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  • New Jersey could be the first state to ban declawing cats

    Cats would keep their claws under a bill that would make New Jersey the first state to prohibit declawing. The measure, which cleared the lower chamber of the Legislature in January, bans onychectomies and flexor tendonectomies on a cat or any animal unless a veterinarian deems it medically necessary. Sponsors in the New Jersey Senate are reviewing possible changes and it’s not clear when it .... Read More
  • Madison’s Tory Miller excels again with Estrellón

    Tory Miller is one Wisconsin chef whose reputation precedes him. The Racine native’s fame is not limited to the state. Miller was recognized by the James Beard Foundation for superior performance. He earned his first nomination for Best Chef Midwest in 2011 and then nabbed the honor in 2012. Last year, Miller was named a semifinalist for Outstanding Chef and this year his flagship restaurant,.... Read More
  • Pudgy saved me, now it’s my turn to save him

    Nine and a half years ago, I found my best friend Pudgy on petfinder.com. I reached out for a kindred spirit and there he was — a 5-month old beagleranian at an animal shelter in Florida. If it is possible to find your soulmate in a dog, I truly have found mine. Over all these years, he has taken care of me to a much greater extent than I ever imagined a dog could. He is my little brother an.... Read More
  • Milwaukee craft beer scene is hopping

    Despite its long-standing brewing legacy, Milwaukee was relatively late to the party when it came to craft brewing. But the hereditary home of Miller High Life, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz and Blatz is making up for lost time. These days, the Cream City is awash in suds of all kinds from multiple small breweries scattered across the metro area. Pull up a stool and dive into some great new Milwauke.... Read More
  • Cats at the Westminster dog show?

    A border collie named Trick rocketed to a win with his four-footed feats in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show agility contest in February in New York City. And next door, also tackling hurdles, tunnels and weaving poles, were some decidedly rare breeds for the Westminster world: cats. For the first time, felines sidled up to the nation’s premier dog show, as part of an informational compani.... Read More
  • Nation’s best cheesemakers out to prove it in Wisconsin

    The national cheese spotlight this week turns to Wisconsin — where else? — as judges get ready to sniff, taste and touch thousands of samples in the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest. The national contest alternates each year with the world cheese-off. Judging was Tuesday and today at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, with winners to be announced Thursday. Some things to know about the contest:.... Read More
  • Tradition takes the (king) cake

    New Orleans is a city strong on traditions — and few inspire as much passion as the king cakes of Mardi Gras season. To see folks’ devotion for the ring-shaped confection, look no further than an early morning at Manny Randazzo King Cakes in suburban Metairie. “To me, it’s the best in the city,” said Drew Boston. “It just depends on what you like. What kind of cake you want, what k.... Read More
  • Single-vineyard Zins bolster Ravenswood’s portfolio

    If there is a flagship grape for the California wine industry, it is probably the scrappy, jammy Zinfandel. Grape geneticists may have traced the grape’s roots to southern Italy and Croatia, but California has embraced this European immigrant as its own. Vintners especially celebrate “old vine” Zinfandel grapes, recognizing that old vines’ lower yield often results in richer, more flavor.... Read More
  • Testosterone gel shows no benefit for older men’s memories

    Testosterone treatment did not improve older men’s memory or mental function in the latest results from landmark government research that challenges the anti-aging claims of popular supplements. While testosterone use for one year appeared to strengthen bones and reduce anemia, it also showed signs of worsening artery disease and questions remain about other potential risks. The researchers s.... Read More
  • Colectivo Coffee owners kick up Ruckus in Shorewood

    The Ruckus, a new restaurant concept by the owners of Colectivo Coffee, serves real food that is ridiculously good. Just ask co-founder Scott Schwebel. “That’s one of our taglines,” says Schwebel, who helped open the casual eatery in Shorewood in late January. “The Ruckus is designed to offer a spicy twist on the classic burger and ice cream joint.” The Ruckus is living up to its name.... Read More