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‘Old Yeller’ named all-time family favorite

And the Pawscar goes to…

The nearly 60-year-old classic “Old Yeller” has been named American Humane Association’s all-time favorite family movie as part of this year’s Pawscar awards, announced just days before the human Oscars.

The AHA monitors and protects more than 100,000 animals working in 1,000 productions each year. The organization traditionally adds three all-time favorites to its list of all-time favorite animal-inclusive films during the Pawscars.

AHA officials say 1957’s “Old Yeller” was one of the first movies to ever focus on the human-animal bond.

Competing against Disney’s “Old Yeller” in national online voting was “Dolphin Tale,” “Babe,” “Beethoven” and “Homeward Bound.”

The Pawscar awards show can be seen online at www.americanhumane.org. 

Scales of justice: Ginsburg No. 1 in opinion poll

Public Policy Polling surveyed the nation’s voters on the favorability of U.S. Supreme Court justices — before the biggest decisions of the term were released.

PPP, a liberal-leaning polling firm, found that voters say Ruth Bader Ginsburg is their favorite justice — as much as they have a favorite. Ginsburg won the top spot with just 19 percent.

Next in line: Sonia Sotomayor and Clarence Thomas at 11 percent, John Roberts and Antonin Scalia at 8 percent, Elena Kagan at 7 percent, Anthony Kennedy at 5 percent and Samuel Alito and Stephen Breyer at 4 percent.

Ginsburg is a clear favorite among Democrats, followed by Sotomayor.

Thomas, meanwhile, finishes first with Republicans at 21 percent, followed by Roberts and Scalia.

Asked to name their least favorite member of the court, 18 percent chose Thomas, 12 percent chose Ginsburg, 10 percent named Scalia, 8 percent went for Kagan and Sotomayor, 5 percent named Alito, 4 percent said Roberts and 3 percent said Kennedy and Breyer.

Thomas is the least favorite member among Democrats and Ginsburg is the least favorite among Republicans.

Overall Americans have a negative view of the Supreme Court — about 59 percent of Republicans think the court is too liberal and 45 of Democrats think the court is too conservative.