Democratic Attorney General candidate Josh Kaul

Democratic candidate Josh Kaul.

Brad Schimel helped defend the state’s gerrymandered political map. Josh Kaul, his Democratic challenger, assisted with efforts to have it struck down in federal court.

That’s just one of many issues on which the two contenders differ. Unlike Schimel, Kaul would act as a lawyer for all the people, not just his party’s wealthy donors, he said.

He would support efforts to expand voter participation. Schimel, on the other hand, has openly bragged about the success of Republicans’ photo ID law in keeping youth and minority voters away from the polls. 

“I’ve gone to court to challenge voter restrictions in several states,” Kaul said.

Kaul would also enforce environmental regulations. Schimel has ignored big polluters, who are major Republican donors, and he’s supported suits to overturn Obama-era environmental and wildlife protections.

Financial penalties for pollution dropped to a 30-year low under Schimel. In a bizarre decision, he told investigators with the Department of Natural Resources that, when considering permits for wells that pump over 100,000 gallons of water per day, they could not take into account the effect of those wells on the water table.

“Our AG should be serious about evenhandedly enforcing our environmental laws,” Kaul said.

Kaul would also support the legalization of marijuana, which Schimel opposes.

Kaul would focus drug-enforcement efforts on targeting large-scale traffickers.As a former federal prosecutor, he has the experience to do it.

To reduce shootings, Kaul supports banning people with a history of violence from gun ownership, outlawing bumpstocks and universal background checks.

Schimel, on the other hand, has said he supports arming teachers and staff, as well as offering them training in how to use firearms. 

Forty-five former Assistant Attorneys General with over 900 years of service working under both Republican and Democratic AGs signed and published a letter opposing Schimel's re-election due to his ineptitude and blatant politicization of the office. 

Kaul is eminently qualified and will work for the people. Vote for him on Nov. 6.


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