Condom features Kiss band member's pic on latex


A condom maker is taking the truism “sex sells” very literally. A new line of the contraceptives puts advertising not just on the wrapper, but the latex itself.unusual-condoms24

Graphic Armor’s new Picture Condoms meet all FDA requirements, and the company claims it’s the first to feature full-color images on the latex. Graphic Armor’s kick-off condom is branded with the rock band Kiss and features a picture of Gene Simmons’ tongue unfurled.

The Kiss official store has added Kiss Condoms available for $4.95 for a 3-pack. The rubbers feature “a wicked red latex coated with a special tongue lubrication,” according to the band's website.

Gene Simmons explained the latest product introduction saying, “Sex is always embarrassing for people, so when a guy whips out a Kiss condom and there’s Gene Simmons’s tongue hanging out it lightens up the situation.”

Another Kiss version featuring band mate Paul Stanley is slated for June.

Adam Glickman, CEO of condom retailer Condomania, says the creators are in talks with entertainment companies, energy drinks and designers to put logos and messages on the condoms.

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