AstroLogic: March 24 - April 7

AstroLogic Sign EditedAstrology is almost always about reading signs properly, but sometimes the content of those signs is less important than the fonts they're written in. U.S. highway signs use a custom font called Highway Gothic. Facebook friend requested Klavika. This column is written in Lato, as an homage to the late, great astrologist Lilliander Ozymandius Lato.

There's a point here, but Helvetica if I can remember it.

AstroLogic is written by Dr. Sterling Asterix, PhD, DDS, PSA, LMNOP. Dr. Asterix is a former student and founder of the now-defunct Sterling Asterix School For Eyeballing The Stars, with its patented single-sign horoscope prediction method. Legal requires us to stipulate that all horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only but if any of them are real it's definitely this one.

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