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NOM blames ‘militant’ gay rights advocates for hacking

The National Organization for Marriage says “militant” gay rights advocates are responsible for the hacking of the anti-gay group’s social media tools on April 11.

Early that day, NOM found that its Facebook and Twitter feeds had been hacked and hijacked to contain apologies for the organization’s campaign against marriage equality, racially divisive strategies and to promote a new focus on gay rights.

The hacking occurred the same day that NOM endorsed Mitt Romney for president, with praise for the presumptive GOP nominee’s support of NOM’s anti-gay agenda.

Fake statements from NOM included Tweets such as “NOM apologizes for its evil race-baiting past and pledges to work towards FULL equality for all LGBT Americans!” and “Volunteer and donate to restore full civil marriage equality in Maine!”

Later on April 11, NOM sent a letter to its supporters confirming that its “online properties were maliciously hacked by militant same-sex marriage activists. They were able to temporarily hijack several of our online properties, including Facebook, Twitter and our blog. Thankfully, our team responded quickly and we have now taken back control of each of these online properties with the exception of the name of our main twitter account, which was stolen and illegally reassigned to a fraudulent Twitter account.”

NOM had to change its Twitter account ID and told its supporters that it would be pursuing criminal charges against the hackers, once they are identified.

The organization also used the news of the social media disruption to solicit donations to match a $200,000 challenge grant from an unidentified source.

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