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MADISON, Wis., July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AkitaBox™, the industry leader in facility management software solutions, announced today that it has added AkitaBox Capital Management to its suite of building management software applications. AkitaBox Capital Management is powered by RSMeans Data from Gordian, enabling decision-makers to make well-informed decisions regarding capital deployments to support major repairs, replacement, and maintenance of assets and machinery in their facilities.

After conducting industry research and interviewing countless customers, AkitaBox identified the need for an application that would empower users to build capital budgets, secure capital funds, and create more accurate 3-5 year capital plans for their facilities. This new product will serve as an instrumental tool in taking the costly guesswork out of capital planning. Stakeholders will gain unprecedented access to critical facility data, allowing them to make smarter, more strategic capital decisions.

"Depending on the size of an organization, it can cost millions of dollars to replace HVAC systems, water chillers, air conditioning units, and other major equipment," says Matt Miszewski, CEOof AkitaBox. "AkitaBox Capital Management is designed to empower Facilities, Operations and Portfolio teams to present data-backed reasoning for specific capital budgets needed. Stakeholders can also determine which assets should be replaced now or in the future based on the risk of failure and severity of impact to business operations."

AkitaBox Capital Management features a variety of functionalities to help decision-makers prioritize and defer upcoming capital projects with confidence:

  • Manage budget deficits by tracking upcoming work based on asset conditions, organizational risk, and more.
  • Utilize in-app data to extend the useful life of assets and avoid unplanned downtime.
  • Leverage RSMeans data from Gordian in combination with AkitaBox asset data to give our customers a holistic view of upcoming capital expenditures.

One of the most invaluable benefits of utilizing AkitaBox Capital Management is eliminating the need to continuously pay for yearly expensive, one-and-done facility condition assessments (FCAs). As part of the implementation process, expert teams come onsite to complete condition assessments on  your major equipment to ensure you start day 1 in AkitaBox with accurate data.

AkitaBox Capital Management is especially useful for organizations that are experiencing budget deficits and cuts due to the COVID-19 crisis. The application's reporting dashboard features a variety of important facility data, including consequences of budget deficits on the health of facilities. This way, departments can weather potential drops in capital budgets while safeguarding service and occupant satisfaction in the process.

If your organization is looking to learn more about the AkitaBox Capital Management application, please contact AkitaBox at (608) 729-9191 or visit https://home.akitabox.com/product/app/capital-management.

AkitaBox is the leading building management software provider dedicated to improving the way people manage and interact with the buildings they occupy. Founded in 2015, AkitaBox currently supplies accurate data management tools and implementation services to over 250 million square feet of educational, commercial, healthcare and governmental organizations in the United States. For more information, visit home.akitabox.com.



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