Scott Walker - Karate Chop

I read with interest your analysis of the governor’s prospects for re-election, but I think there’s one aspect you left out: his abysmal record on the environment.

I’ve sent multiple letters to the Journal Sentinel about how his administration abandoned efforts to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease, which now exists in the deer herd in more than half of our counties.

He’s been totally lax on pollution from our ever-expanding factory farms.

His appointment of Cathy Stepp as DNR secretary led the way to making the agency mostly a helper to polluting businesses instead of a protector of our natural resources.

He also appears to welcome the many cases where Republicans in the Legislature pass laws gutting regulations that scientists and other experts at the DNR determined were needed.

That’s pretty much what happened with Chronic Wasting Disease.

As a symbol of what Walker has done, consider that he has never marked Earth Day in any way that I know of. Of course, it’s a signature accomplishment of a Democrat, Gaylord Nelson, so Walker would not want to credit him or his work.

As governor, Walker has tried his best to reverse environmental protections and weaken laws. It’s made him lots of political allies, and he probably will be long gone from office by the time we all reap the results of these negative moves.

I hope you will consider focusing a story on this side of the Walker record.


Jim Carlson

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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