Author : Gregg Shapiro

  • The divine Sarah Silverman

    Sarah Silverman is a stitch. Her timing and delivery are impeccable and she’s not afraid to make us laugh (and think) about subjects we might not ordinarily think of as traditional comedic material. She does it effortlessly and gets away with it more often than not. An Emmy Award-winning comic, Silverman strikes gold via her stand-up on stage, on television, and on record (check out her 2014 .... Read More
  • Bigger Than Life: Bounce queen Big Freedia returns to PrideFest

    With a large, well-manicured hand in multiple realms, Big Freedia is on her way to becoming (drag) queen of all media. Musically, Freedia can be credited with introducing the hip-hop/house hybrid bounce music to the public and increasing its familiarity in the mainstream. In print, her memoir, Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva!, puts her life experiences into words. Watching her reality TV s.... Read More
  • Pride 2016 summer reading list

    Whether you’re headed to the beach, the pool or the Pride Parade, it doesn’t hurt to have a book with you to pass the time. The 22 titles below range from poetry and fiction to memoirs and non-fiction. In other words, there is almost something for everyone. - Poetic license - Now in its second printing, a remarkable achievement for a book of poetry, Night Sky With Exit Wounds, the ful.... Read More
  • Cameron Esposito proves she’s ‘Marriage Material’ on NBC’s Seeso channel

    In the world of lesbian comedy — or comedy in general — Cameron Esposito is the new reigning queen. Esposito, best recognized by her trademark asymmetrical haircut or her comedic delivery (a cross between Tig Notaro and Paula Poundstone), has her audience rolling in the aisles on her new stand-up comedy special Marriage Material, debuting March 24 on the new comedy streaming service Seeso, ope.... Read More
  • Filmmaker Andrew Haigh’s year of ‘Years’

    What could jeopardize a strong marriage in an instant after four and a half decades? In Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years, based on a short story by David Constantine, the answer for Kate (Charlotte Rampling) and Geoff (Tom Courtenay) is simply a letter arriving a week before their 45th anniversary party. The contents of the letter reshape the context of their lives together. Over the course of the film,.... Read More
  • A ‘little bit’ of Melissa Etheridge goes a long way live

    If you’ve ever attended a Melissa Etheridge concert, you know that she is a consummate entertainer. Her casual and playful stage banter results in a relaxed and friendly rapport with the audience.  She’s also a performer who comes fully alive when she is on a stage, singing and playing guitar and generally rocking out. On her new live album A Little Bit of ME: Live In L.A., Etheridge does a.... Read More
  • Jennifer Morales writes about Milwaukee’s characters

    Meet Me Halfway (University of Wisconsin Press, 2015), the fiction debut by Jennifer Morales, is subtitled Milwaukee Stories for good reason. Milwaukee is as much a character in the novel as any of Morales’ others: high school students Johnquell and Taquan, Johnquell’s mother Gloria and his aunt Bee-Bee, the elderly Frances and Mrs. Czernicki, and dedicated teacher Mrs. Charles. This collec.... Read More
  • Kenosha native Tom Goss makes his first appearance at PrideFest

    Tom Goss is the kind of artist who likes to keep his fans guessing. On his first few albums, he played original, catchy acoustic pop. Then, in 2013, he collaborated with dance music legend Richard Morel for the irresistible and fuzzy club track “Bears” and its accompanying entertaining music video.  On his new album Wait, Goss greatly expands his sound, incorporating more synthesizers as well.... Read More
  • Ani DiFranco, the Righteous Babe herself, headlines PrideFest

    Want to get a sense of the swift passage of time? It’s been almost 25 years since singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco, one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music, released her debut LP on her own Righteous Babe record label. That’s right, 25 years since you first heard her sing “Both Hands.”  Since then, the indie music goddess has released 18 studio albums, including her latest,.... Read More
  • Bridget Birdsall’s intersex YA novel a slam dunk

    Bridget Birdsall’s Double Exposure, one of the latest additions to YA lit, puts us in the shoes of intersex teen Alyx. She’s looking for a fresh start, after relentless bullying in Northern California pressures her and her mother to move to Milwaukee, where they move in with Alyx’s grandfather and uncle on the South Side. There, Alyx quickly makes a name for herself on the girls’ basketba.... Read More