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Man survives after inserting swamp eel up his rectum

An apparently drunk Chinese man nearly died after inserting a swamp eel in his rectum.

The doctor who treated him blogged that the 20-inch eel gnawed through the man’s colon and into his body cavity, causing massive internal bleeding. The eel seemed to be looking for a way out.

Doctors reportedly worked through the night to repair the internal damage caused by the eel and save the man’s life. The eel also survived but it was quickly dispatched.

According to reports, the 39-year-old man from China’s Guangdong province was trying to imitate a scene from an X-rated film when the placed the animal in his anus

The Huffington Post reported that a similar incident three years ago resulted in a man’s death after friends inserted an eel into his anus as a prank.


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