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California man convicted in gang rape of lesbian

A California man associated with a street gang was found guilty on Dec. 18 of the gang rape of a lesbian in 2008.

Humberto Salvador, 36, was convicted of 15 felonies associated with the attack on the woman.

The jury in the case out of Richmond, Calif., deliberated for about eight hours before finding Salvador guilty of kidnapping, carjacking, robbery, street terrorism and gang rape, in addition to hate crime penalties for targeting the victim because she is a lesbian.

The Contra Costa Times reported that law enforcement authorities said the brutality of the attack proved a turning point in the community, helping to galvanize people to fight gang violence.

The newspaper quoted Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus: “It really touched a lot of people, and I think as awful as that crime was, there was a positive that came out of it, and that’s a sense that a community can come together to non only provide tips but also to rally behind a victim in need of support.”

According to the report, Salvador and three associates were looting cars when they saw a woman walking toward her apartment. She was wearing a rainbow belt and her car was decorated with rainbow Pride stickers.

Salvador approached the woman, robbed her, hit her with a flashlight, forced her to strip and then sexually assaulted her. Authorities say two other men also raped the woman, who said at the trial that Salvador asked her during the assault, “You like men now, don’t you? Tell me you like men.”

A second man has pleaded guilty to a sexual assault charge, a third man pleaded guilty to carjacking and a fourth man awaits trial.

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Former college football star and NFL hopeful comes out as gay

A former college football star and National Football League hopeful has come out as gay.

Former University of Richmond wide receiver Kevin Grayson told Virginia CBS affiliate WTVR-Channel 6 that he’d kept his sexual orientation secret to avoid the attention that coming out brings.

“You don’t want to be the focus in that way,” Grayson said. “Not to say that it’s a negative, but when you have people just asking questions about your sexuality and how teammates are taking it, it takes away from the importance of the preseason. If you are an athlete, you want to be an athlete. You don’t want to be that person who it’s always ‘the gay athlete.’”

Although a torn ligament interrupted Grayson’s NFL dreams in 2011, he helped his university team win its college division’s football national title in 2008, according to Outsports.com.

In 2012, he played professionally in Italy with the Parma Panthers, earning the Italian Football League’s title of MVP after helping his team win the league’s title.

Grayson acknowledged during the interview that he has witnessed homophobia in the locker room throughout his career. He also said that he knows currently active gay football players – but added that he’s not naming any names. 

Kissing lesbian couple kicked out of Kentucky park

A lesbian couple and a photographer say they were asked to leave a park in Richmond, Ky., after the couple kissed.

WKYT-TV and The Richmond Register report that Cheri Chenault and her partner, Destiny Keith, were having maternity photos taken by photographer Jessica Miller-Poole when a gatekeeper at E.C. Million Memorial Park told them they had to leave due to inappropriate behavior.

A park employee told the newspaper this week that manager Adam Arvin was not available for comment.

Richmond Human Rights Commission Chairwoman Sandra Anez-Powell says there’s no law against telling the couple to leave because the city doesn’t have a non-discrimination ordinance. She said the commission has tried unsuccessfully for four years to get such an ordinance passed.

The Fairness Coalition said in a statement that local residents are planning to call attention to the need for protections in Madison County.

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Rainbow in Richmond

A Virginia lawmaker saw only red when he learned that a rainbow Pride flag was flying from the Federal Reserve Bank tower in Richmond. State Del. Bob Marshall, in a memo to bank president Jeffrey Lacker, ordered, “Take down that flag.” Marshall complained, “A flagpole in front of a federal building is not a commercial or political message board,” Marshall wrote. “What does flying the homosexual flag, or any other similar display, have to do with your central banking mission?” A spokesman for the bank replied, “It represents the bank’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, which are values we support.”

Christian extremists complain about rainbow flag flown in Richmond

A right-wing group is complaining about a rainbow flag flying outside the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in honor of Pride Month.

Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation, says the flag is visible from her group’s office windows.

“Our expectation is it’ll be flying all month,” she said. “We think the Federal Reserve ought to be focused on the economy rather than focusing on special rights.”

The Federal Reserve is a private rather than government-run operation. But “in Virginia, this is not a stand that should be taken,” Cobb said. “We’ve as a state said we are not going to support gay marriage, for example, in our constitution, and we’ve been very clear on issues of gay rights. So it’s disappointing to see such a large flag flying, as if it’s something that this commonwealth supports.”

Virginia is one of the nation’s most oppressive states for LGBT people, owing partly to the oversized influence of televangelist Pat Robertson and his Virginia Beach-based anti-gay ministry.

The Mississippi-based American Family Association said it has received a complaint from a Federal Reserve employee who also objects to the flag. In an e-mail to the right-wing group, the employee said: “For the past five or six years, the homosexual agenda has been pushed down our throats. … This offends me as a Christian.”

In an interview with the website Richmond.com, a woman identified as the bank’s chief operating officer said the institution “strongly support(s) a diverse and inclusive culture” and has “learned it is important to value and embrace differences – both seen and unseen. We are flying the Pride flag as an example of our commitment to values of acceptance and inclusion.”

According to that report, PRISM, an employee LGBT group within the bank, requested the flag be flown.