Supreme Court Justice Kagan officiates at gay couple's wedding

Written by The Wisconsin Gazette Monday, 22 September 2014 13:03

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. — PHOTO: Courtesy

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan on Sept. 21 officiated at the wedding of her former law clerk and his husband.

Day after march, environmental activists staging Wall Street sit-in

Written by Lisa Neff,
Staff writer
Monday, 22 September 2014 08:26

The day after a massive march to call attention to climate change and demand action to protect the planet, a storm of protesters were expected to descend on Wall Street.

An estimated 400,000 demonstrators participated in the People's Climate March in New York City on Sept. 21.

As Wisconsin tries to kill clean energy, Indiana announces development of two massive solar farms

Written by Louis Weisberg,
Staff writer
Saturday, 20 September 2014 13:30

While WE Energies and Madison Gas and Electric are trying to discourage the use of solar and wind energy in Wisconsin through high fees, Indiana is planning to build two new solar farms, including a very large one on the grounds of Indianapolis International Airport.

Social media sleuths aid investigation into gay couple’s beating in Philadelphia

AP writer
Friday, 19 September 2014 10:53

Police in Philadelphia searching for a group of people suspected in the beating of a gay couple got an outpouring of help from Twitter and Facebook users, who located a photo of the clean-cut young men and women at a restaurant and helped match names to faces.

Attorneys representing a number of those seen in the video notified police they would bring in their clients to tell their side of the story, a police spokesman, Sgt. Eric Gripp, said.

The environment: Walker vs. Burke

AP writer
Monday, 22 September 2014 12:49

With the November election six weeks away, neither Republican Gov. Scott Walker nor Democratic challenger Mary Burke have put forward any grand strategies for new environmental or outdoors policies.

In a race that has largely revolved around who can create jobs, both candidates are sticking to general comments about balancing the need to protect natural resources with economic development.

Pope names next archbishop for Chicago

Written by The Associated Press Monday, 22 September 2014 06:43

As the leader of two American dioceses, Roman Catholic Bishop Blase Cupich has spoken out against same-sex marriage and against conservative hostility toward gay rights advocates. He has opposed abortion, while urging parishioners and priests to have patience, not disdain, for those who disagree. And he has criticized fellow U.S. bishops who threatened to shut down religious charities instead of pursuing a compromise with the White House over health care policies that go against Catholic teaching.

On Saturday, Pope Francis named Cupich as the next archbishop of Chicago, sending a strong signal about the direction that the pontiff is taking the church. Cupich will succeed Cardinal Francis George, 77, an aggressive defender of orthodoxy who once said he expected his successors in Chicago to be martyred in the face of hostility toward Christianity.

Groups urge feds to respect same-sex marriages in Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas

Written by The Wisconsin Gazette Friday, 19 September 2014 13:39

The Respect for Marriage Coalition on Sept. 19 sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking that the Department of Justice act to ensure federal respect for the marriages of same-sex couples in Arkansas, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Nearly 2,000 couples married in the three states in the past five months — before marriage equality rulings in each of the states were placed on hold pending appeal.

Drag queens dress down Facebook over names policy

Written by The Associated Press Friday, 19 September 2014 10:01

San Francisco drag queens are sparring with Facebook over its policy requiring people to use their real names, rather than drag names such as Pollo Del Mar and Heklina. But the world's biggest social network is not budging from its rules.

In recent weeks, Facebook has been deleting the profiles of self-described drag queens and other performers who use stage names because they did not comply with the social networking site's requirement that users go by their "real names" on the site.

NAACP, Voces de la Frontera seek to block voter ID law

Written by The Wisconsin Gazette Monday, 22 September 2014 10:21

Two Wisconsin groups, the NAACP Milwaukee Branch and Voces de la Frontera, filed an emergency motion with the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Their goal is to block enforcement of the state voter ID law for the November election.

The two groups, longtime opponents of the legislation, asked the state's highest court to modify its July decision, which said that the measure is constitutional.

Gov. Scott Walker’s semi-private job creation agency does not have documentation justifying its spending on expenses and grants, according to a report released Sept. 19.

Transcript: President Obama's remarks on campaign against campus sexual assault

Written by The Wisconsin Gazette Friday, 19 September 2014 12:25

This afternoon, in a speech in the East Room at the White House, President Barack Obama spoke about the "It's On Us" campaign, a national public service to combat sexual assault on college campuses. The following is a transcript of the president's remarks, provided by the White House:

Welcome to the White House, everybody.  And thank you to Joe Biden not just for the introduction, not just for being a great Vice President -- but for decades, since long before he was in his current office, Joe has brought unmatched passion to this cause.  He has.  (Applause.) 

Before crucial meeting, Catholic cardinals debate marriage

Written by The Associated Press Friday, 19 September 2014 09:44

The battle lines are being drawn before a major church meeting on family issues that represents a key test for Pope Francis.

Five high-ranking cardinals have taken one of Francis' favorite theologians to task over an issue dear to the pope's heart: Whether Catholics who divorce and remarry without an annulment can receive Communion.