time for us to launch this service because Milwaukee’s music scene is thriving and deserves the support,” Lee said. “It’s been a real pleasure to program the station and be reminded about how much amazing Milwaukee music is out there.”

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