Walker declares June 14 ‘Charlie Sykes Day’ in Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker has declared today, June 14, “Charlie Sykes Day” in Wisconsin.

On the federal holiday calendar, June 14 is Flag Day.

Sykes is a right-wing talk radio host and major Walker booster. His popular program on 620 WTMJ is a forum for lashing out at Democrats, feminists, environmentalists, gun-control advocates, immigrants, food-stamp recipients, and other groups that Republicans consider to be liberal. His policy positions echo those of Fox News and other right-wing media media outlets, including the goal of turning government functions over to large, politically connected mega-corporations and unburdening them of tax resonsibilities.

Walker, who’s a regular guest on the show, made what was billed as a “surprise appearance” on Sykes’ broadcast this morning to make the proclamation.
“I had no idea he was coming in,” Sykes said. “Absolutely not.”

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