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DE PERE, Wis., June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PAi's CoPilot for All initiative will allow all plans to receive automated Savings Alerts and utilize the Years of Retirement calculator tool, promoting engagement, understanding, and increased retirement savings. Now all plan participants will experience the CoPilot difference. In addition to these convenient tools, all retirement plans offered by PAi continue to have access to a wide range of educational resources and an award-winning customer care team.

"The updated look across our websites and client communications showcases the work we've been doing to reposition our unique CoPilot benefits, allowing more participants to experience these proprietary services," Michael P. Kiley, CEO at PAi, said. "We are working to create a world where plan participants are in the drivers' seat, and now they all will have a copilot. We believe you shouldn't have to fly solo on your path to retirement readiness."

CoPilot's Savings Alerts provide proactive and reactive "nudges" to plan participants along their retirement journey. For example: "Happy Birthday! You're one year closer to retirement…or are you?" "Did you know that you can buy another year of retirement for $47 per paycheck?" These alerts encourage and remind future retirees of the importance of contributing to their retirement plan, and how changing their contribution could impact their saving outcomes. With the Years of Retirement calculator, participants can see an estimate of how many years of retirement their savings will buy. This measurement helps illustrate the importance of saving more and saving earlier, encouraging CoPilot participants to plan their future in years, rather than focusing on dollars alone.

PAi's retirement plan services, which can be customized to fit a group plan or solo(k), include the CoPilot Open Architecture 401(k) and the fully-bundled CoPilot Prime 401(k), which includes 3(38) fiduciary services through PAi Trust. PAi also offers a CoPilot Workplace Savings IRA. Each of these offerings comes with upfront pricing, online setup and enrollment and integrations with popular payroll, HRIS/HCM, and wealth management platforms. To run a sample Years of Retirement calculation, visit

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Since 1983, PAi has helped people successfully save for retirement by changing retirement outcomes with participant-focused, easy-to-manage 401(k) retirement services. CoPilot's recordkeeping services feature Years of Retirement, allowing savers to see exactly how many years their savings can buy, and an event-based alert system keeps participants on track by sending updates along the way. See how CoPilot is changing the retirement conversation:

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