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Study: Teenagers with lesbian moms as happy as peers

The quality of life of 17-year-olds reared in lesbian-parent families does not differ from that of adolescents who grew up in heterosexual-parent families, according to a new study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

“Consistently, over the past three decades, researchers have found that the daughters and sons of same-sex parents are psychologically well-adjusted. And now our new data demonstrate that 17-year-olds raised from birth by lesbian mothers are as happy as their peers,” said lead author Loes van Gelderen of the University of Amsterdam.

The study also found that among teens with lesbian mothers, no difference in quality of life based on donor status (whether they had been conceived by known or unknown donors), experienced stigmatization (whether or not they had experienced discrimination) or maternal relationship continuity (whether their mothers were still together or had separated).

“The favorable outcomes for these adolescents are a reflection of good parenting by mothers who prepared their daughters and sons for the prospect of adversity,” said investigator Nanette Gartrell of the Williams Institute.

In the “Quality of Life of Adolescents Raised From Birth by Lesbian Mothers” study, 78 17-year-olds with lesbian mothers were matched on gender, age, parental education and ethnic background with adolescents in heterosexual-parent families that were drawn from a representative statewide sample.  The adolescents in both groups gave a numerical score, from zero to 10, to each of a series of statements such as, “I feel I’m getting along with my parents/guardians,” “I look forward to the future,” and ”I feel good about myself.”

The adolescents with lesbian mothers responded generally in the same way as the teenagers with heterosexual parents.

The data in the new report comes from adolescents whose families are participants in the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, the longest-running and largest prospective investigation of lesbian mothers and their children in the United States. Initiated by Gartrell in 1986, the NLLFS examines the social, psychological, and emotional development of the children as well as the dynamics of planned lesbian families. 

Private Anglican school rejects daughter of lesbian parents

According to a report by CNN, 4-year-old Olivia Harrison has been denied admission to St. Vincent’s School, an Anglican church in the Dallas suburb of Bedford, TX. 

One of the girl’s mothers, Tracy Harrison said they had picked the school not only for its academic standards, but also because they she would learn, “basic Bible teachings … follow the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, be kind to your neighbor.”

“St. Vincent’s School as a ministry of (the) Cathedral upholds the clear teaching of the Christian faith, the Holy Bible, and the Anglican Church in North America,” school dean Rev. Ryan Reed said in an email to CNN sister network HLN. “We based our decisions about enrollment on what is best for the children of St. Vincent’s as a whole and in conformity with the above standards.”

The moms say they were upfront with the school, replacing the word “father” with “partner” on the enrollment forms before filling it out with both women’s names. There wasn’t a problem until after the couple attended a parents’ night at the school.

This isn’t the first time has rejected potential students, said Reed. St. Vincent has turned away a preschool appliacnt from a gay household, fired a teacher who became pregnant out of wedlock and removed a man “from leadership roles in the school” after he left his wife for another woman, according to CNN.

Both Harrison and the girl’s other mother, Jill Harrison, are fine with the admission rejection. “I absolutely would not want her to partake in a school where they did not believe or condone the relationship that we have together,” Jill Harrison said. Tracy Harrison commented, “The God that I know and the God that I love will love me and love my children no matter what.”

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