FrontRunners gives $500 to Cream City Foundation

Every Saturday after Front-Runners/Walkers completes its weekly run/walk, members gather for breakfast. When the bill and tip are paid, leftover dollars and cents are pooled to contribute to a Milwaukee non-profit group.

The group’s most recent beneficiary, Cream City Foundation, received a $500 gift Jan. 16.

“This is a tremendous honor,” said CCF executive director Maria Cadenas. “The members of FrontRunners/Walkers took something as simple as collecting change from a joint outing to make a donation (that’s) five times our average gift size!”

CCF plans to use the funds to support its LGBT Youth Homelessness Initiative. “An estimated 24 percent of all homeless youth identify as LGBT, (and) a donation of this size is invaluable in helping us get that message out,” said CCF president Stacey Herzing.

“We hope this helps Cream City as they continue in their efforts to create equality for all LGBT people, including our youth,” said FrontRunners/Walkers member Dan Lagerman.

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