J Balvin says meditation has helped him to cope with anxiety
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J Balvin thinks meditation has helped to ease his anxiety and depression.

The 35-year-old singer has revealed that meditation has been an important tool in improving his mental health, admitting it's "meant everything" to him amid his struggles.

In a personal essay about his issues, he shared: "What makes mental health universal is that it does not discriminate.

"Mental health doesn't care about your age, your race, your background; none of those things. It doesn't care what you look like, or who you're dating, or how much money you have in the bank. Of course it's different for each of us. But it affects all of us.

"The truth is, anyone in the world can struggle with their mental health. And yet not everyone is ready to accept this.

"I know that firsthand because I have gone through it myself. For one, because I am an artist who has had success, no one thinks I could ever have anxiety. But I have struggled with anxiety.

"And also, because I am Latino - I know there can be a certain stigma in my community when it comes to mental well-being.

"Many Latino men will not want to talk about depression, because they fear it is not a manly thing, or that they will then be known as loco. But I don't hesitate to say that I have been depressed."

The award-winning star - who shared the essay with PEOPLE magazine - then explained the benefits of meditation.

He wrote: "There are many ways that I have dealt with my mental health. I have gone to see doctors. I have taken medication. These things are essential.

"But one other method that has meant everything to me - and is the reason I'm writing this - is meditation.

"Meditation, to me, can be one of the key first steps in achieving mental and spiritual well-being.

"Why? Because in many ways it is the most natural step. Meditation is about opening your mind to self awareness.

"It's about understanding that your mind isn't just an idea - it's a living, breathing thing, something that needs to be cared for and looked after. Meditation is the act of mental hygiene."

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