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2 male porn performers test positive for HIV after film shoot

The California Department of Public Health’s Occupational Health Branch says that it documented the on-set transmission of an HIV infection from one adult film performer thought to be working out of state — in Nevada — to another performer.

The case involves a male performer who was filmed performing with other male performers.

The newly infected individual initially tested HIV-negative in California after on-set exposure out of state — shooting films without condoms or protective barriers.

However, two weeks later, the individual in question then tested HIV-positive.

“In this case, the actor and production company thought he was HIV-negative during filming,” the statement from the state health department said. “Shortly after his negative test, HIV levels in his body rose rapidly to where he could infect other actors through unprotected sex.”

In mid-October, the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry trade group, instituted a moratorium on adult industry filming due to reports of an industry-related infection — most likely this latest HIV case. The filming ban was lifted by the FSC the following week.

California health officials confirmed the on-set transmission after sending blood samples to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which genetically sequenced the virus found and matched it to an adult film actor.

“This is not AHF or supporters of condoms claiming that an HIV transmission occurred on the set of an adult film. This is California’s Department of Public Health and OSHA Occupational Health officials who vetted the performers’ blood samples with the CDC and concluded after genetic sequencing that this HIV infection occurred on set,” said Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “For years adult film producers have claimed that performers who have tested HIV-positive while working in the industry did not contract HIV in the industry, but became infected through exposure in their personal lives outside and away from adult film sets. This new case puts truth to the lie that the industry has promoted year-after-year, years that sadly saw several additional performers infected while working in the porn industry.”

The AHF pushed for a law requiring the use of condoms during adult film work in Los Angeles County.

The adult film industry concedes that it did have three confirmed on–set transmissions in 2004.

Since 2004 there have been numerous other cases of performers testing HIV-positive while working in California’s porn industry, including cases in 2010 and 2013.

“There is no proof that any of these HIV infections over the past decade have not occurred on set other that the porn industry’s word, with the general public and health officials relying on the industry’s own self-reporting,” said Weinstein. “This is a tragic repeat of last year, and of 2010 as well as previous years. Won’t we ever learn?”

Anti-gay pastor charged with grabbing young man’s genitals at Indiana lake

A fundamentalist preacher in southern Indiana was arrested after a 27-year-old man told police the pastor had reached through his car window while he was parked at an area lake and then grabbed and squeezed his genitals. The young man also said the pastor had demanded oral sex.

According to a police report, the victim responded, “You’re barking up the wrong tree,” and then phoned police with the alleged attacker’s license plate number.

Police discovered the vehicle’s owner to be Gaylard Williams, 59, pastor of the fundamentalist Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour. Officers found gay pornography in Williams’ car, according to WLKY-TV. Williams said it belonged to someone else and he was returning it.

Williams also told police that he was at the lake looking for a friend who likes to fish there. He acknowledged touching the plaintiff — but only on the shoulder.

Williams was charged with sexual battery, but the charge was changed to battery during his arraignment. He was released from the Jackson County Jail on $350 bail and is due to appear in court in February.

The incident drew a lot of jokes and scorn from commenters on WLKY’s website, with many noting that illicit homosexual behavior appears to be common among right-wing Christian leaders.

Man appeals conviction in porn rival murder

A Virginia man convicted in the murder of a rival in the gay porn business in northeastern Pennsylvania is seeking a new trial, arguing that his attorneys weren’t effective and claiming his co-defendant committed the murder.

Thirty-two-year-old Harlow Cuadra of Virginia Beach, Va., was convicted of first-degree murder in the 2007 slaying of 44-year-old Bryan Kocis in his rural Dallas Township home.

The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader  said Cuadra’s former attorneys testified earlier this month in Luzerne County Court that they made his case a priority and spent much time and effort preparing for trial. The attorneys also said Cuadra withheld information from them.

Investigators said Cuadra and 26-year-old Joseph Kerekes killed the victim and set his house on fire.

Kerekes pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. 

Complaint: Porn filmed in Florida lacks condoms

An HIV/AIDS organization that successfully pushed for a Los Angeles County law mandating condom use in the adult film industry has filed a complaint about a porn movie made in Florida after it says filmmakers started shifting production to other states to avoid the law. 

The California-based organization, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, formally requested an investigation in a letter to Florida’s Department of Health. The complaint claims that a Florida production took health risks by making pornography without condoms.

AHF President Michael Weinstein said that California-based porn producers are trying to get around the new L.A. county law, known as Measure B, by having actors perform outside the state.

“We are not going to allow the industry to play a shell game in order to evade the laws we have. It’s not going to work,” Weinstein told reporters in a conference call. “Our concern is the health and safety of the performers.”

The filming was done by North Miami Beach-based D&E Productions on a contract with San Diego Boy Productions, according to D&E co-owner David Adamson. He said California porn makers are outsourcing work in which actors don’t wear condoms to filmmakers in other states, like him. Florida, especially the areas around Miami and Fort Lauderdale, has long had a robust pornography industry.

“The state of Florida, they don’t care. There’s nothing on the books regarding condom use,” Adamson said, adding that all his actors are over age 18 and do the work voluntarily.

“Anybody who does condom-less porn, we get them tested and we make sure they are clean,” he added.

The AHF complaint asks state health officials to investigate the D&E production as a “sanitary nuisance,” which involves actions by individuals or companies that might cause spread of disease. AHF wants universal condom use to protect porn performers from AIDS, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases – and they say testing of actors isn’t enough.

A Department of Health spokeswoman did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment. In 2010, AHF filed similar complaints in Florida but was told there was no way to prove the productions were made in Florida.

This time, Weinstein said, the proof comes from the pornographers themselves.

AHF initially filed a complaint in February against San Diego Boy with the California Department of Industrial Relations, which regulates workplace safety issues for that state. In its response, San Diego Boy said the material in question was done on contract by D&E in Florida. The company even provided invoices detailing the work done by actors with names like “Vince & Marcus” and “Clark & Texas.”

“We hope to get a better response from the state of Florida as a result,” Weinstein said.

The Los Angeles County condom law was approved by voters there last November and survived a legal challenge by porn producers when a federal judge last month upheld its constitutionality and said supporters provided sufficient evidence that it would alleviate health risks.

Calif. porn maker to stop Ben & Jerry’s spoofs

The days of buying pornographic videos with names based on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors are over.

Caballero Video has agreed to stop marketing “Boston Cream Thigh,” “Peanut Butter D-Cup” and other films spoofing the names of the venerable Vermont ice cream maker’s products.

The Los Angeles Times reported this week that the agreement settles a lawsuit Ben & Jerry’s brought against Caballero last year.

According to the suit, 10 titles in Caballero’s “Ben & Cherry’s” series besmirched the ice cream maker’s name and infringed its trademark.

Not only were the names similar to real Ben & Jerry’s products, but the films’ packaging also mimicked Ben & Jerry’s clouds-and-cows logo.

The Los Angeles-based video company previously agreed to pull the titles until the suit was resolved.

Socialite indicted for child porn

U.S. prosecutors are accusing wealthy Texas socialite Erika Susan Perdue with transporting, shipping, possession of and receipt of child pornography.

Perdue, 41, of University Park, Texas, was indicted on four criminal counts, according to the Courthouse News Service. The Web-based site says federal authorities maintain that Perdue’s porn collection was so large she could not keep track of its contents.

The indictment lists two counts of transporting and shipping child pornography, one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography.

Perdue’s mansion was raided in April after an FBI agent downloaded porn-related files from her computer in a file sharing program in January.

Court documents say that Perdue’s handle on the peer-to-peer site was “Classybitch” and she shared 287 files, most of which depicted child pornography – photographs and videos.

CNS said the images allegedly show girls engaging in sex with adults, both men and women.

In an affidavit, an FBI agent said Perdue “confided that because she has collected so much child pornography, that she could not remember if she had transported the specific images and videos to law enforcement on those dates. She also confessed that she used file-sharing child pornography everyday, including the day prior.”

Perdue has been undergoing addiction treatment since her arrest in April.

If convicted, she faces more than 20 years in prison.

The amazing truth about pornography

“The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela”

According to filmmaker Olaf De Fleur, transsexual women in ancient myths were feminine but strong, guardians of kingdoms. De Fleur goes on to say that today many of them live outside of society, have little education and work low-paying jobs or in the sex industry.

Based on actual events, De Fleur’s narrative style documentary tells the fascinating story of Raquela Rios, the “Queen Raquela” of the title. Living as a “ladyboy” in Cebu City in the Philippines, Raquela, 21, works as a prostitute. She is a streetwalker during what she calls, in her falsetto voice, the “low season” and on rainy days. She is surrounded by danger from police chases to accidents to harassment. Raquela, who lives at home and has a dog named Tootsie, dreams of going to Paris.

Out nightclubbing with ladyboy pals Via (Via Galudo) and Aubrey (Brax Villa), the trio commiserates about guys who aren’t serious about relationships with ladyboys. In an interview with Raquela’s mother, she refers to her son, born Earvin, as she. Via’s mother has five children, including ladyboy Via and one lesbian. She smiles proudly when she talks about her “complete family” and how it is God’s will.

While Aubrey wants to become an engineer so that she can help her family, Raquela has dropped out of school. Raquela confesses to not liking to use condoms during sex. There is a sort of carelessness about her attitude. When she is hit by a car while chatting away on her cell phone, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. At the hospital, with her leg in a cast, she jokes about having used up one of her nine lives.

There is a recurring theme of disappointment throughout the film. It is exemplified in the people she makes contact with on the Internet, many of whom promise her things but never deliver. A nursing school interview, in which Raquela is dressed as Earvin, is also something of a disaster.

But things soon turn around for Raquela when she encounters Johnny (Markus Kalberer) from Holland. Johnny works for Michael (Stefan Schaefer), who lives in New York and owns and operates a transgender porn Web site. Talent scout Johnny recognizes Raquela’s potential and puts her to work. Before she knows it, she is a huge success. With an income, it looks as though Raquela’s dream of a trip to Paris may become a reality.

Raquela also meets Valerie (Valerie Grand), a trans woman from Iceland, on the Internet. Valerie offers to help Raquela go abroad and get a visa. First Raquela must get an HIV test. When she tests negative for the virus, Web site owner Michael also offers to help by paying for her airline ticket to Iceland. Michael, who vacillates between being generous and sleazy, shares his insights into the phenomenon of the ladyboy.

Once in Iceland, following a two-day stopover in Copenhagen, Raquela meets Valerie face-to-face and goes about beginning her new life. On a “very tight” visa, with no room for “hanky-panky,” Raquela goes to work with Valerie in a fish factory. She also takes a side job as a housecleaner for a little extra money. Just as she is settling in to her new existence, her two-month visa permit is approaching its expiration date. Raquela wants to extend it and expresses her desire for a “passage for a better life.”

Michael flies to Iceland to see Raquela. He takes her to Paris and it soon becomes clear that his interest in her goes beyond being professional. But they don’t get along at all and he leaves her alone in Paris and takes off for Amsterdam. By this point Michael has moved on in his interests and, back in New York, he talks about exploring the ladyboy community in Brazil.

Meanwhile, Queen Raquela is forced to return to Cebu City. In spite of her rich fantasy life, in which she imagines that she somehow ended up in the wrong family because of a curse that was put on her by an evil queen, she somehow finds a way to face the reality of her situation. Reunited with Via and Aubrey, the trio picks up where they left off, as if no time had passed.

DVD bonus features include audio commentary and a “making of” featurette narrated by the director, a dozen deleted scenes and a Queen Raquela music video.

Pornography: A Thriller

“Pornography: A Thriller”
(Wolfe Video)

In many ways, this is director David Kittredge’s “Mulholland Drive.” In much the same way that the David Lynch thriller reeled us in through a story of moviemaking and some of what happens behind the scenes and in the lives of those involved, “Pornography: A Thriller” does so with gay male erotica. Unfortunately, it also falls apart in the same way that “Mulholland Drive” did.

In New York in 1995, retired gay porn actor Mark Anton (Jared Grey), now clean and sober and enrolled in photography school, is offered $40,000 by an anonymous fan to make one more video. He shows up, is killed and his murder is videotaped.

In Brooklyn, 14 years later, gay couple Michael (Matthew Montgomery) and William (Walter Delmar) find the perfect apartment, with a view of the Manhattan skyline, at an unbelievable price. William works in the city and Michael is a writer, hard at work on a book about the “history of genre filmmaking,” a.k.a. gay male porn, and the “nature of desire.” He spends his day tracking down and trying to interview porn stars and perusing rare and vintage movies. Michael notices strange holes in the wall and ceiling, where cameras were mounted, and he also discovers a secret panel in the wall which contains a video of Mark Anton being tortured and murdered.

After a series of creepy events, the movie evolves into a supernatural psychological thriller – and an effective one, at that. And just as you get swept up in the action, you find out that you’re watching a movie about an L.A.-based porn star writing a “porno thriller in three acts” that ends like a Greek tragedy titled, you guessed it, “The Mark Anton Story.” This is exactly where things begin to unravel. Unfortunately, by the third act, the story gets muddled and that’s too bad, because up to that point, “Pornography: A Thriller,” was living up to its name.

DVD bonus features include commentary, deleted scenes, a featurette and more.