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Slaves' new album will heavier than anything they've done before.

The punk rock duo - comprised of Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent - have given fans an update on the state of the material they have ready for their follow-up to 2018's 'Acts of Fear and Love', and revealed they are planning to put out an EP before deciding on the the full "packaged" sound of their next studio album.

They said: "We've got some music, we're just talking about how it's going to be packaged.

"We have a new single and there are more songs built around it, but there's one that we know is going to happen. There will most likely be an EP coming. We're very excited about it."

The new song started life as a "grime beat" but with the addition of Isaac's "rapping and shouting", it transitioned into some much "heavier"

Laure explained to NME: "It's a song we wrote during the sessions for the last album, but it's heavier. It was a beat that I wrote on a computer as a grime beat, but we covered it to turn into something live and organic with Isaac rapping and shouting over it.

"It's different to what we've done before but we left it off the album consciously because we wanted it to feel like it had a uniform flow to it and no weird moments that didn't sit right. It was important for the album to be an album. This is heavy."

And the song - which is as-yet-untiled - is about the "fear" of having a "small town mentality".

Slaves - who are from the small town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent - said: "It's about the mundane, masculine man who sits on a barstool in his hometown doing nothing but tell everyone that he knows all the locals.

"He's that sad character that we all fear being. There's a small town mentality that it's so easy to get locked into.

"I'm sure everyone experiences it when they go back home for Christmas.

"There's a bleak outlook you can get when you don't go out and experience the world."

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