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Positive reviews for 1st pizza ATM

Customers will soon be able to get pizza from an ATM at one Ohio University.

Xavier University in Cincinnati has partnered with a French company to install the first Pizza ATM in North America.

The company, Paline, says the machine will hold 70 pizzas at once.

Customers will be able to use a touch screen to pick one of the $10 pizzas, which will be heated for several minutes, placed in a cardboard box and ejected through a slot.

Paline says the pizza dispensers have been in Europe for 14 years.

They’re typically in small towns, at gas stations or pizzerias.

Xavier’s marketing director for auxiliary services, Jennifer Paiotti, tells WCPO-TV that she’s a New Yorker but considers the machine-dispensed pizza to be the best she’s ever had.

With Retreet, Florida man plans tree house cafe

Alan Fulmer wants you to turn off the computer, take a deep breath outside and climb a tree.

“I’m not a tree hugger,” Fulmer said. “I’m a high-tech guy. But trees are what give us oxygen. Trees are important.”

So to help people appreciate nature, Fulmer plans to build a cafe in a wooded spot near Sanford, Florida, where customers can order a cappuccino or latte and then enjoy it in one of the several treehouses among the dozens of live oaks, laurel oaks and pine trees on nearly 4 acres at County Road 46A and Cherry Laurel Drive — a woodsy refuge not far from Interstate 4.

He’s calling his venue The Retreet, where business groups or organizations could hold meetings “up in the trees.”

Plans also show a 100-seat amphitheater, a sculpture garden, a meditation labyrinth and displays of several natural relics he’s acquired over the years — including a small meteorite that fell in Russia, a 20-million-year-old clump of petrified wood and an 11-foot cross section of a 2,600-year-old giant sequoia chopped down in 1952.

“I want people to get in touch with nature,” said Fulmer, who plans to start construction within a year. “My motto is: Drop the screen and get out in the green.”

Fulmer is not an idealistic hippie who would rather live out in the woods wearing tie-dyed shirts and munching on nuts and berries. He calls himself a “semi-retired” tech guy after selling Channel Intelligence Inc. _ the Celebration-based technology company he co-founded _ to Google in 2013. He now lives near Lake Mary with his family.

He figures it will cost about $1 million to build The Retreet. He recently submitted preliminary design plans with Seminole County, and is now looking to annex into Sanford for utility services.

Russell Gibson, Sanford’s director of planning and development services, said he had not yet seen Fulmer’s plans. However, the annexation and approval process could take several weeks to complete.

Fulmer, 57, came up with the idea for The Retreet after reading an EPA report that said the average American spends 93 percent of their day indoors, whether it’s in the home, at the office or in a car.

“This is a trend that must be reversed,” Fulmer said, “not just for the general health and well-being of people. But also to make people more aware of nature, of their environment and the planet on which they live.”

If people spend more time in the outdoors and among trees, they would become more concerned about climate change and other environmental issues, he said.

Plans call for treehouses to be large enough to accommodate at least 20 people, partially supported by trees and connected by elevated wooden walkways. To reach the treehouses, customers would use ramps or elevators. Along with coffee, the cafe would offer a menu of desserts, hot and cold drinks plus beer and wine.

Customers would sip their beverage amid the sounds and smells of mother nature.

“I want to get people outside, not only for their health’s sake,” he said, “but for the planet’s.”


Gifts inspired by Judy Garland

If you find yourself (or someone on your holiday gift list) asking WWJD (What would Judy do?), consider the following.

If she were still here among us, Judy might want to pour herself a drink to wash down one of her pills. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine comes in eight authentic East Tennessee recipes — Original, White Lightnin’, Moonshine Cherries, Peach, Apple Pie, Blackberry, Strawberry and Lemon Drop. All are shipped from the company’s famed Gatlinburg distillery, known as The Holler. Ole Smoky Moonshine is made “from the hand-crafted recipes of the Tennessee families who have been filling moonshine jars and jugs in the Smoky Mountains for more than a century.” Learn more online at olesmokymoonshine.com.

How would Judy (or her friends) keep that drink cold? Stainless steel n’ICE Cubes chill drinks without watering them down. They’re made of food-grade stainless steel and available in sets of six liquid-filled cubes. After being stored in the freezer for about four hours, the cubes function as a “non-diluting alternative” to melting ice. The right accompaniment to just about any chilled beverages. n’ICE Cubes can be purchased at brookstone.com and other retailers.

Once a few drinks are downed, everyone will want to step out of her/his pumps and slip into a pair of Red Ruby Slipper Flip Flops. You read that right. They’re black-rubber soled and blue-strapped flip-flops with a silk-screened “sparkly” red image on which to rest your tootsies. Available at cafepress.com.

After the slippers, you’ve probably reached the hour when drunk-dialing begins. Grab your mobile in its Ruby Slippers iPhone case — they come in a variety of patterns — and start calling. Available at wbshop.com.

Of course, after your Judy Garland evening, there’s the possibility of waking up with one heck of a hangover. The solution? Wrap your head in an Ostrich Pillow. Described as the “perfect companion to nap anywhere,” the Ostrich Pillow slips over your head with an oval opening for your face, and a pair of holes to rest your hands (if you so choose). An invitation to dream and recharge, the Ostrich Pillow is a great conversation starter — after you wake up, naturally. Visit ostrichpillow.com.

Last, but certainly not least, Judy (and friends of Judy) must experience Milwaukee Rep’s production of the Tony-nominated musical End of the Rainbow, playing Jan. 7-March 9 in the Quadracci Powerhouse main stage theater. Starring Hollis Resnick (currently playing the Mother Superior in the national tour of Sister Act), End of the Rainbow is set during the late 1960s near the end of Garland’s, short, tragic, but most importantly, celebrated life. Tickets, which would make a smashing gift, are available by calling 414-224-4140 or online at milwaukeerep.com.

No doubt, Judy would approve.