Jerome Listecki

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee has agreed to pay $21 million to more than 300 victims of clergy sex abuse — an amount decried as “paltry” by a leading advocate for the men and women who were molested by priests when they were children.

Woman turns Texas cattle ranch into vegan animal sanctuary

Written by Ian Goodrum,
The Facts
Monday, 03 August 2015 15:06

Renee King-Sonnen -PHOTO: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

For generations, Sonnen Ranch has been a place for raising livestock — where animals, though treated humanely, were destined to be used for meat or dairy products. Now, after several rounds of fundraising, the ranch has been transformed into Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a safe haven for farm animals, allowing the creatures to live out their lives without distress.

Cecil's slaughter will have major impact on region

Written by Gerald Imray,
AP writer
Monday, 03 August 2015 06:33


When Cecil the lion’s carcass was finally found after he was lured out of a Zimbabwe wildlife reserve to be killed by an American hunter, it was a headless, skinless skeleton the vultures had been picking at for about a week.

GOP proposes removing lawmakers from WEDC board

Written by Todd Richmond,
AP writer
Sunday, 02 August 2015 08:01

Democrat state Sen. Julie Lassa opposes the move

Two Republican legislators introduced a bill Friday that would remove all lawmakers from the board that oversees Gov. Scott Walker’s job creation agency, saying members from the private sector can do a better job on economic development.

Fewer than 60 donors account for one-third of 2016 campaign money raised

Written by Julie Bykowicz
and Jack Gillu,
AP writers
Tuesday, 04 August 2015 04:14

It took Ted Cruz three months to raise $10 million for his campaign for president, a springtime sprint of $1,000-per-plate dinners, hundreds of handshakes and a stream of emails asking supporters to chip in a few bucks.

Scott Walker punked with fake check in New Hampshire

Written by WiG Monday, 03 August 2015 13:50

-PHOTO: Twitter

Gov. Scott Walker was punked today at a pizza shot while he was campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination in New Hampshire.

A second American killed a lion in an illegal hunt with a bow and arrow in Zimbabwe several months ago, according to local authorities. The revelation comes amid an international outcry over a U.S. hunter accused of illegally killing a well-known lion named Cecil in early July.

Investigators: Walker's office 'obstructed' probe of funds stolen from veterans charity

Written by Dee J. Hall
Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
Saturday, 01 August 2015 16:30

—PHOTO: Lukas Keapproth / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Investigators in the closed John Doe probe argued in a federal court brief filed on Friday that Scott Walker’s county executive staff “obstructed” its efforts to investigate missing donations to a veterans fund. The court brief includes recently unsealed investigative records.

Warm ‘blob’ off northwest coast wreaks havoc with marine life

Written by Tara Kulash,
The Oregonian
Tuesday, 04 August 2015 03:29

The crested auklet and other marine birds of the Pacific Northwest are dying off at 100 times their normal mortality rate

Weird things are happening off the Pacific Coast.

Wisconsin lawmaker proposes exotic animal ban

Written by Todd Richmond,
AP writer
Monday, 03 August 2015 13:19

Sen. Van Wanggaard

Lions and tigers and bears — maybe in Oz, but not in Wisconsin if one Republican legislator gets his way.

Wisconsin couple creates purple martin habitat outside their home

Written by Joe Vandelaarschot,
Daily News via AP
Sunday, 02 August 2015 08:54

A purple martin

Ike Kumrow said there are three things anyone trying to successfully attract and maintain a purple martin population must keep in mind: “location, location and finally, location.” Kumrow and his wife, Jan, have lived on their five-acre “little slice of heaven,” about nine miles north of West Bend for nearly 55 years. But Ike has had an enthusiasm for purple martins for even longer. Growing up on a farm, he saw many of the birds and became passionate about them.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser said Thursday he didn’t have to recuse himself from a ruling that ended a secret investigation into coordination between Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s recall campaign and outside groups. Prosser acknowledged spending by some of those same groups helped him win re-election in 2011 but argued that was too many years ago to influence him now.