Jeff Stone is no moderate

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State Rep. Jeff Stone, R-Greendale, who is running for Milwaukee County Executive in the Feb. 15 primary, is often referred to as a “moderate.” But his voting record clearly suggests otherwise.

Often when a Republican is referred to as a “moderate,” it means that he or she is fairly conservative fiscally but more progressive on hot-button social issues, such as equality and reproductive freedom. This is not the case when it comes to Jeff Stone. He has repeatedly used his votes in the Legislature to attack marriage equality, including votes for the constitutional amendment that enshrined discrimination in our state’s constitution. He also voted against the domestic partnership registry established in 2009.

Stone has a 100-percent voting record from Wisconsin Right to Life. He repeatedly has earned zeros from Planned Parenthood and NARAL. Stone has also received “A” grades from the NRA, which isn’t a surprise since he has repeatedly voted for concealed-carry legislation. He actually fought legislative efforts to prevent weapons from being allowed in places like Summerfest, Miller Park and businesses that cater to children, such as Chuck E. Cheese. Stone is certainly not moderate on these issues.

Stone has a record of doing anything and everything to cater to big business interests, often in spite of the greater interest or even the consent of the public at large. An example is his involvement in an attempt to take the management of General Mitchell Field away from Milwaukee County and put it in the hands of an entirely new regional entity. He worked secretly behind the scenes with special interests to write legislation on the subject. The legislation would have allowed taking away the Milwaukee County asset without requiring even a vote from either the Milwaukee County Board or from Milwaukee County voters via referendum.

When Stone formally announced that he was running for Milwaukee County executive, he essentially said that he was running to continue the failed policies of former County Executive Scott Walker. Walker stood in the way of things like offering benefits to the domestic partners of county employees and repeatedly tried to cut funding to important programs like at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin. Walker also left the county with lower bond ratings. His neglect of county services contributed to preventable tragedies involving infrastructure and the mental health complex.

Walker’s tenure was hardly one of moderation, and Stone is promising more of the same.

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