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Dieters and gym rats, beware.cSome dietary supplements promising weight loss or more muscle may contain active ingredients not listed on the label that fly under the radar of the Food and Drug Administration. The California Department of Public Health analyzed public data maintained by the FDA to suss out trends among tainted products, raising red flags.

Black patients miss out on promising cancer drugs
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One out of five people diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the U.S. is black, and African Americans are more than twice as likely as white Americans to be diagnosed with the blood cancer. Yet of the 722 participants in a drug trial, only 13 — or 1.8 percent — were black.

If you’ve got Hep C, spitting can be a felony
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About a dozen states have added hepatitis C to the list of medical conditions for which people can face criminal prosecution if they engage in certain activities like sex without disclosure, needle-sharing or organ donation.

More organic than thou?
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Was your organic tomato grown in dirt or water? Current labeling does not say, but a rebellious group would like to change that.

Sonya Renee Taylor’s “Evolve” | Planned Parenthood Video

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Transcript: Evolve Your great grandmother sips gin slow in a speakeasy in Chicago or Detroit. Stokes the flame of a pot bellied stove in Alabama or Arkansas. She is cigarette fixed at precipice of red lips. Tells a suitor maybe your great grandfather, maybe not,what she expects from his cour…