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Scott Walker offers $45 T-shirts to pay off campaign debt

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is giving away T-shirts in exchange for $45 donations to help pay off the $1.2 million debt left over from his short-lived presidential campaign.

The Republican sent an email to donors Sunday saying, “If there is one thing the American people learned about me during our presidential campaign, it is that I am thrifty.” He cited his habit of using coupons and shopping at sales racks — a practice that he emphasized repeatedly during his campaign.

Walker told one story about the purchase of a sweater at Kohl’s so many times that it was ridiculed by Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show.’

But Walker’s campaign failed because of his extravagant spending. He spent more than $90,000 a day during his 70-day presidential run. He was forced to withdraw from the race because he ran out of money.

Critics, including Republicans, chastised Walker for his fiscal imprudence, although apologists blamed it on his advisers.

Walker’s email offering said anyone who donates the $45 will receive a campaign T-shirt, but he’s unable to honor size and color requests because of a lack of resources.

Still, Walker suggested that the shirts could be framed or used for “crafty things,” such as pillows or bags, instead of being used as clothing.

In other Walker news, Donald Trump told USA Today that he would consider the governor as a possible running mate.

“I like Walker actually in a lot of ways,” Trump told the newspaper. “I hit him very hard. … But I’ve always liked him. There are people I like, but I don’t think they like me because I have hit them hard.”

During a rally in Janesville just two weeks ago, Trump blasted Walker’s poor handling of Wisconsin’s economy, which lags the rest of the region.

Walker said he was “shocked” by the article, but he declined to rule out the possibility of running as Trump’s vice president.

When Walker withdrew from the GOP presidential race last September, he urged other GOP candidates to follow suit in order to give the party a chance to coalesce around a suitable candidate other than Trump.

Walker endorsed Ted Cruz shortly before the Wisconsin presidential primary election. Cruz won that race.

AP writer Scott Bauer contributed to this article.


Target celebrating Pride with T-shirts

Target Corporation is celebrating LGBT Pride Month with the launch of a line of Pride-themed T-shirts.

The T-shirts, being sold on the company’s Website, debuted this week, just as Christian right groups were organizing a boycott of Gap for a billboard ad featuring two men in a Gap T-shirt.

Sales of Target’s Pride T-shirts benefit the Family Equality Council, which is based in Boston and “connects, supports, and represents the one million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents in this country and the two million children they are raising.”

Some shirts display the slogan “Love is Love,” some repeat “Harmony” in a rainbow of colors, one has a rainbow wave and another a rainbow Rayban-like sunglasses.

Target, according to its Website, will contribute up to $120,000 in sales of Pride merchandise to FEC.

The company also supports Pride events in Minnesota and rates highly with the Human Rights Campaign for its LGBT employment policies.

But two years ago, Target was the focus of a boycott by LGBT activists opposed to $150,000 in donations to the anti-gay Minnesota Forward.

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Teens get ‘OK4U2BGay’ T-shirts for pro-gay videos

The developers of H8SUX.com are offering free OK4U2BGAY T-shirts to teens who speak out against homophobia in YouTube videos.

A news release said H8SUX took inspiration from Fox’s “Glee” for the gay rightsl campaign aimed at “ballot box bullies” in Minnesota and North Carolina, anti-gay lawmakers in Utah and Tennessee and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

“We are recruiting kids to the cause of promoting the acceptance of homosexuality in schools,” said H8Sux’s Luke Montgomery. “In 2012, kids should not be bullied and attacked just for being who they are. This free T-shirt will be a pro-gay billboard plastered on the chests of thousands of kids in classrooms across the nation. Our agenda is simple: to tell kids that it’s “OK4U2BGAY.”

Montgomery said H8SUX also is appealing to adults to join the cause.

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Old Navy debuts line of gay Pride T-shirts

Today Old Navy launches a line of LGBT Pride T-shirts for men, women and babies. Ten percent of  proceeds from sales of the shirts will benefit the It Gets Better Project in support of LGBT youth.

“We are proud to support the new @OldNavy Gay Pride tees. Yay for all kinds of families!” the retailer tweeted to its more than 44,000 followers.

One of the T-shirts features rainbow-colored letters emblazoned across a white background, spelling out: “Love proudly, Old Navy Pride 2011.” Another features a rainbow block against a dark background.

The It Gets Better Project raises funds and awareness for The Trevor Project, whose mission is preventing LGBT teen suicides. It Gets Better features online videos produced by celebrities, political leaders, sports figures, companies and everyday people urging teens to not give in to bullies, because life gets better.

Old Navy, owned by Gap, Inc., is the largest retailer to offer such merchandise. High-end designers, including Marc Jacobs and Kenneth Cole, have created limited edition T-shirts supporting marriage equality for the Human Rights Campaign.

The limited edition T-shirt collection, priced at $7.50 to $14.50, includes four designs and is available throughout Pride month, until June 30th.

In addition to Old Navy, Gap owns Banana Republic and Piperlime.