Poll: 44 percent say Santa's a Democrat

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New numbers from Public Policy Polling, which produced frequent polls during the 2012 election cycle, show that 44 percent of people surveyed recently think Santa is a Democrat.

About 28 percent said Santa is a Republican.

The poll also found that voters think Santa will be delivering presents rather than lumps of coal to both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Other findings:

• 54 percent were concerned the looming “fiscal cliff” could cause Santa to cut back on benefits.

• 47 percent of voters said there is a "war on Christmas."

• 32 percent of voters correctly identified the number of days in Hanukkah.

• 52 percent of voters said they believe in Santa Claus, 80 percent said they are on the "nice" list, 11 percent admitted they are on the "naughty" list.

• 43 percent would tell "Daddy" if they saw "Mommy" kissing Santa Claus. The poll did not ask about "Daddy" kissing Santa.

• 61 percent said they would not pursue charges if Grandma got run over by Santa's reindeer. Democrats were more likely to pursue charges than Republicans.

• The most popular holiday movie is "It’s a Wonderful Life," 22 percent. Second is  "A Christmas Story," 20 percent.

• Santa is voters' favorite winter holiday character, followed by Rudolph.

• 52 percent said Santa is the most plausible of all holiday figures. Leprechauns were No. 2, and then Cupid.

• 36 percent agreed that the most annoying holiday song is “The Chipmunk Song.” No. 2 is “Santa Baby."