easy for net neutrality

Internet users, websites, app-producers and online forums are preparing to participate in “Break the Internet,” a mass online protest that will start Dec. 12, two days before an FCC vote scheduled for Dec. 14.

The protest is to demand Congress take action to stop the FCC vote against net neutrality.

The protest will take many forms on social media, apps and websites.

Facebook and LinkedIn users will “break” their profiles by changing their relationship status to “Married” (to net neutrality) or adding a new “job” of “Defending Net Neutrality.”

Websites and apps will participate by doing something to “break” their platform and encourage their users to contact Congress.

Websites, startups, apps and businesses already are driving phone calls to Congress using widgets, modals and banners that show what the internet might look like if ISPs can control what users do with throttling, censorship and new fees.

Sites helping sound the alarm include Imgur, Mozilla, Pinterest, Reddit, GitHub, Etsy, BitTorrent, Pornhub, Patreon, Funny Or Die, Speedtest, Fiverr, Cloudlfare, Opera, Trello the Happy Wheels game, DeviantArt, AnimeNewsNetwork and BoingBoing.


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