100 days

As the Trump administration and the media rolled out assessments of the president’s first 100 days in office, my thoughts turned to the 101-plus ways available to resist everything Donald Trump stands for.

I try to do something to feel like I’m part of the resistance — if not every day, at least once a week.

If you are appalled by Trump’s plan to add $54 billion to the already bloated “defense” department budget, join the “Stand for Peace” protests Saturdays, from noon to 1 p.m., around the Milwaukee area. To learn about weekly locations and to get involved in other anti-war activities, call Peace Action Wisconsin at 414-395-0679.

Trump intends to fund his arms buildup with major cuts to environmental, health and cultural programming.

On the chopping block is funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which oversees National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service on TV. I’ve relied on public radio and television for outstanding public affairs reporting, children’s shows, nature programming and historical dramas for decades.

My outrage at the prospect of these services being de-funded found an outlet in the Great TV Auction (through May 6 on channel 36), the annual event that raises funds for Milwaukee PBS. People can donate an item, bid on one, or volunteer their time to the community’s efforts to sustain public broadcasting. Call 414-297-8009 to volunteer. Give generously to the pledge drives on both public radio and TV in the coming months.

Trump’s plan to cut all funds for the Institute of Museum and Library Services sent me on a foraging expedition into my own library. I pulled out dozens of books, videos and DVDs I no longer need and delivered them to Milwaukee’s Central Library, where they will be resold through the Bookseller Used Book Store and Cafe.

These and other programs of the Friends of the Milwaukee Public Library raise funds to support the library system. To get involved, call 414-286-2142.

To contribute to broader strategic planning for the Milwaukee Public Library system, contact the library foundation at 414-286-8703.

April afforded environmentalists several opportunities to mobilize, in the March for Science April 22 and the People’s Climate March April 29. I’m following up with reading more about issues that hang in the balance — and signing up for email alerts about legislative and executive actions set to impact environmental funding and policy.

Of special interest is the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a multi-state and federally funded project threatened with a complete cutoff of federal funds. Since 2009, this funding has helped Wisconsin and other Great Lakes states fight invasive species, clean up toxic waste, restore wetlands and bolster shorelines.

To learn about this valuable program and read descriptions of the many projects preserving our Great Lakes — the largest body of fresh water on Earth, accounting for 20 percent of the fresh surface water on the planet — visit www.glri.us.

To stay updated and respond to the latest outrages against our environment, sign up for alerts on the sites of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council.


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Thank you for your support of libraries! Here are 10+ other ways to take action to support them & IMLS: http://ow.ly/gZxU30btIgc

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