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The plain fact of the matter is that Congress has been bought and paid for by corporations and the 0.1 percent.

The GOP tax plan passed this weekend is a massive payoff to the corporations and special interests that finance campaigns and elections.

This plan is another example of systemic corruption and pay-to-play politics that Our Revolution is fighting against.

That's why we support Our Revolution and that's why we're teaming up to hack at the root of injustice by stamping big money out of politics.

Ben started the Stamp Stampede to harness that power of people over dollars.

There's now more than 80,000 of us that are legally rubber-stamping paper currency with messages like “Stamp Money Out of Politics” and “Not to be Used to Bribe Politicians.”

We're turning money into media — using money to get money out of politics.

Money is the original viral marketing medium.

A stamped dollar gets seen 875 times as it gets passed from person to person.

By tagging dollars with our message we demonstrate overwhelming public demand to pass legislation and amend the Constitution.

And it has staying power. The average bill that gets stamped stays in circulation for 2 1/2 years. The numbers are astounding. Just one person stamping 3 bills a day for a year creates a million impressions.

They may have gobs of money on their side, but we have the people.

In solidarity,

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield

Co-founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Head Stampers at StampStampede.org


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