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PREMIERE: Vincent VanGREAT’s “Radical (Prod. VVG x Q the Sun)” music video

By Joey Grihalva

Well, the day has come. President Trump. Brace yourself. Deep breaths.

They say the pendulum tends to swing in American politics, but I can’t imagine a bigger swing than this. From a charismatic community organizer who appeals to the best of our nature, to an obnoxious businessman who appeals to the worst of our nature.

Milwaukee hip-hop artist Vincent VanGREAT — fresh off a performance at Milwaukee Record’s Local Coverage — felt there was no better time than today to release his new video for “Radical (Prod. VVG x Q the Sun).” The frenetic track is accompanied by clips of police brutality and shots of VanGREAT on snowy Milwaukee streets letting his, um, middle fingers do the talking.

Trump supporters like to allege that police brutality and race relations have gotten worse under Obama’s watch and that he’s somehow responsible. This is nonsense. Police brutality was undoubtedly worse under previous administrations.

What changed during the Obama years is that now almost everyone has a video camera in their pocket, making it easier to document and expose police brutality. An increase in racial tension is simply a response to this increased visibility and awareness of police brutality.

It is important to note that when we say “Fuck the law,” we are not advocating anarchy, but expressing anger towards an unjust system that disproportionately harasses, arrests and imprisons people of color and marginalized communities. We want an end to police brutality, not an end to police. Ultimately, like VanGREAT says in the video’s preamble, we want more “love, peace and light.”

“Radical” is the second visual from VanGREAT’s excellent self-produced 2016 album UnGREATful, which you can buy on iTunes. The video was shot by JSwaqq. 

“This record/visual is not to promote violence nor hate towards law enforcement or government of any kind. It is simply to raise awareness of current situations that are affecting many people around the world. With all the darkness and evil that we are forced to live with these days we must ALL remember to spread love, peace and light no matter what race, age or gender we are. God is love!” – Vincent VanGREAT

(It’s also important to note that when we say “Fuck Trump,” we mean FUCK TRUMP!)