Gay marriage cases set for Supreme Court conference

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Cases challenging prohibitions against same-sex marriage get some attention at the U.S. Supreme Court later this month.

The Supreme Court has set at least three cases for conference on Sept. 24 – the federal case against California’s constitutional amendment against gay marriage known as Proposition 8, a case challenging elements of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and an Arizona case on state domestic partner benefits.

Other marriage-related cases are on the Supreme Court track but may not be ready for the conference on Sept. 24, when the Justices, after a summer break, will meet in private to talk about cases for their 2012-13 term.

In the conference, the Justices could agree to hear the cases sometime before April 2013.

If the cases are not taken up, then the decisions of the lower courts will stand. Though unlikely, such a development in the Prop 8 case would mean same-sex couples in California could marry as early as this fall.