How do you register? Cast ballots?

Voters must be registered to vote. Registration can take place at the polls, but here's more information about getting registered now.

Need to check the status of your registration? Go here.

Want to cast an absentee ballot? Go here.

Some notes about voting: 

> Voters who move within 10 days before an election must vote at the polling place for their previous address.

> Voters must present a voter photo ID.  

Where do you vote?

Click here to find your polling place.

When is the election date?

Nov. 6: General election.

What's on the ballot?

Click here.

Who are your elected officials?

 Click here.

Want to learn more about candidates and issues?

Check out Click here.

Need help in Wisconsin?

For more information about voting in Wisconsin, contact the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin at , 608-256-0827 or


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