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Town clerk in upstate N.Y. says she won’t sign marriage licenses

The town clerk in Volney, N.Y., says she will not sign any same-sex marriage licenses because she’s morally opposed.

Barbara MacEwen told Politico.com, “If there’s any possible way to not do it legally, then yes, I would not want to put my name on any of those certificates or papers. That’s their life, they can do it, but I don’t feel I should be forced into something that’s against my morals and my God.”

MacEwen, 75, said she’s written her state senator to determine her legal options.

Although the state’s new same-sex marriage law allows exemptions for religious organizations, it does not exempt public officials who might not wish to follow the law when it takes effect on July 24.

Volney, a town of about 6,200 people, is 30 miles from Syracuse. MacEwen told Politico that she doesn’t expect t receive many requests for same-sex marriage licenses.

“I don’t know of anybody like that in my town,” she said. “I’m sure that there might be, but I haven’t heard about anybody.”