Study: anal sex least common love-making activity among gay men

A new study of gay men shows that anal sex is the least common form of love-making activity between males.

Researchers from George Mason University, Indiana University and the OLB Research Institute at Online Buddies, Inc., conducted the study, which found 1,308 unique combinations of behaviors that men engage in with each other. Unlike previous studies, this one was not focused on behaviors that are considered at high risk for HIV transmission but rather on sexual behaviors as a whole.

The study was conducted online involving a huge sample of 24,787 gay and bisexual men.

Only 37.2 percent of men who participated in the study reported having anal sex during their last encounters. The most frequent sexual behavior reported was kissing – 74.5 percent. The second-most popular behavior was oral sex (72.7 percent), followed by partnered masturbation (68.4 percent).

The study also found that more than 40 percent of participants were having sexual relations with someone they were either committed to or dating. A similar study of heterosexual men that found just over 50 percent reported their last sexual partner was someone they were committed to.

The results of the new study indicate that safe-sex education may be resulting in unrealistic expectations about the sexuality of gay and bi men and missing important opportunities to improve their sexual health.