WiGWAG: News with a twist, March 12, 2015

Hollywood harvest

Will consumers be more likely to eat asparagus endorsed by Jessica Alba or kale if promoted by Colin Kaepernick? Partnership for a Healthier America, created in conjunction with first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! effort, hopes so. The group recently announced a celebrity campaign to promote consumption of fruit and vegetables. The idea is to put as much thought and money into marketing healthy foods as chips and candy.

Docking décor

Ikea recently announced plans to sell home furnishings — desks, lamps and tables — capable of wirelessly charging smartphones, tablets and other electronics. The Swedish company also plans to offer a kit to convert furniture into wireless docking stations so home office workers can get the job done from the Lazy Boy.

Oh O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly operates under the belief that if he shouts something loud enough, his Fox fanatics will take his word as truth. That doesn’t work with journalists, who have devoted a lot of energy to disproving O’Reilly’s claims to be on the spot and in danger during his correspondent days. Most recently, CNN published a taped telephone from 1977 that reveals O’Reilly was not outside the Florida home where an associate of Lee Harvey Oswald committed suicide. O’Reilly, in his book Killing Kennedy, said he was on a porch when he heard a gunshot from inside the home where George de Mohrenschildt committed suicide. But on the recording, O’Reilly is told of the death and he says he’ll travel to Florida the next day.

Bad bluff

Police in Lincoln, Nebraska, arrested a man for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana allegedly found after he was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving. The report said police found the pot in a plastic sour cream container labeled “Not Weed.” 

Tunneling in Toronto

The discovery of an underground bunker in Toronto set off a social media frenzy. Authorities said the tunnel measured about 2 yards high, 3 yards wide and 10 yards long and contained plywood walls, a sump pump, a generator and a lot of discarded beverage cans. Police set up surveillance to identify the inhabitants and eventually learned that two young men built the tunnel simply because they wanted a hang out. “They started out as goal to make a cool place and that’s what they did,” said police Constable Victor Kwong.

Playing with pistols

Inspired by the punishment of a kid who brought a gun fashioned from a Pop-Tart to school, Nevada Assembly Republicans are backing a bill that would bar schools from barring students from playing with toy firearms on school grounds. Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler is sponsoring AB121, which would forbid schools from punishing students who play with toy guns or pretend to use a firearm. The bill also extends protections to students who wear clothing with images of firearms, use hand gestures to imitate a gun or brandish partially-eaten pastries in the shape of a weapon. Educators could still punish students for eating Pop-Tarts in class.


Promotional commercials for urban tourism can be saccharine-sweet at times, but one anonymous Milwaukee blogger has swung the pendulum very far in the other direction. Since March 3, a Tumblr page has been presenting itself as a parody of Visit Milwaukee's website, posting mean and misleading campaign slogans that alternately mock the tourism site or critique Milwaukee, such as "1st in segregation!" or "Valuing your right to drive drunk over an effective public transportation system since 1958." Visit Milwaukee has already filed a complaint with Tumblr regarding the use of its logo on the blog, which we know because the blog posted a screencap of the complaint.


Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong was among the celebrities to attend a recent three-day marijuana expo in Seattle. Entrepreneurs debuted a number of new products, including a pot-infused barbecue sauce, hash oil, smoke wipes, facial creams, seeds and munchies. The next expo will be held in Denver in June.

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