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Think you knew sports in 2016? So why is Putin pictured?

The Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years and LeBron James brought an NBA title to long suffering Cleveland. You know that, but how much do you really know about the year in sports? Here’s a quiz to find out:

Who was happiest that the Cubs broke their 108-year drought and won the World Series?

A. Steve Bartman, who can finally show his face in the windy city.

B. Co-workers of Cubs fans, who no longer have to listen to their long suffering tales of woe.

C. Owner Tom Ricketts, who celebrated by raising ticket prices by almost 20 percent.

How did the Russians get the idea to switch doping samples in the Sochi Olympics?

A. Got tired of seeing Norwegians win all the medals.

B. Figured hacking urine bottles was just as easy as hacking emails.

C. Vladimir Putin knew someone in doping control.

Why did Ryan Lochte appear on Dancing with the Stars.

A. Thought a win would get him the respectability his Olympic gold medals didn’t.

B. Heard the show was big in Rio.

C. Knew that dancing around the cameras was easier than dancing around the truth.

What did they do with the golf course built for the Olympics in Rio?

A. Now the home of the swankiest favela in the city.

B. New practice ground for the Brazilian polo team.

C. Home course for the annual Brazil/Ecuador matches.

Why was the NFL so eager to get a team back in Los Angeles?

A . Jack Nicholson needed something to do after finally giving up on the Lakers.

B. Thought the nation’s second largest metropolitan area deserved the NFL’s second worst team.

C. Roger Goodell thought it might help him break into acting.

Why did Peyton Manning retire?

A. Said Omaha so many times he decided to move there.

B. Decided future better served by singing annoying jingles in TV commercials.

C. Knew he would never again be able to throw for 141 yards in a Super Bowl.

Penn State and Michigan were left out of college football playoffs, causing much consternation among their fans. Why?

A. School administrators mistakenly thought graduation rates were the main criteria for deciding who plays.

B. The Magic 8 ball came up “No” when playoff committee members asked about including them.

C. Both schools wanted their students out partying New Year’s Eve instead of watching football games.

Why do Oakland fans secretly want the Raiders to move to Las Vegas?

A. Because the losses that happen there will stay there.

B. They won’t feel out of place walking around Vegas dressed in studded leather and masks.

C. Heard Siegfried and Roy could come up with some magic for the team.

What did Ronda Rousey do after her shocking knockout loss?

A. Threatened to beat up any reporter who asked her a question.

B. Became co-host of the Ellen Show.

What did Tiger Woods bring as an assistant captain to the winning U.S. Ryder Cup team?

A. Excellent cart driving skills.

B. Great tales to tell about the old days when he actually played in the event.

C. His Gulfstream jet to get out of town quickly.

What did Joey “Jaws” Chestnut do after regaining his title by eating 70 hot dogs and buns in the Fourth of July hot dog eating contest?

A. Took a victory lap around Coney Island in the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.

B. Put some mustard on a hot dog.

C. Quickly excused himself.

Las Vegas got a new hockey team, the city’s first pro franchise. Why did they name it the Vegas Golden Knights instead of the Las Vegas Golden Knights?

A. Afraid city’s image of being full of drunken carousers would offend NHL fans.

B. Didn’t want Canadians to be confused and travel to Las Vegas, New Mexico, to watch their teams play.

C. Actually thought locals called it Vegas.

Why did Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey decide not to play in the Sun Bowl

A. Needed the extra time to bone up for the NFL’s Wonderlic test.

B. Thought team should have been picked for TaxSlayer Bowl instead.

C. Was upset that player’s gift bag didn’t include the souvenir game ball given out by the Dollar General Bowl.

Tupac Shakur, Pearl Jam, Yes to be inducted into Rock Hall

The late rapper Tupac Shakur and Seattle-based rockers Pearl Jam lead a class of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees that also include folkie Joan Baez and 1970s favorites Journey, Yes and Electric Light Orchestra.

The rock hall also said it would give a special award to Nile Rodgers, whose disco-era band Chic failed again to make the cut after its 11th time nominated.

Baez will be inducted only months after her 1960s paramour, Bob Dylan, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The hall’s 32nd annual induction ceremony will take place on April 7 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. HBO will show highlights later, with SiriusXM doing a radio broadcast.

Shakur was shot and killed after attending a boxing match in Las Vegas in 1996, a murder that has spawned conspiracy theories but remains unsolved. “Changes,” “Keep Ya Head Up,” “Ambitionz Az a Ridah” and “Life Goes On” are among his best-known songs. Only 25 when he died, Shakur left behind a trove of music that was released posthumously.

Pearl Jam exploded in popularity from the start in the early 1990s behind songs like “Alive,” “Jeremy” and “Even Flow.” After Nirvana, it is the second band with roots in Seattle’s grunge rock scene to make the hall. Behind singer Eddie Vedder and other original members Mike McCready, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, Pearl Jam remains active and is a popular live act.

Vedder is no newcomer to rock hall ceremonies, having given induction speeches for Neil Young and the Ramones.

Baez was a political activist and mainstay of the folk movement, performing at the first Newport Folk Festival at age 19 in 1959. She was known primarily as an interpreter of others’ songs, introducing Dylan to a wider audience at the beginning of his career. Their affair ended badly in 1965, for which Dylan later apologized.

Baez’s own “Diamonds and Rust” in 1975 was one of her biggest hits.

Journey’s 1981 song “Don’t Stop Believin”” was given new life by being featured in the closing scene of HBO’s “The Sopranos” and became a favorite of a new generation. Its 6.8 million iTunes sales makes it the most-bought song on that platform from the pre-digital era, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Former singer Steve Perry, estranged from the band for many years, offers some potential rock hall drama: will he show up for his induction? Founding member Neal Schon was quoted in Billboard recently saying that there are so many non-rock artists in the hall that “I don’t really care about being there.” He did allow that it would be nice for fans of the band, never a critical favorite.

Britain’s Yes, known for its complex compositions, was a leader of the 1970s progressive rock movement. Yes’ hits include “I’ve Seen All Good People,” “Roundabout” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” and its fans have waged a vociferous campaign to see them honored. Founding bass player Chris Squire, the one constant in many years of personnel changes, died in June 2015.

Electric Light Orchestra got its start melding classical influences to Beatles-influenced pop, and charted with “Evil Woman,” “Mr. Blue Sky” and “Don’t Bring Me Down.” The band essentially exists now in leader Jeff Lynne’s imagination and home studio and had a mildly successful comeback a year ago.

Chic, led by Rodgers and the late Bernard Edwards, has become the rock hall’s version of Susan Lucci and her long quest to win a Daytime Emmy. While Shakur, Baez, Pearl Jam and ELO were elected this year in their first time on the ballot, Chic has endured years of disappointment.

The hall’s award for musical excellence to songwriter and guitarist Rodgers is no consolation prize. When disco cooled, Rodgers became one of the hottest producers in the business, behind the boards for some of the ‘80s most indelible albums: David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and the B-52’s “Cosmic Thing.”

Day 4 at the RNC: Donald Trump at the podium

The 2016 Republican National Convention concludes on July 21 with a program of speeches and events on the theme “Make America One Again.” The prime-time program concludes with Donald Trump accepting the Republican Party nomination for president and the dropping of 120,000 balloons.

At the podium

A look at the list of prime-time speakers …

Brock Mealer, motivational speaker.

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin.

Dr. Lisa Shin, member of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.

Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chairman and from Wisconsin.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., president of Liberty University.

Peter Thiel, venture capitalist.

Tom Barrack, CEO of Colony Capital.

Ivanka Trump, executive vice president at The Trump Organization.

Donald J. Trump, Republican nominee for president of the United States.

Day 3 at the podium: Walker says ‘America deserves better’

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was a featured speaker on Day 3 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The theme of the night was “Make America First Again.” The theme of Walker’s speech: “America deserves better.”

The following are remarks prepared for delivery at the convention on July 20 from Walker and others in the prime-time lineup.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

My fellow Americans, you have a choice. You deserve better. America deserves better. The well-connected in Washington are lining up behind Hillary Clinton, because she is one of them. They want more of the same.

Donald Trump is standing with the American people.

We want a leader who is not afraid to take on the mess in Washington.

We believe that there is a better way forward.

As Republicans, we believe in an America where everyone can get the education and training that they need to succeed in college, career, and life; one where Washington doesn’t deepen dependency, but rather helps create genuine opportunity.

Why? Because America deserves better.

We believe in a country where people can achieve, maintain, and enjoy their piece of the American Dream – without the government standing in the way.

Why? Because America deserves better.

We believe in a country where we take the threat of terrorism seriously. We name it for what it is: Radical Islamic Terrorism.

And we do everything in our power to eliminate it – to ensure our safety.

Why? Because America deserves better.

We believe in a country where it is a solemn responsibility to deliver to our troops the support and tools they need to achieve victory and then provide them with the health care and respect they’ve earned when they return home.

Why? Because America deserves better.

And while we’re at it, we believe in a country where those who honorably serve in law enforcement – the people who put their lives on the line for us – are not just respected – they are revered.

Why? Because America deserves better.

We believe in a country where power is taken back from Washington and returned home to state and local governments – where it is more effective, more efficient and more accountable to the people.

Why? Because America deserves better.

We believe in a country where freedom and personal success do not come from the clumsy hand of government, but rather the dignity that comes from hard work.

Why? Because America deserves better.

The simple truth is: liberal Washington insiders created these problems. And Hillary Clinton is the ultimate liberal Washington insider. If she were any more on the “inside,” she’d be in prison.

America deserves better than Hillary Clinton.

That is why we need to support Donald Trump and Mike Pence for President and Vice President.

Last August, I said that any of the Republicans running would be better than Hillary Clinton. I meant it then, and I mean it now. So let me be clear: a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump in November is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Make no mistake: we can’t wait four more years and “get ‘em next time.” The consequences are too great. After hearing the FBI Director’s recent comments, I wouldn’t even give Hillary Clinton the password to my iPhone – let alone access to classified information. This isn’t just another Clinton scandal, Hillary’s scandal put our national security at risk and that makes her unfit to be President.

It’s time to tell Hillary: enough is enough. No more double standards for the Clintons.

Why? Because America deserves better.

Thankfully, Republicans are offering a better way forward.

It’s working right here in Ohio and in Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina and South Carolina. And even in Massachusetts and Maryland.

Republican leadership works. I see it first hand as it’s working in Wisconsin.

In 2010, we were tired of high unemployment, budget deficits, stifling taxes, and rising college tuition.

Most of all, we were tired of the big government union bosses running our state and local governments. We had enough. So we did something about it. We took back power from the big government special interests and returned it firmly into the hands of the hard-working taxpayers. In turn, the big government special interests – and their cronies in Washington – helped organize more than 100,000 protestors who occupied our state Capitol. They tried to intimidate us with threats and mobs, but we didn’t back down. And we won.

Then, they spent tens of millions of dollars to try and defeat us in a recall election, but we didn’t back down. And we won.

Three times they came at us. Three times we won.

We won because our common sense reforms worked. Today, more people are employed in Wisconsin than ever before, our budget is balanced and responsible, taxes are down for working families and seniors; and college tuition is frozen for four years in a row.

If conservative reforms can work in a blue state like mine, they can work anywhere in the country. You see, it wasn’t too late for Wisconsin and it’s not too late for America. If

you’ve had enough of Washington’s brokenness, wastefulness, empty promises and arrogance, join us. Help us elect Republicans to office – from the courthouse to the statehouse to the White House.

You have a choice. You decide. You deserve better. Because America deserves better.


Florida Governor Rick Scott

My name is Rick Scott, Governor of the great state of Florida.

Before I begin tonight, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has kept us in their prayers after the horrific and hate-filled terrorist attack in Orlando a month ago. We have received an outpouring of support and love from Americans everywhere. The American people do stick up for each other. On behalf of the state of Florida: thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m old enough to remember when terrorism was something that happened in foreign countries. Not today. How many more times does the evil of radical Islamic terrorism have to occur, before the President of the United States will muster the courage to face the truth? How many more “Orlandos,” “San Bernadinos,” or “Ft. Hoods” will happen until President Obama decides to be honest? I cried with the grieving moms and dads and brothers and sisters of the 49 people slaughtered by an ISIS-inspired terrorist. This war is real. It is here in America. And the next President must destroy this evil.

Donald Trump is the man for that job.

I met Donald about 20 years ago, before either of us ever ran for office. Let me tell you why this is the time for Donald to be President. A lot of politicians like to give speeches where they say “we are at a crossroads.” But that’s not really where we are. Today, America is in terrible world-record-high debt, our economy is not growing, our jobs are going overseas, we’ve allowed our military to decay, and we project weakness on the international stage. Washington grows while the rest of America struggles. The Democrats have not led us to a crossroads, they have led us to a cliff.

I know that some have reservations about my friend Donald Trump. Perhaps he’s sometimes not polite. He can be a little rough. And he may be too direct. But, this election is not actually about Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton. In fact, this election is not about you or me either. This election is about the very survival of the American Dream.

It’s time for all Americans to put down the partisan banners, vote for the survival of the greatest country in the world, and do what is right for our country – Vote for Donald Trump!

Finally, I have some great news. This is the time America has been waiting for. This year, we get to fire the politicians! And who better to let the politicians in Washington know “you’re fired” than Donald Trump?

We need a president who is politically incorrect and will tell it like it is. We need a President who isn’t afraid of Washington. We need a President who doesn’t believe government is the answer to every problem. We need a President who recognizes that great countries have borders. We need a President who will bring American jobs back to America. We need a President who is not afraid to say “radical Islamic terrorism.” And we need a President who will wipe ISIS off the face of the earth.

And on every one of these measures Hillary Clinton fails. America is worth fighting for. Let’s make America great again. Let’s elect Donald Trump the next President of the United States.


Laura Ingraham, Radio Host

You may know me from TV and radio, but my kids know me by my most important name, Mom. I’m a single mother of three adopted children. I’m here tonight supporting Donald Trump because like most Americans, I refuse to leave them a country that is worse off than the one my parents left me.

My grandparents were Polish immigrants. My parents grew up in Depression Era New England. My dad enlisted in the Navy in WWII. My mom waited tables until she was 73.  My dad worked at his car wash. They flew the flag at our house and not just on the 4th of July. They scrimped and saved. My mother made my clothes, and wore the same winter coat for 40 years. Any extra money went into the bank for our education. We learned the dignity found in a job well done. My brothers picked tobacco and delivered newspapers. I picked blueberries and raked lawns.

You see, my parents didn’t believe there were jobs Americans wouldn’t do. In the early ‘70s, watching the news with my mother, I asked her why people were burning the American flag. She answered: “Because their parents didn’t teach them about respect.”

Respect. We see it in decline once again. The people don’t respect the government.  The government doesn’t respect the people, not even our veterans. Politicians don’t respect the Constitution. Many don’t respect the life of the infant in the womb, or the elderly who languish alone. Others don’t respect the police, who risk their lives every day to protect us. Many in public office don’t enforce or respect the rule of law. Isn’t that right, Mrs. Clinton? Too many citizens and non-citizens don’t respect our laws either. And many of our allies don’t respect us anymore.

It’s sad to see this happen to the country we love. This is our home. It belongs to us, our children and our grandchildren. We deserve better and we can do better. Like us, Donald Trump understands that we must turn this around and restore respect across all levels of society. Unlike us, Hillary Clinton believes the status quo is just fine because she helped create it.

Donald Trump knows that a nation without borders is not a nation at all. Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe in borders. Donald Trump knows that a country must put the interests of its own people first. Hillary Clinton thinks that America is just another nation in a global order. Donald Trump understands that America’s greatness comes from her people, her freedom. Hillary Clinton believes greatness can only be found in an ever-growing government that only Her Majesty rules. She believes that there’s a government solution to every problem. No, Hillary, you’re the problem. And Donald Trump is the solution.

We were in a mess back in 1979, too. Only then it was leisure suits instead of pants suits. Many believed America’s time was up. But then Ronald Reagan arrived just in time to restore our national confidence, our economy and our military.

Donald Trump will do the same. He has pledged to work tirelessly to get our country back on track. We should all, even all you boys with wounded feelings and bruised egos, pledge to support Donald Trump now. This is the most important election since 1980. We see stagnating wages, skyrocketing healthcare costs, doubling of the debt, the threat of ISIS, the rise of China. And the Democrats’ answer is to nominate someone who helped orchestrate the decline? It has to be a cruel joke.

I don’t want to sit around and tell my kids stories about how great America used to be. Do you? We never give up. We rise to challenges. We fight and win. We’re Americans. We need a president who believes in the Constitution and who will fight for us and with us.

To all my friends in the press, you know in your heart why Donald Trump won the nomination. It’s because he dared to call out the phonies, the frauds, and the corruption that have all gone unexposed, and that you failed to challenge for far too long. Donald Trump respects us enough to tell us the hard truths about what has happened to our country – on issues like immigration, trade, and our diminished status around the world – even in the face of unfair criticism and sheer hatred.

They had their chance. Now, it’s our chance. Let’s reject the politics of division. Let’s defeat the Clinton Machine. Let’s send the consultants and lobbyists packing. Let’s give the power back to the people. And let’s elect Donald Trump President of the United Sates.


Phil Ruffin, Businessman

I’ve known Donald Trump as a friend and a business partner for over 20 years. You can’t be my friend and my business partner for long if you’re not honest with me, and good to your word.  I can tell you Donald Trump is both.

He’s been an innovator and an entrepreneur: no one in our business works harder, or smarter, than he does. Professionally I have seen time and again how he can see what others cannot, and how he has taken properties others took a pass on and made something incredible out of them.

As a result of his vision and hard work he has put tens of thousands of our fellow Americans to work, created amazing spaces and places, and made money for himself, and his partners. He has done this in many of our nation’s greatest cities such as: Chicago, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas.

Let me tell you about one of the deals we did together. About ten years ago, he and I developed Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. As with so many Trump properties, this has innovative design, and attention to detail. Buyers liked it, and it seemed it would be another tremendous success: it was under budget and on time, however, in 2008 the recession hit, and the banks would not finance any additional units. This left us with about 75 percent unsold, and more than a half billion dollars in debt. Ninety-nine percent of people and investors would have walked away: Donald would not give up.

He is a fighter, and he saw its incredible potential.

I believed in him, and for three tough years we worked together to keep it afloat. Through it all, Donald always paid his bills promptly, with no discounts.

Due to Donald’s persistence and faith, and my faith in him, we turned it around. Today it has become a huge success.

This is just one example.

I have seen him do this time and time again.

He has put money on the line, both his and mine. He is a developer. He is an entrepreneur. He is an innovator. And he is a leader.

He now wants to turn around Washington. When he first told me he was going to run for President, I told him I did not think it was a good idea.

I asked him why he wanted to do this, and he simply replied, “I love America.

Our system is broken, and I am going to fix it.”

This is the Donald I know, and I know what America needs now: a fighter and an innovator.

He sees the potential and he knows what our great country can be if we come together.

Donald Trump will fix what is broken in Washington, and Make America Great Again, and you can bet on that.


Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida

November 8th is a day of reckoning for all those who have abused their power.

It is the day that we the people will take back our government.

From Washington bureaucrats playing doctor with our health care.

To a President who’s been playing fast and loose with our constitutional rights and Russian roulette with our borders.

November 8th, is when America feels safe again, when America wins again.

Because winning this election means reclaiming something to which I’ve dedicated my entire career: the rule of law.

Laws that make our neighborhoods safe, and our economy strong. Laws that apply equally to everyone.

Laws that back our law enforcement, now more than ever, because they have our backs.

But today, these laws are under siege by a President determined to ignore laws he doesn’t like, and by a former Secretary of State who believes the laws don’t apply to her.

By the way, she also deserves no security clearance. This lawlessness must stop.

Donald Trump will stop it.

He’ll roll back Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders.

He’ll enforce immigration laws to keep us safe, while allowing legal immigrants to bless this nation with their talents and their dreams. He’ll take control of our borders, because we must stop the flow of cocaine and heroin coming into our country and killing our kids.

Then there’s this. Hillary believes our enemies deserve our respect and empathy. Donald Trump believes terrorists deserve to die.

Hillary will stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices who will allow government to continue its rampage against our individual rights, with utter contempt for our Second Amendment.

I know Donald. He will appoint conservative justices who will defend, rather than rewrite, our Constitution.

Are you ready to send ISIS a message that we’re really coming after them?

When Donald Trump is President, he will.

On November 8th, remember this:

If you believe in limited government…

If you believe in our historic constitutional rights…

If you believe in the rule of law…

If you believe it’s time for America to start acting like America again…

There is only one choice in this election: Donald Trump.

America’s for Trump.

And so am I.


Eileen Collins, Astronaut (retired)

From the moment the first Pilgrims arrived on our shores, Americans have been asking, “what’s next?” We are a nation built by the passion of people who weren’t afraid to do something first, to step into the unknown, and pave our own way forward. We are a nation of explorers.

In 1961, President Kennedy issued a challenge to America: to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth. 47 years ago on this very day, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin answered that call and walked on the moon. They took with them an American flag and a plaque bearing the inscription: “here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon July 1969. We came in peace for all mankind.”

We landed on the moon to fulfill a leadership challenge and to explore. Exploration leads to innovation and discovery. Our successful robotic missions to Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto have provided valuable new information about our own planet.

But in 2011, the space shuttle program ended. The last time the US launched our own astronauts from our own soil was over 5 years ago. We must do better than that!

Countries that are strong explore, invent, and discover to remain resilient in a changing world. I am honored to have played a role in our nation’s heritage of explorers as the first woman to command a space shuttle mission, joining the ranks of those that have fought to lead the way.

We are all so proud of our Apollo program that put our astronauts on the Moon: first, in peace, for all mankind. Nations that lead on the frontier, lead in the world. We need that visionary leadership again. Leadership that will inspire the next generation to have that same passion.

We need leadership that will challenge every American to ask, “What’s next?” We need leadership that will make America’s space program first again. We need leadership that will make America first again. That leader is Donald Trump.

Thank you and God bless the United States of America!


Michelle Van Etten, Small Business Owner

I was born an entrepreneur, by six years old I knew it.

My dream was to be a circus performer so I decided to have a circus at my house. I made tickets, sold them door to door, I even dressed my baby brother as a clown and taught my dog new tricks. I was ready for my big day.

When people started arriving, my parents had no idea about the circus taking place. Embarrassed, they refunded money to my guests and apologized. I was so upset. Afterwards my dad sat me down and told me any dream you have is possible as long as you’re willing to do the work it takes to get the job done. Then he added, “after you go to college.”

But I couldn’t wait. Taking my dad’s advice, I partnered with the neighborhood kids to be part of my circus, and we charged our parents to watch the show. We continued to have our Circus show for over a year. My dad told me I earned great candy money that year!

Fast forward 26 years. Planning for my 20th high school reunion, I decided to check out the girls I went to school with. What I noticed was that my girlfriends looked like Barbies and drove BMWs.  I was 30 pounds overweight, a stay at home mom and drove a minivan.

I decided I needed a change. I began to dream again. I took a leap of faith and started my own network marketing business from home. Like many people who pursue a dream, I had to learn how to fail forward and never quit.

I also had to become the type of person I wanted in my business. Within just two years, my husband was able to retire from 28 years at DOD. Jim Van Etten now homeschools our kids because we choose not to subject them to Common Core.

I opened a fashion studio called MV House of Style in Brandon, Florida. Today I run a thriving multi-faceted business. I am living the American Dream.

But that dream is in jeopardy. My fear is that the next generation – the millennial – who over half of them have an entrepreneurial spirt and want to be their own boss – will not be able to because of the liberal policies that have been implemented over the past eight years.

These policies – including higher taxes and excessive regulations – are crushing the American Dream.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

We need these entrepreneurs.


We live in the land of opportunity.

We need to protect the American Dream above all else.

Are we willing to let government bureaucrats and liberal policies destroy the innovative spirit?

If not, then we have to take action.

We need a president who is businessman not a Hillary-crat.

Who understands small businesses are the backbone of America. Who will not raise taxes.

Who will repeal Obamacare so small businesses can start offering insurance to their employees again.

Who will end Common Core and protect our children’s education. Who will encourage creativity and innovation. Who will bring manufacturing back to America. Who will make America great and safe again.

There is only one man capable of this juggling act.  Only one man who can take the circus we’ve inherited from the last eight years and serve as the ultimate ringmaster.

There is only one man who can preserve and protect the American Dream for future generations.

That man is Donald Trump. Thank you.


State Senator Ralph Alvarado, Jr. (Kentucky)

From the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, the home of horses, bourbon, coal, bluegrass, and the finest people on earth, allow me to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the privilege of addressing this assembly.

I am proud to stand before you tonight as the first Hispanic member ever elected to the Kentucky General Assembly. But, the road here was not an easy one. Three failed political runs were lonely at times and full of adversity. But, with a lot of determination, grit, and hard work, I triumphed.

Everything I am and have achieved, I owe to God and my parents. My father was a proud legal immigrant from Costa Rica, my mother from Argentina. Being the son of immigrants, I saw firsthand their sacrifice to provide our family a better life.

I watched their struggle in mastering a second language and their strong and quiet commitment to hard work. We didn’t have the luxuries that other families had, but what my parents did give me was family structure, discipline, support, high personal expectations, love and faith in God. They were Hispanic, they were Americans and they were very proud of being both.

They understood the value of preserving our culture and our language, but also the value of an education and instilling a pride and love for our country.

Like most immigrants, they understood that their sacrifice would not provide them immediate success, but the reward would be in the opportunity and success of their children and grandchildren.

But, this story is not unique to my family; it is the story of many legal Latino immigrants who come to America.

At their core, Hispanics believe what Republicans believe: traditional family values, church, faith in God, the dignity of work, and the opportunity for self-sufficiency that comes from a free society and a limited government.

They have simple dreams that might seem mundane to the average American, but would sound familiar to our founding fathers and their core principles.

Some flee corrupt government leaders for the dream of liberty and freedom. Some flee crime and anarchy for the dream of safer communities for their families.

Some flee hunger and despair for the dream of opportunity, entrepreneurship, and abundance.

But, all leave their homelands for the dream of America – the place where if you work hard, study hard, and obey our laws, you can accomplish anything.

Over the past eight years, our President and his apprentice, Hillary Clinton, have talked about that American dream, but they have absolutely no idea how to protect it, foster it, or expand it.

Today, we have a President who has not only failed to end racial tension, he has made us more divided than ever.

Today, we have a President who is itching to restrict our fundamental rights, such as religious liberty, the right to bear arms, and free speech.

Today, we have a President who has rejected honesty and transparency, lying to the American people over and over again: from Obamacare to the promise of immigration reform to Fast and Furious to phone record spying to an IRS enemies list to green energy crony bankruptcies to Benghazi – to the VA scandal, to the Iran nuclear deal, the list goes on and on.

And, with Hillary Clinton, this eight year nightmare will get far, far worse.

Americans face an important decision. Do we want someone who is brutally honest (perhaps to a fault) or do we want someone who is brutally dishonest? It is not a decision about America moving left or right, but it is a decision about America going up or down.

By protecting the American dream, we can make America first again.

There is only one candidate who will protect it for our current and future generations.

That candidate is Donald Trump.

And now a message for my Latino friends:

A mis hermanos hispanos: nuestras familias se fugaron le paises llenos de corrupcion y politicos mentirosos.

Por favor, no permitan que esa miseria occura en este pais también. Vivimos en una isla de libertad y opportunidad.

Voten conmigo. Voten Republicano.

Y voten for Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton, you failed the Hispanic community, and you don’t deserve our vote.

God bless this convention and God bless this country.


Dr. Darrell C. Scott, Senior Pastor and Co-Founder of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries

I first met Donald Trump several years ago. He said he was very troubled about the direction our country was heading in. I listened to his vision, and I understood deeply, and shared many concerns he expressed. In the many times we have met since, we have spoken about the economy, race relations, immigration, jobs, urban renovation and revitalization, the military, and other issues that are critical to our nation’s wellbeing.

The truth is Donald Trump is a conservative father and grandfather who feels his best days are in front, not behind him. Despite his accomplishments, he still feels a void, a need to serve his country and his fellow Americans.

The truth is, the Democratic Party has failed us: at home, our growth is lethargic and our debt deeper; we are spiritually empty; and we are more divided now than ever before. Abroad we are neither respected nor feared by our adversaries, and our friends increasingly cannot count on us. This is their legacy.

We need to make a sharp turn. We need to put into practice the great ideals and principles our country was founded on, and which are the source of strength that has made us great.

This is in our interest and the world’s because the greater America is, the greater the entire world becomes. While some call Donald Trump a populist, I call him a patriot. That’s because by definition a patriot is one who loves their country, supports its authority and its interests. Many liberals are embarrassed to use this word.

Many believe we are a nation just like any other: we know we are not a nation like any other, and as Republicans we are unreservedly proud to be Americans and proud of our patriots!

America is a melting pot, a country of diversity: and we stand poised to make history: by standing together as Americans, by standing together as one. We are here as Americans regardless of race, creed, or color.  We are here as those who hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights: among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Donald Trump will rebuild the broken trust that now exists between our citizens and our government which over the last eight years has brought the rhetoric of hope, but the reality of higher minority unemployment, crime, drug use, with more civil unrest and national distress.

This election is one of the most crucial elections in American history!

Donald Trump has played for big stakes and is a master negotiator and dealmaker.

He knows that for all the sharp elbows and words that the art of the deal is bringing people together, to unify, to get to yes.

That means problem solving, finding common ground, and moving forward. He has done that for himself for over 30 years: he now wants to take that experience to get the best deal for America and for all Americans.

I believe nothing will prevent Donald Trump from doing everything in his power to create an America that everyone can be proud of.

He believes, as do you and as I do, that we can become great again, and we can become strong again, if we have strong leadership. And I can think of no stronger leader who will place their left hand on a Bible that they believe in, raise their right hand and solemnly swear to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America than Donald J. Trump.

God bless Donald Trump, God Bless You, and God Bless America!


Harold Hamm, Continental Resources

Thank you.  It’s good to be in Cleveland.

Four years ago, Donald Trump asked me to tell him about the American Energy Renaissance and how we had transformed the North Dakota Bakken into the largest U.S. oil discovery ever. I told him it was moving America from energy scarcity to abundance, would change the world forever, and could power America to greatness once again. He wrote that down. Donald Trump got it.

President Trump will fuel America’s future and become the first president to achieve American energy independence! President Obama chose not to get it and has tried to destroy this renaissance and all of its benefits. Instead, he turned on Iranian oil, gave them the bomb, billions of dollars, and vilified Israel. Why would he do that?

Obama imposed punitive regulations to stop this renaissance.

In his Administration’s very own words, they want to “crucify” America’s oil and natural gas producers.  Hillary Clinton promises more of the same!

America has two distinct choices.

Our nation should embrace energy independence, not eliminate it.

Hillary Clinton would eliminate fossil fuel development in America, kill jobs, drive up gasoline prices and increase oil imports from our enemies. President Trump will release America’s pent-up energy potential, get rid of foreign oil, trash punitive regulations, create millions of jobs, and develop our most strategic geopolitical weapon… crude oil.

Despite Obama’s attacks, foreign oil imports have plummeted by 65%. America now has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia or Russia. We can double U.S. oil production again and put America in a global league of its own.

Donald Trump will restore America’s rightful place as the energy leader of the world!

Every time we can’t drill a well in America, terrorism is being funded! Orlando brought this home once again. It’s been 15 years since 9/11. We can’t ignore this any longer. Climate change isn’t our biggest problem – it’s Islamic terrorism! Every onerous regulation puts American lives at risk. Developing America’s own oil supply is a matter of national security. Critics may say I’m just a well-to-do supporter of Donald Trump. They don’t know about the 13th child of sharecroppers who was inspired by Vo-Ag teacher Jim Hunter.

I couldn’t start school before the first snow or Christmas – whichever came first – because I was pulling cotton to feed our family. My first memories are picking cotton barefoot. I’m standing here tonight because the American dream was alive and well when I struck out on my own at 20 years old with nothing but a truck, a co-signed note and a phone!

Thank God we have a clear choice today.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence will restore the American Dream for the next would-be visionary from small-town America and make America Great Again! God Bless America!


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

Thank you. Heidi and I are honored to join you here in Cleveland, where Lebron James just led an incredible comeback victory. I’m convinced America is going to come back too.

I congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night.

Conventions are times of excitement. But given the events of the last few weeks, I hope you’ll allow me a moment to talk to you about what’s really at stake.

Just two weeks ago, a nine-year-old girl named Caroline was having a carefree Texas summer – swimming in the pool, playing with friends, doing all the things a happy child might do.

Like most children, she took for granted the love she received from her mom, Heidi, and her dad, a police sergeant named Michael Smith. That is, until he became one of the five police officers gunned down in Dallas.

The day her father was murdered, Caroline gave him a hug and kiss as he left for work. But as they parted, her dad asked her something he hadn’t asked before:

“What if this is the last time you ever kiss or hug me?’”

Later, as she thought of her fallen father, and that last heartbreaking hug, Caroline broke down in tears. How could anything ever be OK again?

Michael Smith was a former Army ranger who spent three decades with the Dallas Police Department. I have no idea who he voted for in the last election, or what he thought about this one. But his life was a testament to devotion. He protected the very protestors who mocked him because he loved his country and his fellow man. His work gave new meaning to that line from literature, “To die of love is to live by it.”

As I thought about what I wanted to say tonight, Michael Smith’s story weighed on my heart. Maybe that’s because his daughter, Caroline, is about the same age as my eldest daughter and happens to share the same name. Maybe it’s because I saw a video of that dear, sweet child choking back sobs as she remembered her daddy’s last question to her. Maybe it’s because we live in a world where so many others have had their lives destroyed by evil, in places like Orlando and Paris and Nice and Baton Rouge. Maybe it is because of the simple question itself:

What if this, right now, is our last time? Our last moment to do something for our families and our country?

Did we live up to our values? Did we do all we could?

That’s really what elections should be about. That’s why you and millions like you devoted so much time and sacrifice to this campaign.

We’re fighting, not for one particular candidate or one campaign, but because

each of us wants to be able to tell our kids and grandkids, our own Carolines, that we did our best for their future, and for our country.

America is more than just a land mass between two oceans. America is an idea, a simple yet powerful idea: freedom matters.

For much of human history, government power has been the unavoidable constant in life – government decrees, and the people obey.

Not here. We have no king or queen. No dictator. We the People constrain government.

Our nation is exceptional because it was built on the five most powerful words in the English language: I want to be free.

Never has that message been more needed than today.

We stand here tonight a nation divided. Partisan rancor, anger, even hatred are tearing America apart.

And citizens are furious—rightly furious—at a political establishment that cynically breaks its promises and ignores the will of the people.

We have to do better. We owe our fallen heroes more than that.

Of course, Obama and Clinton will tell you that they also care about our children’s future. And I want to believe them. But there is a profound difference in our two parties’ visions for the future.

Theirs is the party that thinks ISIS is a “JV team,” that responds to the death of Americans at Benghazi by asking, “What difference does it make?” That thinks

it’s possible to make a deal with Iran, which celebrates as holidays “Death to America Day” and “Death to Israel Day.”

My friends, this is madness.

President Obama is a man who does everything backwards – he wants to close Guantanamo Bay and open up our borders, he exports jobs and imports terrorists.

Enough is enough.

There is a better vision for our future: A return to freedom.

On education, your freedom to choose your child’s education, even if you aren’t as rich as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

On healthcare, your freedom to choose your own doctor, without Obamacare.

On taxes, your freedom to provide for your family without the IRS beating down your door.

The Internet? Keep it free from taxes, free from regulation. And don’t give it away to Russia and China.

Freedom means free speech, not politically correct safe spaces.

Freedom means religious freedom, whether you are Christian or Jew, Muslim or atheist. Gay or straight, the Bill of Rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience.

Freedom means the right to keep and bear arms, and protect your family.

Freedom means Supreme Court Justices who don’t dictate policy, but instead follow the Constitution.

And freedom means recognizing that our Constitution allows states to choose policies that reflect local values. Colorado may decide something different than Texas. New York different than Iowa. Diversity. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. If not, what’s the point of having states to begin with?

Hillary Clinton believes government should make virtually every choice in your life. Education, healthcare, marriage, speech – all dictated out of Washington.

But something powerful is happening. We’ve seen it in both parties. We’ve seen it in the United Kingdom’s unprecedented Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

Voters are overwhelmingly rejecting big government. That’s a profound victory.

People are fed up with politicians who don’t listen to them, fed up with a corrupt system that benefits the elites, instead of working men and women.

We deserve an immigration system that puts America first. And yes, builds a wall to keep us safe.

That stops admitting ISIS terrorists as refugees.

We deserve trade policies that put the interests of American farmers and manufacturing jobs over the global interests funding the lobbyists.

And if we choose freedom, our future will be brighter.

Freedom will bring back jobs, raise wages.

Freedom will lift people out of dependency, to the dignity of work.

We can do this. 47 years ago today, America put a man on the moon. That’s the power of freedom.

Our party was founded to defeat slavery. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

We passed the Civil Rights Act, and fought to eliminate Jim Crow laws.

Those were fights for freedom, and so is this.

Sergeant Michael Smith stood up to protect our freedom.

So do our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines fighting radical Islamic terrorism.

So did the family of Alton Sterling, who bravely called to end the violence.

So did the families of those murdered at the Charleston Emanuel AME church, who forgave that hateful, bigoted murderer.

And so can we.

We deserve leaders who stand for principle. Unite us all behind shared values. Cast aside anger for love. That is the standard we should expect, from everybody.

And to those listening, please, don’t stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.

It’s love of freedom that has allowed millions to achieve their dreams. Like my Mom, the first in her family to go to college, and my Dad, who fled prison and torture in Cuba, coming to Texas with just $100 sewn into his underwear.

And it is love that I hope will bring comfort to a grieving 9-year-old girl in Dallas – and, God willing, propel her to move forward, and dream, and soar . . . and make her daddy proud.

We must make the most of our moment – to fight for freedom, to protect our God-given rights, even of those with whom we don’t agree, so that when we are old and gray . . . and our work is done . . . and we give those we love one final kiss goodbye . . . we will be able to say, “Freedom matters, and I was part of something beautiful.”

Thank you. And may God bless the United States of America.


Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Thank you for that very generous welcome. And thank you, Callista.  You know, she makes documentary films, and writes a best-selling children’s series on American history. In addition, she sings in the Basilica Choir, and plays the French horn in the Fairfax Band.  I am amazed at her achievements.

Tonight I want to speak about a subject that has dominated my thinking for decades: How do we keep America safe?

Keeping America safe is the first responsibility of the American president. There have been many fascinating things to watch about the extraordinary,

historic rise of Donald Trump.

But the most significant has been Donald Trump’s courage to tell some important truths about our national security.

For example:

—   We are at War.

—   We are at War with Radical Islamists.

—   They are determined to kill us.

—  They are stronger than we admit

— And are greater in number than we admit.

—  And there is NO substitute for victory.

In contrast to Donald Trump, our national security and foreign policy elites, led by Hillary Clinton, are incapable of speaking with such honesty.

While THEY lie about the threat, WE need to tell the truth about the  danger.

If our enemies had their way, not a single woman in this room could define her future.

If our enemies had their way, not a single Jew or Christian in this room would be alive unless they agreed to submit.

If our enemies had their way, gays, lesbians and transgender citizens would be put to death as they are today in the Islamic State and Iran.

If our enemies had their way, every person on earth would be subject to conversion by the sword and to a cruel and violent system of  laws.

There would be no individual liberty. There would be no equality.

There would be no freedom. If you doubt we are at war…

If you doubt that this threat is as real as I say… Let me refresh your memory:

On Monday, an Afghan refugee in Germany used an axe and knives to slash  and wound train passengers while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Last week, ISIS claimed responsibility after a Tunisian man drove a cargo truck into crowd in Nice, France. He murdered 84 people, including at least 10 children and three Americans, and injured over 300 others.

Two weeks ago, more than 300 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded in bombing attacks in Baghdad.

Two days before that, radical Islamists in Bangladesh killed 20 hostages, including 3 American college students.

A few days before that, at the Istanbul airport in Turkey, ISIS attackers armed with guns and bombs killed 44 people and injured a few hundred more.

Last month, a radical Islamist in Paris stalked a French police officer to his home, where he murdered the officer and tortured his wife to death in front of their three-year-old son, while streaming it all on social media.

He was pondering whether to kill the three-year-old when he was killed by police.

Two days before that, an attacker pledging allegiance to ISIS killed 49 people in an Orlando nightclub and wounded dozens more.

All this in JUST the past 37 days.

We risk growing numb to these accumulating atrocities.

One recent analysis estimated that since January of 2015, some 30,000 people have been killed at the hands of terrorists.

Donald Trump is right.

We are at war with radical Islamists, we are losing the war, and we must change course to win the war.

Let me be very clear, because I know the news media will do their best to distort this.

We have nothing to fear from the vast majority of Muslimsin the United States, or around the world.

The vast majority are peaceful. They are often the victims of the violence themselves.

They are people we would be happy to have as our friends and neighbors.

The challenge is, when even a small percentage of a billion, six hundred million people support violence against those who disagree with them, that is still a giant recruiting base.

For example, Pew Research finds that just 9 percent of Muslims in Pakistan support ISIS.

Unfortunately, that 9 percent is 16 million people. And that’s just one country.

So the truth is, although we are losing the war with radical Islamists, we have been very lucky.

The danger we face is much worse than the horrors that happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve, when 2,000 women were assaulted.

It’s worse than what’s happening in France, where there are stabbings of Jews in the streets and the intelligence chief warned recently that Europe is QUOTE “on the brink of civil war.”

It’s worse than what’s happening in Israel, where average citizens fear for their lives whenever they leave their homes.

The danger is even worse than September 11th, when 19 hijackers murdered almost 3,000 Americans.

No. The worst case scenario is losing an American city to terrorists armed with weapons of mass destruction.

Instead of losing 3,000 people in one morning, we could lose more than 300,000.

Instead of losing 2 great buildings, we could lose block after block after  block to a nuclear event.

That’s not just my view. Back in January of 2001, the Hart Rudman Commission warned that terrorists QUOTE, “will acquire weapons of mass destruction…and some will use them.


Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers.” 15 years later, the dangers are even greater.

In a world where Pakistan has nuclear weapons… where North Korea has nuclear weapons…

and where IRAN–the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism–is close to having nuclear weapons…this, a catastrophic attack on innocent Americans, is a very real threat.

Which brings us to the heart of the  matter.

We are sleepwalking through history as though this is all about politics. It is not.

It is about our safety and our survival as a country.

And this is why every American should be terrified at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

If Hillary is elected, she will keep in place the people and the systems that lie to us every single day about this threat.

We know she will do this because as Secretary of State, she has been right at the center of this dishonesty.

We know this administration and its allies lied to us about the Iran nuclear  deal.

We know it because they openly bragged about it to the New York Times.

We know that Hillary Clinton lied to us knowingly about the terror attack on  our Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012.

We know that Hillary Clinton and President Obama lie to the American people when they say they can safely screen the Syrian refugees.  They cannot.  And yet Hillary wants to increase the number by 500 percent.

So when you hear about Hillary’s dishonesty, or the emails, or taking millions from the Saudis and other Middle Eastern dictatorships–remember: this is NOT about politics.

The cost of Hillary’s dishonesty could be the loss of America as we know it. The first step forward to safety is electing a leader who will be truthful with  the

American people about the realities we face.

Only then will we understand, support, and demand the strategies required to confront this threat.

And because safety and security are the preconditions for our freedom and prosperity, it is also the first step toward rebuilding the America we  love.

Donald Trump understands this.

And that’s why he WILL rebuild our military–because he knows that a strong military is the best way to ensure peace.


Donald Trump WILL secure our borders–because there is no such thing as a nation without a border.

Donald Trump WILL enforce our immigration laws. He will end the policy of deliberate non-enforcement and will end the abuse of our visa programs–to protect American workers, and their wages.

Donald Trump WILL take care of our veterans by holding bureaucrats at  the Veterans Administration accountable.

He WILL fire those responsible for the waiting lists, and WILL give veterans more choices about their care.

With Donald Trump’s leadership, no bureaucrat will get between a veterans and their doctor.

Donald Trump WILL get America building again.

He will blow apart the ridiculous regulations and requirements that drive up infrastructure costs and drag out the timeline to get anything  built.

The Trump Infrastructure program WILL make us once again the most competitive economy in the world.

Donald Trump WILL rebuild our education system, and give EVERY PARENT   of EVERY income and EVERY ethnic background a choice about where their children go to school.

And Donald Trump will help us rebuild our communities one life and one family at a time. Here again, the first step is safety– the  basis for strong families, and good jobs, and vibrant neighborhoods.

That means restoring law and order.

Donald Trump will show ZERO tolerance for people calling for the death of police officers.

Think about this. If anyone publicly threatens the life of the President of the United States, the Secret Service is on them in an  instant.

Our law enforcement officers deserve the same  respect.

And OF COURSE, if individual officers are found to have violated someone’s rights, they must be held accountable under the law.

America is BASED on the rule of law.

We are one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for ALL.

That is what has allowed us to absorb more people from more backgrounds than any nation in history.

Nobody is above the law.

And nobody is too small to deserve its protection.

Donald Trump won our party’s nomination because he is willing to tell the truth about the things that matter most.

He has a GREAT running mate in Mike Pence.

They will put our safety first, and they will defend America first. We can be proud to stand with them.

So tonight, the challenge for everyone in this hall, and everyone–Republican, Democrat, or Independent–who is watching at home and knows we cannot continue on our current course…

…Is to rise above our factions, and rise above the politics we’ve inherited; to ignore the lies of the news media and the old order; to reject the suicidal DISHONESTY of Hillary Clinton and her establishment allies;  and to be proud to stand with Donald Trump and Mike Pence for  what we know is true:

We CAN make America safe again; We CAN make America work again; We CAN make America first again;

And together, we CAN make America great again — for ALL Americans. Thank you and God Bless the United States of America.


Day 2 at the RNC: What did they say? Ryan and others onstage

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, spoke on Day 2 of the Republican National Convention. The following are his remarks, as prepared for delivery.

And below Ryan’s speech are the other remarks of the speakers on July 19 at the convention in Cleveland, including U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, gun lobbyist Chris Cox and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Speaker Paul Ryan

Thank you all very much.

Delegates, friends, and fellow citizens: I appreciate the privilege of addressing this forty-first convention of the Party of Lincoln.

As part of my co-chairman duties, let me thank all the people of this beautiful city for looking after us this week. And above all I want to thank the men and women here from law enforcement for your service.

You know, standing up here again, it all has a familiar feel. Students of trivia will recall that last time around I was your nominee for vice president. It was a great honor, even if things didn’t work out quite according to plan.

But hey, I’m a positive guy. I’ve found other things to keep me busy. And I like to look at it this way. Next time there’s a State of the Union address, I don’t know where Joe Biden and Barack Obama will be. But you’ll find me right there on the rostrum with Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump.

Democracy is a series of choices. We Republicans have made ours.

Have we had our arguments this year? Sure we have – and you know what I call those? Signs of life. Signs of a party that’s not just going through the motions. Not just mouthing new words for the same old stuff.

Meanwhile, what choice has the other party made, in this incredible year filled with so many surprises?

Here we are, at a time when men and women in both parties so clearly, so undeniably, want a big change in direction for America, a clean break from a failed system. And what does the Democratic Party establishment offer? What is their idea of a clean break?

They are offering a third Obama term, brought to you by another Clinton. And we’re supposed to be excited about that?

For a country so ready for change, it feels like we had been cleared for takeoff, and then somebody announced we’re all going back to the gate.

It’s like we’ve been on hold forever, waiting and waiting to finally talk to a real person, and somehow we’ve been sent back to the main menu.

Watch the Democratic Party convention next week – that four-day infomercial of politically correct moralizing. And let it be a reminder of all that is at stake in this election. You can get through four days of it, with a little help from the mute button. But four more years of it?

Not … a … chance. The Obama years are almost over. The Clinton years are way over.

Two-thousand sixteen is the year America moves on.

# # #

From now to November, we will hear how many different ways progressive elitists can find to talk down to the rest of America … to tell voters that the Obama years have been good for you … that you should be grateful, and now, well, it’s Hillary’s turn.

But the problem is very simple. There is a reason people in our country are disappointed and restless.

If opportunity seems like it’s been slipping away, that’s because it has. And liberal progressive ideas have done exactly nothing to help. Wages never seem to go up.

The whole economy feels stuck. And for millions of Americans, middle-class security is now just a memory.

Progressives like our president talk forever about poverty in America. And if high-sounding talk did any good, we’d have overcome these deep problems long ago.

This explains why, under the most liberal president we’ve had so far, poverty in America is worse – especially for our fellow citizens who were promised better and need it most.

The result is a record of discarded promises … empty gestures … phony strawman arguments … reforms put off forever … shady power plays, like the one that gave us Obamacare … constitutional limits brushed off as nothing … and, all the while, dangers in the world downplayed, even as the threats grow bolder and come closer.

# # #

It’s the latest chapter of an old story: progressives deliver everything except progress.

Yet we know better than to think that Republicans can win only on the failures of Democrats. It still comes down to the contest of ideas. Which is really good news, ladies and gentlemen, because when it’s about ideas, the advantage goes to us.

Against the dreary backdrop of arrogant bureaucracies … pointless mandates … reckless borrowing … willful retreat in the world … and all that progressives still have in store for us, the Republican Party stands as the great, enduring alternative.

We believe in making government, as Ronald Reagan said, not the distributor of gifts and privilege, but once again the protector of our liberties.

Let the other party go on making its case for more government control over every aspect of our lives – more taxes to pay … more debt to carry … more rules to follow … more judges who just make it up as they go along.

We, in this party, are committed to a federal government that acts again as a servant accountable to the people, following the Constitution, and venturing not one inch beyond the consent of the governed.

We, in this party, offer a better way for our country, based on fundamentals that go back to the Founding generation. We believe in a free society where aspiration and effort can make the difference in every life … where your starting point is not your destiny … and where your first chance is not your only chance.

We offer a better way for America, with ideas that actually work. A reformed tax code that rewards free enterprise, instead of just enterprising lobbyists.

A reformed health care system that operates by free choice, instead of by force, and doesn’t leave you answering to cold, clueless bureaucrats.

A renewed commitment to building a 21st-Century military – and to giving our veterans the care they were promised, the care that they have earned.

And we offer a better way of dealing with persistent poverty in this country: A way that shows poor Americans the world beyond liberal warehousing and checkwriting … into the life everyone can find, with opportunity and independence … the happiness of using your gifts, and the dignity of having a job.

And you know what? None of this will happen under Hillary Clinton.

Only with Donald Trump and Mike Pence do we have a chance at a better way.

And, last, let the other party go on and on with its constant dividing up of people … always playing one group against the other, as if group identity were everything.

In America, aren’t we all supposed to see beyond class, or ethnicity, or all those other lines drawn to set us apart and lock us in groups?

Real social progress is always a widening of the circle of concern and protection. It’s respect and empathy overtaking blindness and indifference. It’s understanding that by the true measure we are all neighbors and countrymen – called, each one of us, to know what is right and kind and just, and to go and do likewise.

Everyone is equal … everyone has a place … no one is written off, because there is worth and goodness in every life.

Straight from the Declaration of Independence, that is the Republican ideal – and if we won’t defend it, who will?

# # #

So much that you and I care about, so many things we stand for, are in the balance in the coming election. Whatever we lack going into this campaign, we should not lack for motivation. In the plainest terms I know, it is all on the line.

So let’s act that way. Let’s use the edge we have, because it is still what earns trust and votes. This year of surprises and dramatic turns can end in the finest possible way – when America elects a conservative governing majority.

We can do this, we can earn that mandate, if we don’t hold anything back, if we never lose sight of the stakes. Our candidates will be giving their all, their utmost, and every one of us has got to do the same.

So what do you say we unite this party, at this crucial moment when unity is everything?

Let’s take the fight to our opponents with better ideas – let’s get on the offensive and let’s stay there.

Let’s compete in every part of America, and turn out at the polls like every last vote matters, because it will.

Fellow Republicans, what we have begun here, let’s see it through … let’s win this thing … let’s show America our best and nothing less.

Thank you, and God bless.

Other speakers on July 19 …

Sharon Day

What an honor it is to be with all of you this evening…and especially to be here in Cleveland…where we have nominated the individual who is GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN….Donald J. Trump!!

As I look around this room at the different delegations…I understand the responsibility each of us has…we need Ohio…my home state of Florida… Pennsylvania… Wisconsin… and each and every state to deliver on Election Day if we are going to save America.

Because just consider for a minute…what would America look like with Hillary Clinton as President?

Our military would have a Commander-in-Chief who has already lied to the families of American soldiers on how…and why…they died in Benghazi.

People who create jobs would continue to be punished…our small businesses would suffer…industries would be destroyed as our fellow Americans across this country continue to lose their jobs.

Honesty…integrity…and ethics would now be taught in history class…because if crooked Hillary is in charge, those values would in fact…become HISTORY. Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for her simply because she will MAKE history. But Mrs. Clinton, we don’t call that history….we call that HYPOCRISY!

She repeatedly plays the gender card. In fact she boasts….”deal me in.”

Well Mrs. Clinton consider yourself dealt in. As a Senator you paid women staffers LESS than men.

As Secretary of State you lied to the mothers, daughters, and sisters of men who gave their life for our

As head of a Foundation you accepted TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars from foreign countries who enslave women and treat them as second-class citizens.

As a mother…and grandmother…you have no problem supporting policies that terminate the life of the unborn.

And as First Lady you viciously attacked the character of women who were victims of sexual abuse…at the hands of your husband.

I want to see a woman become President one day and I want my GRANDDAUGHTERS to see a woman President..but not that woman…Hillary Clinton…not now…not EVER. America deserves a President they can trust. A President who is worthy of being Commander-in-Chief…a President who tells the truth. A President who doesn’t look directly in a camera and lie to the American public about our fallen soldiers.

There is no question – Donald J. Trump is better for my children…my grandchildren…and better for this country than Hillary Clinton could EVER be.

As the citizen activists that our Founding Fathers expected us to be…let’s join together in the fight to save our country for the next generation.

Let’s stand together as daughters and sons of liberty and fight the oppressive government of Hillary Clinton by electing Donald J. Trump as our next President of the greatest country in the world.

God Bless You. May God bless our proud military men and women and their families…and may God continue to bless this special place we call our home… our United States of America.

Dana White

Good evening.

I’m Dana White, president of the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. You might be wondering why I’m here.

I’m not a politician. I’m a fight promoter.

To be honest, I was surprised to be invited, but I was honored, and I wanted to show up to tell you about my friend, the Donald Trump that I know.

In 2001, when my partners and I bought the UFC, it was considered a blood sport.

State athletic commissions didn’t support us. Arenas around the world refused to host our events. Nobody took us seriously.

Nobody….… except Donald Trump.

Donald was the first guy that recognized the potential that we saw in the UFC… and encouraged us to build our business.

He hosted our first two events at his venue. He dealt with us personally.

He got in the trenches with us… and made a deal that worked for everyone. And he showed up to the fights and sat in the front row. Yeah, he’s that guy. He shows up.

Donald championed the UFC before it was popular, before it grew into the successful business that it is now. I will always be grateful to him for standing with us in those early days.

So tonight, I’m standing with Donald Trump.

Let me tell you three things I respect about this man.

First, Donald has great business instincts. He supports businesses of all sizes.

He’ll make it possible for them to grow and succeed, which is the backbone of a strong economy.

Second, Donald is a hard worker.

He will roll up his sleeves, he will work with people, and put in the time to get things done.

And third, for over 15 years, Donald Trump has been a loyal… and supportive… friend.

I know that if I need him, he’ll be there for me, just like he was when we first met. Sometimes he’ll call just to say, “Hey Dana, I’ll be watching the fights this weekend. Good luck,” … and he’s always reached out when something good happens in my career.

In 2011, we signed a huge network TV deal with FOX, and there was a big write-up about it in the New York Times.

Donald sent me the article and wrote on the front of it, “Congratulations Dana, I always knew you would do it.”

And just for the record, Donald and I are not business partners. His interest in me and my business is personal.

You can really tell a person’s true character when they are happy for someone else’s success.

And I think that sense of loyalty and commitment will translate into how he will run this country. And let’s honest, we need someone who believes in this country.

We need someone who is proud of this country, who will fight for this country.

Let me tell you something: I have been in the fight business my whole life. I know fighters.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Donald Trump is a fighter. And I know Donald Trump will fight for this country. Thank you.

Governor Asa Hutchinson

Ladies and gentlemen, I hail from the great state of Arkansas; we know from personal experience that we don’t need Hillary Clinton in the White House.

I have been in the public arena during the administration of six Presidents.

From federal prosecutor under President Reagan; to Congress; and then Homeland Security after 9/11, I have seen America at its best and I have seen America put to the test.

There has never been a more urgent time for leadership.

—–America’s strength and boldness are desperately needed on the world stage.

——and a new energy is demanded at home to build our economy and to defeat terrorism.

Strength, boldness and new energy are not words that describe Hillary Clinton. This is the same Hillary we knew in Arkansas and later in Washington for so many years. Hillary always wanted more government, and her dreams have only gotten bigger.

Regretfully, she offers more of the same. The same uncertain leadership in fighting terrorism;

The same failed….top down approach to health care….where Washington tells the states what to do;

The same nanny state regulations that strangle the economic strength of America. If you like the last 8 years, then Hillary will give you double for your trouble!

But good things are happening in the states. In Arkansas, we are creating jobs and leading in computer science education.

Unemployment is the lowest in the recorded history of Arkansas and we have a $177 million surplus. We can do better in our country.

We need a President that values the role of the states, will destroy ISIS, and jump-start our economy.

Experience matters.

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton emphasizes her experience. Yes. Experience matters. But judgment matters more.

Despite her experience, Hillary Clinton’s poor decisions have produced bad results.

Just think about it

Hillary Clinton’s radical attempts at so-called “reform” of the nation’s healthcare system would have been more destructive than even Obamacare has been.

Hillary Clinton’s bad judgment, as you heard last night, left us four dead Americans in Benghazi.

It resulted in instability in Egypt, Syria and Libya; the rise of ISIS; the resurgence of Russia; an emboldened North Korea; inappropriate ties between foreign governments and the Clinton Foundation; and a more dangerous world.

When it comes to being Commander in Chief, we don’t want a President who in the words of the FBI is “extremely careless” in the handling of classified material.

Donald Trump represents a different kind of leadership. He is exactly the kind of transparent, straight-talking leader America needs right now.

A Hillary Clinton presidency will endanger our national security. IT:

—-will be the wrong direction for our economy

—-and will undermine the innovation coming from the states. A Trump Presidency will be about the art of the possible.

Donald Trump is the right leader for our time. Thank you.

Lt. Gov Leslie Rutledge

Good evening. Sometimes, Hillary Clinton has a New York accent. Sometimes, an Arkansas accent.

But y’all….this is what a real Arkansas woman sounds like.

Hillary may not know where she’s from, but Arkansans know exactly who she is. Arkansans know who I am.

Raised on a cattle farm, married to a row crop farmer, I’m a Christian, pro-life, gun- carrying, conservative woman.

And, the first female Republican elected Attorney General of Arkansas.

The very same office Bill Clinton held when those two launched their careers of corruption.

Hillary says they were poor when they left the White House.

And while they’ve made millions, she’s still poor in all the ways that really count: poor judgment, poor policies and poor decisions. Hillary is a lawyer, but she acts like the law doesn’t apply to her.

Absolutely no good could have come from merging her public service with her private interests…much less her private server.

What we know about her scandals is bad. What we don’t know may be worse.

Why did Bill’s speaking fees skyrocket as soon as she was Secretary of State? Why did donors to the Clinton Foundation receive favorable treatment from the State Department? Deception and dishonesty are all second nature to Hillary.

As my daddy likes to say, she will lie [even] when the truth would serve her better.

Let’s face it: That woman has more baggage than Chicago O’Hare. I broke a glass ceiling.

I know the importance of doing so.

But, a historical milestone need not come at the expense of America. Unlike Hillary, Donald Trump knows that women – and men – are not single issue voters.

We care about jobs, the economy and national security.

As Attorney General, I know this race will shape the Supreme Court for generations.

Do we want the great Antonin Scalia to be replaced by a liberal activist judge? Donald Trump will nominate conservative justices who will uphold the Constitution, support the rule of law and rein in out-of-control federal bureaucrats.

Frankly, Hillary needs to go to her own house, not the White House…and take Ruth Bader Ginsberg with her.

My fellow Americans, it’s time to update your resumes because Donald Trump is growing jobs and putting America back to work.

With Donald Trump as President….America will be closed to overregulation and open for business.

God bless each of you and God Bless America.

Michael Mukasey

Over the years, Hillary Clinton has done a lot and said a lot to show why she should not be president.

But how she treated government secrets as Secretary of State, and what she said before and after she was caught, sums up the case against her.

She sent and received secret, and top-secret, and beyond-top-secret emails on an unsecure private email system instead of on the secure government system – and she did it without authorization.

She said – falsely – that there was no classified information. She said – falsely – that what she did was authorized.

And what else did she say – falsely? She said, “When we traveled to sensitive places like Russia, we often received warnings from department security officials to leave our blackberrys, laptops – anything that communicated with the outside world – on the plane, with their batteries removed to prevent foreign intelligence services from compromising them.” She said, “Even in friendly settings we conducted business under strict security precautions, taking care when and how we read secret material and used our technology.” That’s from her book. The title of the book — ironically – is “hard choices.”

In reality, we now know that she chose to use her private email overseas, in countries hostile to the United States and that have sophisticated hacking capability. Although her system was so remarkably primitive the FBI could not figure out whether or not it had been hacked, we know that the emails of people with whom she communicated were hacked.

About her emails we have to ask ourselves the infamous question that she asked about the death of four Americans in Benghazi – “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Well, it makes a big difference.

This is the only country in the world that was founded on a law – the Constitution.

Hillary is running for an office – the presidency — whose powers and duties are defined by that law. The most important power that law gives the president is to be commander in chief of the armed forces – to protect the country.

That law imposes on the president the duty to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” That law – the Constitution – specifically requires that before taking up those powers and duties, the president swear to “faithfully execute” the office, and “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton took a similar oath before she became secretary of state.

What that means is that Hillary Clinton is asking us, as Americans, to make her the first president to take the oath of office after already violating that oath.

Our message for anyone watching these proceedings should be simple: NO WAY

Andy Wist

Thank you. It’s great to be here.

It’s been a lot of fun the last few days watching the media speculate about me.

Who’s “Andy Wist?” they all asked.

Somebody said I was Batman.

That’s Adam West, dummy!

Some of these reporters need to get a life!

Look, you want to know who Andy Wist is?

I’ll tell you. I’m living proof that the American Dream is real.

I grew up in Brooklyn and started a business in my mother’s backyard when I was 21… Standard Waterproofing.

We restore building exteriors.

Today we have 140 employees.

Not as big as Mr. Trump’s company, but still pretty good, right?

I’m also the trustee of Teamsters Local 522, because like Donald Trump and Mike Pence, I believe that working men and women still matter in this country and we have to look out for them.

After 8 years of President Obama, I don’t see the American Dream like I did when I was starting out.

All I see is too many people out of work… too many jobs shipped overseas… and too many politicians who don’t care.

It’s a mess

Who’s going to fix it?

Hillary Clinton?

After 30 years in public life her only accomplishment is beating the rap every time she breaks the law.

Donald Trump is a builder.

He’s a leader who will bring us together

He’ll make America work again, so we can believe again.

I’m not a big important person. I’m just a regular guy.

I love my family.

I love my country.

I’ve lived a great life.

But I’m not going to be around forever. Neither will you.

This November, we get to decide what kind of world we leave behind.

When I’m gone, I want my children, your children, and our grandchildren to be able to live the American Dream like I have.

And the only way we keep the American Dream alive is by electing Donald Trump president.

Thank you!

Senator Ron Johnson

What difference, at this point, does it make? I am the guy that provoked that infamous response from Hillary Clinton by asking a pretty simple question: “Why didn’t you just pick up the phone and call the survivors?”

But instead of doing that, she hatched her cover-up story and repeatedly lied to the American people. She even lied to the surviving family members of America’s fallen heroes. Think about that for a moment.

And, of course, Hillary’s cold, calculated lying continues. If we can’t trust her to tell us the truth, how can we possibly trust her to lead America?

So let me tell you — and Hillary Clinton — what difference it does makes when America’s leaders cannot be trusted — when our commander in chief fails miserably by employing a strategy of peace through withdrawal instead of achieving peace through strength.

It makes a difference to the young Yazidi woman I met who was captured and brutalized by ISIS barbarians, the joy of life hauntingly absent in her eyes.

It makes a difference to the travelers, passing through airports in Brussels and Istanbul, who just wanted to get home to their family and friends.

It makes a difference to the ordinary Americans sharing holiday cheer at a Christmas party in San Bernardino.

It makes a difference to the young men and women dancing on a summer night at a club in Orlando.

And it makes a difference to the families watching fireworks at a celebration of freedom in Nice.

These are just a few examples of Islamic terrorists, let me repeat that — ISLAMIC TERRORISTS — slaughtering and brutalizing their innocent victims.

When will America effectively respond to this terrible reality? We certainly won’t if Democrats win in November.

In Wisconsin, I’m running against Russ Feingold, who, even after 9/11, voted against giving law enforcement the tools they need to help stop international terror. During his eighteen year Senate career, he also voted against authorizing our military eleven separate times. And now he’s asking Wisconsinites to give him a fourth term — just as Hillary Clinton is asking America to give her Obama’s third term.

The world is simply too dangerous to elect either of them. Instead, America needs strong leadership.

Leaders who will jumpstart our economy, secure our borders, strengthen our military, and accomplish the goal President Obama set over twenty-two months ago: We must defeat ISIS, and then remain fully committed to destroying Islamic terrorists wherever they hide.

It doesn’t have to be like this — we shouldn’t have to live in fear.

This is a fight for freedom.

It’s not someone else’s fight, this is our fight. And it is a fight we absolutely must win.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence understand that these must be America’s top priorities.

They will be strong leaders, working with Republicans in the House and Senate to achieve a goal that can unite us all: A safe, prosperous, and secure America.

Our future hangs in the balance.

We must unify, work tirelessly, and together, save this great nation.

So God Bless your efforts, and God Bless America.

Chris Cox

I want to talk to you tonight about a very personal freedom: your right to protect your life.

Because as much as we don’t like to think about it…we live in dangerous times.

We’re worried, and we have reason to be.

Because we know government has failed to keep us safe.

You have to be able to protect yourself and your family. And that’s what the Second Amendment is all about.

Imagine a young mother at home with her baby, when a violent predator kicks in the door. He’s a three-time loser who never should have been released from prison early. But he was, because some politician wanted to show their “compassion”. So what’s she going to do?

She’ll dial 911…and pray. The police will do their absolute best to get there quickly. But their average response time is 11 minutes.

Should she be able to defend herself with a firearm in her own home? My fellow Americans, that question is on the ballot in November.

Here’s why.

Eight years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that we have a fundamental, individual right to protect ourselves and our families with a firearm in our own homes.

They should’ve ruled it nine-to-nothing, but the Second Amendment survived by just one vote. After Justice Scalia’s death, that vote is gone.

Here’s where Hillary Clinton stands.

She said, quote, “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.”

Think about that. All the Supreme Court said was you have the right to protect your life in your own home. Hillary says they got it wrong. It’s that simple…a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court means your right to own a firearm is gone.

Make no mistake: this election isn’t about the next four years. It’s about the next forty years, so voting for Hillary Clinton, or not voting, is simply not an option.

What’s so outrageous is that for the rest of her life, Hillary Clinton will never even think about dialing 9-1-1.

For thirty years, she hasn’t taken a walk, a nap or a bathroom break without a good guy with a gun there to protect her.

So it’s easy for her to dismiss a right she will never have to use. But for the rest of us, the choice to own a firearm is ours to make.

And in America, there cannot be one set of rules for the Clintons, and another set for us.

But here’s Hillary’s problem.

American women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners. Millions own firearms. And millions more are thinking about it. It’s not Hillary Clinton who says women should have that choice. It’s Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a life member of the NRA…and so are his sons, Don and Eric…because we’re the largest and oldest civil rights organization in America.

We fight for the rights of all Americans, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation…because the right to protect your life is the most precious right you have.

If you agree…you have to vote for Donald Trump.

If you believe women have the right to choose to own a firearm for themselves, you HAVE to vote for Donald Trump.

Friends, the 5 million men and women of the NRA will fight without apology for your right to protect your life.

But we are on the cusp of losing this great American freedom…and with it…this great nation.

The only way we save it, the only way we save it is by electing Donald Trump the next President of the United States.

Natalie Gulbis

Thank you.

I appreciate this incredible opportunity to speak to you about a man that I greatly admire … a man I have found to be gracious, generous, and inspiring.

I must begin, however, by saying there is a great deal of irony that I am speaking to you tonight because when I earned my Tour Card sixteen years ago, I was told there’s only two things you don’t talk about in public: Faith … and politics.

Well, tonight, I am prepared to violate both those admonitions as I stand before you at the Republican National Convention as a Christian woman.

I believe that God’s timing is perfect: He puts people in our lives to help us make a positive impact on those around us… and to help us achieve our goals.

One of those people for me, is Donald Trump.

The first time I played golf with him in 2005, I shared two things that I’d told countless CEOs, billionaires, and politicians before him: One, I had a dream to open up a Boys and Girls Club; and two, I was deeply frustrated about being treated differently as a woman … overlooked and underpaid in business.

These words previously fell on deaf, all-be-it well-intentioned ears … but that day was different.

They finally fell on ears that cared enough to take action.

I’m proud to tell you, that with Donald’s help, I opened up the Natalie Gulbis, Boys and Girls Club.

In response to my frustrations about being treated unfairly as a woman, he adamantly rejected that notion… and instead, offered me a simple idea that changed my life forever: “Never fear challenging the status quo.”

He’s encouraged me to think of myself not as a female athlete, but as a business person.

“In everything you do, be fearless,” he’d remind me. “Be fearless.”

As an athlete, fearlessness came naturally to me; but as a business woman, I faced challenges that weren’t always on a level playing field. Even today, I face challenges and Donald remains a consistent voice encouraging me to stand up to gender injustices and to LEAN IN to any professional challenges that come my way.

I hope you take these principles about generosity and fearlessness… and that they can have a similar impact for you in your life… like they have had in mine.

Ronald Reagan said, “Status quo is Latin for the mess we’re in.”

And while I believe that this is the greatest time to be a woman in the greatest country in the history of the world, I have no delusions that there isn’t a mess to clean up … and we desperately need someone to clean up this mess.

That person is Donald Trump.

If one’s history of fearlessness and challenging the status quo is an indicator for meaningful progress, then Donald Trump is the person to bring that to America.

Thank you

Senator Mitch McConnell

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been around a while.

And I’ve been around the Clintons more than anybody should ever have to. A couple years ago, Bill and Hillary camped out in my state telling anybody who’d listen why they ought to vote against me. Tonight I’m here to return the favor.

I am a patient man. As a young child in the South, I was struck with polio and forced to stay off my feet for two years.

That experience taught me an abiding gratitude for my parents. And it taught me how to wait, which comes in handy when you’re leading the U.S. Senate.

More than anything, though, my job has taught me the value of trust … how to distinguish between people who are in this to serve others and people who are in it for themselves.

I am here to tell you Hillary Clinton will say anything, do anything, and be anything to get elected president.

And we cannot allow it.

The American People are tired of hearing about the bounty of government while the cost of caring for a family or meeting daily expenses grows out of reach.

Over the past few years, they’ve seen government officials abuse their office and get rewarded for it. They’ve seen the middle class shrink.

And in the midst of all this they have raised a simple complaint. Who is looking out for us?

It is not Hillary…

I’ve had my differences with Barack Obama, but l will give him this. At least he was up front about his plans to move America to the left.

Not Hillary…

She lied about her emails. She lied about her server. She lied about Benghazi. She lied about sniper fire.

She even lied about why her parents named her Hillary. So I ask a simple question.

At a moment when so many feel betrayed by their government.

Why in the world would Democrats put forward such a candidate?

Hillary has changed her positions so many times it’s impossible to tell where conviction ends and ambition begins.

In 2010, she said Iran could enrich uranium. In 2014 she said she’s always argued against it.

Once a backer of the Keystone pipeline, last year she opposed it. She used to be against sanctuary cities.

Then she claimed to be for them. Who knows where she is now.

Friends, not since Baghdad Bob has there been a public figure with such a tortured relationship with the truth.

There is a clear choice before us. And it is not Hillary.

You know what the next four years will look like with Hillary.

And you know that if Hillary is president, we will continue to slide, distracted by the scandals that follow the Clintons like flies.

Two years ago, voters delivered a clear verdict on the Obama years by sending a freshmen class of rock star Republicans to the Senate and delivering us a majority that I promised to make you proud of.

We’d never hesitate to confront this President.

But we’d also do the hard work of tackling urgent problems head on. We have delivered on that promise.

We put an Obamacare repeal bill on the President’s desk. He vetoed it.

Trump would sign it.

We passed a bill to finally build the Keystone Pipeline. He vetoed it.

Trump would sign it.

We passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Obama vetoed it. Trump would sign it.

And on that sad day when we lost the great Antonin Scalia, I made another pledge that Barack Obama would not fill this seat. That honor will go to Donald Trump.

With Donald Trump in the White House, Senate Republicans will build on the work we’ve done and pass more bills into law than any Senate in years.

We passed the first major education reform in more than a decade, and ended common core.

We made the first significant reforms to Social Security in three decades. We passed a crucial cybersecurity bill.

We imposed sanctions on North Korea

We passed the first major highway bill in more than a decade.

We passed a bill to combat the scourge of human trafficking.

And just last week we passed, and the president signed, the first major law aimed at confronting the heartbreaking explosion of opioid and heroin abuse.

Keep the Senate in Republican hands and we will continue this work.

And the remarkable public servants that I am proud to lead in the Senate will not let you down.

But put Hillary Clinton in the White House and I promise you this.

She will double down on the cynical approach that Senate Democrats seem to revel in these days.

Here’s what I mean.

As we sit here tonight, a terrifying mosquito-borne illness threatens expectant mothers and their babies along the Southern Coast.

And just last week, Clinton Democrats in the Senate blocked a bill aimed at eradicating that virus before it spread.

They blocked a defense funding bill. A bill that would support the brave men and women who are right now defending us overseas.

What do these people think public service is about? I don’t know.

But I know this. If Hillary Clinton is our president, nothing will change. So tonight, I ask you to let us continue our work.

Let’s put justices on the Supreme Court who cherish our Constitution. Let’s keep the Senate!

And let’s elect a President and Vice President who really believe America is exceptional.











Senator Dan Sullivan

Hello Republicans! I’m Dan Sullivan, from the great state of Alaska.

I’m proud to be standing here tonight with my fellow freshman Senators. This is who we are: Governors and doctors, educators and ministers, CEOs and hog farmers, moms and dads

We have served in the United States Army and the United States Marines.

And now we serve America in the United States Senate. In 2014, YOU made this happen.

Republicans all across the country, coming together, who wanted new energy in the Senate, and who wanted to fire Harry Reid.

And that’s EXACTLY what we did.

In 2016, we need to keep that momentum going!

We need to keep the Senate, and win back the White House.

We will put coal miners and oil drillers back to work, not target them for extinction as Hillary promised.

We MUST reignite economic opportunity and the American dream for everybody.

And TOGETHER we WILL make America great again

Representative Kevin McCarthy

Thank you.

We have listened and you have told us — ENOUGH. ENOUGH of feeling like your government is ignoring you. ENOUGH of Washington bailouts and handouts.

ENOUGH of feeling less safe and less secure in a more dangerous world where the bad guys are winning and the good guys are losing.

But I have good news — in just one hundred and twelve days — it’s over. In this election the stakes have never been higher.

Do we settle for the path we are on? Or do we take a better way?

Republicans believe that families who work hard should get ahead. Republicans believe in an America that isn’t divided by race — religion — or gender. Republicans believe that America only works if we put your interests above the special interests.

But that’s not what has happened over the past eight years.

For eight years we have had a President who promised us so much but delivered so little. The lies we were told about Obamacare.

The destruction of jobs and entire industries. The empowerment of Iran and the rise of ISIS. Republicans have a better way. We have a plan to fix it.

In our Republican agenda — our enemies will fear us. Our taxes will be fairer.

People can afford the health care they want. The people’s voice will be heard. Government will help those who truly need it and allow everyone an opportunity to rise.

So to all those left behind by economic forces out of your control — we hear you

To those attacked for your beliefs — we hear you!

To a nation that sees chaos spreading across America and across the globe — we hear you. And for our men and women in uniform — we hear you. As a matter of principle you will have the very best America has to offer.

Those who fought on the front lines should NEVER have to wait in line. There is a better way.

But this Republican agenda can only be realized if we disrupt the status quo. And let’s face it — Hillary Clinton is the definition of the status quo.

We need a leader who shapes the future.

The Democrats won’t bring that future because they are stuck in the past.

When innovation has brought more power to the people — Democrats want more power for Washington.

When innovation advances technology — Hillary Clinton uses it to put American secrets at risk.

This is not the path for our country.

In these difficult times I remember the words of President Ronald Reagan when he described America as that shining city upon the hill.

Together — by electing a Republican Congress — Donald Trump — and Mike Pence.

We can build a better America and make that shining city upon the hill bright again.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

Chris Christie

I am here tonight not only as the Governor of New Jersey, but also as Donald Trump’s friend for the last fourteen years.

We are about to be led by not only a strong leader but by a caring, genuine and decent person.

I am proud to say that the voice of the people of our nation is being heard in this

hall and those voices want Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. But this election is not just about Donald Trump.

It is also about his Democratic opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the past few weeks we have seen this Justice Department refuse to prosecute her.

Over the last eight years, we have seen this Administration refuse to hold her accountable for her dismal record as Secretary of State.

Well, tonight, as a former federal prosecutor, I welcome the opportunity to hold her accountable for her performance and her character.

We must present those facts to you, a jury of her peers, both in this hall and in living rooms around our nation.

Since the Justice Department refuses to allow you to render a verdict, let’s present the case now, on the facts, against Hillary Clinton. She was America’s chief diplomat. Look around at the violence and danger in our world today every region of the world has been infected with her flawed judgment.

But let me be specific so you can render your verdict. In North Africa, she was the chief engineer of our disastrous overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya.

Libya today after Hillary Clinton’s grand strategy? Libya’s economy in ruins, death and violence in the streets and ISIS now dominating the country.

Hillary Clinton, as a failure for ruining Libya and creating a nest for terrorist activity by ISIS guilty or not guilty? In Nigeria, Hillary Clinton amazingly fought for two years to keep an Al-Qaeda affiliate off the terrorist watch list.

What happened because of this reckless action by the candidate who is the self proclaimed champion of women around the world? These terrorists abducted hundreds of innocent young girls two years ago.

These schoolgirls are still missing today.

What was the solution from the Obama/Clinton team? A hashtag campaign! Hillary Clinton, as an apologist for an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Nigeria resulting in the capture of innocent young women guilty or not guilty? She fights for the wrong people.

She doesn’t fight for us. She doesn’t get the real threats America faces. In China, Hillary Clinton praised the Chinese government for buying our debt to finance President Obama’s bloated stimulus plan.

So desperate for Chinese cash, she promised to oppose the Buy American provision in the stimulus bill in exchange for the cash to finance his huge expansion of government spending.

Hillary Clinton, putting big government spending financed by the Chinese ahead of jobs for middle class Americans guilty or not guilty? In Syria, she called President Assad a “reformer” and a “different kind of leader”.

With 400,000 now dead…think about that.



Thousand. Dead.

At the hands of the man Hillary defended.

We must ask this question: Hillary Clinton, as an awful judge of the character of a dictator-butcher in the Middle Eastguilty or not guilty? In Iran, she led the negotiations that brought about the worst nuclear deal in history.

Let me be clear: America and the world are measurably less safe and less respected because of the Iran deal Hillary helped cut.

Period. After she launched those negotiations, she became the biggest cheerleader for it at the end.

A deal that will lead to a nuclear Iran, an Israel that will be less safe and secure and much more dangerous Middle East.

Hillary Clinton, as an inept negotiator of the worst nuclear arms deal in American history guilty or not guilty? In Russia, she went to the Kremlin on her very first visit and gave them the symbolic reset button.

The button should have read, “delete” she is very good at that because she deleted in four years what it took 40 years to build. The next year, she said our goal was to strengthen Russia.

Strengthen an adversary led by a dictator who dreams of reassembling the old Soviet empire? What a dangerous lack of judgment.

Once again, as a flawed evaluator of dictators and failed strategist who has permitted Russia back in as a major player in the Middle East is Hillary Clinton guilty or not guilty? In Cuba, Hillary Clinton supported concessions to the Castro brothers and got almost nothing in return for ending the embargo.

She supported a deal that didn’t even require this murderous regime to return a cop killer, JoAnne Chesimard, to face justice.

Chesimard murdered a New Jersey State Trooper in cold blood, fled to Cuba and lives there to this very day.

How do you live with your own conscience when you reward a domestic terrorist with continued safety and betray the family of fallen police officer waiting for decades for justice for his murder? Hillary Clinton as coddler of the brutal Castro brothers and betrayer of the family of fallen Trooper Werner Foerster guilty or not guilty?

Finally, here at home, in one of her first decisions as Secretary of State, she set up a private e-mail server in her basement in violation of our national security.

Lets face it: Hillary Clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets than she did about protecting America’s secrets.

Then she lied about it over and over again.

She said there was no marked classified information on her server.

The FBI Director said that was untrue.

She said that she did not email any classified information. The FBI Director said that was untrue.

She said all work related emails were sent back to the State Department.

The FBI Director said that was untrue.

As to Hillary Clinton, putting herself ahead of America guilty or not guilty? Hillary Clinton, lying to the American people about her selfish, awful judgment guilty or not guilty? Time after time the facts, and just the facts, lead you to the same verdict both around the world and at home.

In Libya and Nigeria guilty.

In China and Syria guilty.

In Iran and Russia and Cuba guilty.

And here at home on risking America’s secrets to keep her own and lying to cover it all upguilty. Her focus group tested persona, with no genuineness to be found, is a sham meant to obscure all the facts and leave you able to vote for her. We cannot promote someone to Commander-in-Chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with every bad judgment she has made.

We cannot make the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States someone who has risked America’s secrets and lied about this to Congress and the American people.

We didn’t disqualify Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States the facts of her life and career disqualifies her. We in this hall agree with all of this.

But I want to talk to all of you at home, in your living rooms. You are the ones who will decide this election. We have an alternative.

We have a man who is unafraid.

We have a man who wants to lead us.

We have a man who understands the frustrations and the aspirations of our fellow citizens.

We have a man who judges people based on their performance regardless of your gender, race, ethnic or religious background. We do not need to settle for less.

We cannot reward incompetence and deceit. We need to demand more than what Hillary Clinton offers for America.

We know exactly what four years of Hillary Clinton will bring: all the failures of the Obama years, but with less charm and more lies. It is our obligation to stop Hillary Clinton now and never let her within 10 miles of the White House again.

It is time to come together and make sure that Donald Trump is our next President.

I am proud to be part of this team.

Now let’s go win this thing.

Kerry Woolard

Donald Trump is a man of vision: he isn’t a wide eyed dreamer, but someone who sees what others don’t, and turns that vision into reality, making life better for people and communities across the nation.

I have experienced this firsthand at The Trump Winery and Hotel, which I manage.

When Donald Trump purchased the winery in 2011 it was in receivership. Quickly and decisively he went to work: building the hotel, replanting vines, and making it a world class destination and the largest vineyard in Virginia.

Today we directly employ more than 100 people and support countless other entrepreneurs, contractors, and suppliers throughout the region.

We generate millions in revenue and millions more in taxes, and have a regional economic impact of nearly $50 million a year which has further strengthened and sustained the community in which our employees and I live

At the winery the returns have been impressive, with nearly 100 percent sales growth in just five years. I’ve not just seen this happen: I’ve helped make it happen, and I can tell you it would not have happened without Donald Trump and his family.

Let me be clear: it was not easy, and it was not inevitable.

It took a team of hard working, dedicated employees: but it takes more than hard work alone.

Our success would not have come to pass without the leadership and the vision of the Trumps.

You often hear Donald Trump talk, but what you don’t see is when he listens. He and his son Eric listen attentively and ask questions that lead to engaged,

informed decisions based on the expert knowledge of those who have earned their trust.

That trust is rewarded not just with compensation but with authority and resources.

The Trumps have also given a gift to those who know them, an approach and an outlook to life by which will always guide me.

Because of them I now think bigger, and in ways I thought might not even be possible.

Donald Trump has told me that a person’s own work ethic and drive are the only limitations to success.

I now believe that and know it to be true.

This isn’t just a platitude: at Trump Winery it is real, and I’ll tell you it is rare.

It’s been accompanied by respect for my accomplishments, and the opportunity to develop and grow professionally.

That is a direct result of the Trumps’ leadership: leadership that we now need more today, more than ever, in our country.

Senator Shelley Moore Capito

Good evening. Let me start out with a question.

Are there any Mountaineers in the audience tonight?

I’m Shelley Moore Capito — the first woman elected to serve the state of West Virginia in the United States Senate.

Ladies and gentlemen — we face challenging times. Times in which we as leaders must ask how we can secure a future — that’s brighter for our next generation.

That’s always the challenge of leadership.

And this election is no different. But with every challenge comes great opportunity. And that opportunity is what I would like to speak about tonight.

Let me first tell you where I come from — the Mountain State. I’m a life-long West Virginian.

With our tight knit communities — our state is just one big small town.

That’s never been more evident than in this past month as West Virginia was ravaged by flooding — that upended communities — displaced families — and claimed 23 lives.

As I traveled the flood zones — I was inspired by people who — despite losing everything — sought ways to help and serve others. The stories are tragic but uplifting — and I am so proud of my state.

In their jobs and communities — West Virginians work hard and deliver results. And — in turn — they expect our country’s elected leaders to do the same.

The constant refrain I hear back home — is to stop the bickering — improve the economy — and fight for jobs.

Let me tell you something — they’re right.

The greatest obstacle for West Virginia families — and families all across America over the past eight years — has been a president that places left-wing priorities and campaign promises over their livelihoods.

President Obama has hurt the heart and soul of my state — our proud coal miners and the communities where they live — work — and pursue happiness.

His policies have ripped through the heartland — creating a cycle of pessimism and disgust.

People around the country feel the Obama Administration has kicked them to the curb with a callousness that’s damaged their ability to trust and respect government.

In 2008 — President Obama famously said — “If somebody wants to build a coal- powered plant — they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

Eight years later — it’s safe to say that his actions match his words.

He’s never realized that when you bankrupt a coal company — you deprive communities of their livelihood.

His recklessness has cost more than 60,000 coal workers their jobs since 2011. That’s 60,000 families who are now without work — without a paycheck — and without options.

Not to be outdone — Hillary Clinton has already promised — “to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

She wants to put thousands more Americans out of work.

She has promised to devastate communities and families across coal country.

When I think about Hillary Clinton’s pursuit of an anti-coal agenda — I think about the miner who wakes up before dawn for another ten-hour shift.

I think about the bus driver who drives the miners’ children to school. I think about the nurse who cares for the retired miners.

I think about the loan officer at the community bank. And I think about the hundreds of coal equipment distributors.

I weep for the fabric of my state.

These men and women take pride in their highly skilled — and good paying jobs that provide for their families and support their communities.

They work tirelessly to power America.

West Virginia workers are the backbone of this country.

And Hillary Clinton is proudly promising to put them out of work? Now — we shouldn’t be surprised by this.

Because Hillary Clinton understands coal miners and blue-collar workers — about as well as she understands secure email.

A day in the life of a coal miner — and a day in the life of Hillary Clinton — could not be more different.

For over 25 years — she’s thrived in a world where the rules bend to her. Recently we learned she showed “extreme carelessness” with our nation’s secrets.

For others — the consequences of misusing classified information have been swift and serious.

Not for Hillary Clinton.

Must be nice to have your husband stop in for a friendly chat with the Attorney General on a tarmac during the final days of an FBI investigation.

Since the end of her husband’s administration — she’s profited from closed-door speeches with fees that could buy homes in West Virginia.

Not only is she out of touch — her attempts to reach out to the American people often reveal how distorted her reality has become.

In another story from the tarmac — detailing the harrowing tale of Hillary’s 1996 trip to Bosnia.

She recalled that they — “landed under sniper fire” — and had to run for cover. But the tape told a very different story.

There were no snipers or hostile forces.

Hillary was greeted by a young girl — who’d written a poem about peace.

What I find most troubling is that Hillary Clinton — fails to recognize that her calculated policies affect real people.

Those who want to feed their families — own homes — pay for college — and pursue the American Dream.

These goals should not and cannot fall out of reach.

You may remember — when President Obama arrogantly proclaimed that he would slow the rise of the oceans — and heal our planet.

He introduced and implemented sweeping environmental regulations without

Congress’ approval — and without considering the economy.

These unilateral actions are ill informed — unconstitutional — and — un- American.

Right now the burden of government regulations in this country amounts to roughly $15,000 a household.

Let me ask you a couple of questions — are you ready?

Is burdening every household in America with a cost of $15,000 — worth more applause lines at campaign rallies?

Is burdening every household in America with a cost of $15,000 — worth more campaign cash?

Is burdening every household in America with a cost of $15,000 — worth a few more one-liners?

I couldn’t agree with you more.

And I’m sure you agree with me about the importance of this election.

One of the many reasons this election is so important — is that the Democrats have nominated a candidate that Americans overwhelming distrust.

She’s earned this reputation.

Her term at the State Department was shrouded in scandal and mistrust.

A few weeks ago we watched as the FBI Director called Secretary Clinton “negligent.” He questioned her judgment and revealed countless ways she has misled the American people.

Hillary Clinton should be repentant — or at least humbled by this — but she’s not.

We know that the cornerstone of our global leadership is not just our awesome military — it’s not just our economic power — but our credibility.

She’s squandered Americans’ trust.

Thankfully — the latest misdeed hasn’t slipped past the attention of the American people.

Recent polls showed that voters’ distrust of Hillary was deteriorating her support. So it comes down to trust.

She can’t be trusted with classified information — or trusted to play by the same rules as you and me.

And — without trust — we cannot feel safe and thrive.

No one who has lost the trust of the American people can serve as President.

The only thing we can trust Hillary to do is double down on the same failed Obama policies that are hurting Americans.

But who knows maybe she’ll feel compelled to pursue the dangerous policies of the socialist wing of her party — which gave her so much trouble this spring.

We know she will double down on an economic agenda — that’s led to the lowest workforce participation in decades.

We know she will double down on the war on coal. We know that she will double down on Obamacare.

We know that she will double down on far-left Supreme Court nominees — who act like appointed legislators — not as guardians of the Constitution.

We know that she will double down on the catastrophic foreign policy she herself orchestrated. Which has emboldened enemies — weakened alliances — and increased risks to our national security.

The contrast between our vision for the future —- and that of the Hillary Clinton is clear.

Now is the time to turn the tide.

Let’s turn the tide. So that unelected bureaucrats no longer mandate regulations that are disconnected from the realities of working Americans.

Let’s turn the tide. From an executive who promotes a radical environmental agenda that will raise costs across the country.

Let’s turn the tide. From a Washington that tells us who our doctors should be — and delivers a lower quality of care.

Let’s turn the tide. To a government that respects the Constitution — and protects the jobs and way of life in rural America.

This is not out of reach. We can make these visions a reality.

This week we’ll officially nominate a candidate —- who received the most primary votes in the history of our party. A candidate who understands how to create jobs and grow the economy.

With Donald Trump in the White House and Republicans leading Congress, Our party wants to allow businesses to create jobs — not regulate jobs out of existence.

Our party understands the free market and doesn’t try to control it.

Our party protects and stands up for hardworking Americans — like West Virginia coal miners.

Our party will strengthen our military — to face growing threats.

To ensure our country gets the elected leaders it deserves — we must carry this momentum to elect Donald Trump — who speaks directly to rural Americans who have been devastated by the Obama Administration. West Virginians know he understands their problems — shares their concerns — and is going to do things differently.

The American people know that Hillary Clinton has forfeited her trust and has broken her bond with working Americans.

Let’s commit to bringing our country together. In the months ahead — the stakes are both clear and high.

Take the energy from this convention back to your state — back to your home — and work to elect Donald Trump, who will make America great again.

Thank you.

Ben Carson

I devoted my career to studying and operating on the brain. This remarkable organ defines our humanity.

It gives us the ability not only to feel and observe, but also to reason. When deciding who to elect as our next president, we owe it to ourselves and our country to make use of this power of reason to evaluate the character, experience, and intentions of the candidates and make an informed decision.

We must resist the temptation to take the easy way out and passively accept what is fed to us by the media or the political elite.

One of the most dangerous narratives being advanced by some in our own party is the notion that however dreadful a Hillary Clinton administration may be, the effects will be temporary or harmless….

Consider what she already has done in office. Classified information was recklessly revealed.

Intelligence officers were exposed. An ambassador and three other American patriots were slaughtered. That kind of harm is irreversible. It is absurd to think we can ask our enemies to disregard those emails or leave our operatives alone. And unfortunately, we cannot resurrect the dead.

Now consider what Hillary will do if elected president.

She will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who share her liberal view of an expansive government that is entitled to trample fundamental freedoms.

The decisions of a Court dominated by Obama-Clinton appointees will effectively set her cancerous policies in stone.

She will perpetuate a system that traps our children in failing schools and promotes poverty instead of empowerment.

This type of malignant neglect leaves indelible scars on these children and gaping wounds in our communities.

The question before us is not whether we should elect a Republican or a Democrat as president of the United States.

The question we must answer is whether we want to retain the ideals upon which this country was founded or succumb to Hillary Clinton’s new world order that places government in control of every aspect of our lives.

Donald Trump understands this very well. He understands that the blessings of this nation come with the responsibility to ensure that they are available to all, not just the privileged few.

This is exemplified by his willingness to take on the establishment against all odds.

It is evident in his passion for the American worker.

It is found in his desire to put his considerable skills to work on behalf of American interests, not self-interest.

I am proud to support Donald Trump — the extraordinary businessman and the right leader for our time.

Kimberlin Brown

Good evening. Many of you may know me from one of your favorite soap operas, The Young & the Restless, the Bold & the Beautiful, and many other television shows and films.

But, since we only have One Life to Live — and yes, I had to throw that in — I decided to follow other dreams.

I’m now an avocado grower for all of you guacamole lovers out there. I also run and operate my own design business.

And, with my husband, Gary – we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary — Gary and I are partners running a sport fishing business, retail operations, rental operations and assorted other enterprises.

Like millions of women across our nation, I have many responsibilities.

And, because we women have many roles in our lives, I am offended when the media and the Democrats type-cast us a single-issue voters.

We take care of our families, work inside AND outside the home, pay the bills, manage the costs at home, take care of our parents – all focused on one thing: securing the future of our families.

Like so many parents today, I have great concerns about the direction of our country and what it means for the future of my children.

And, I can’t let this election pass by without doing my part in helping get us back on the right track. That is why I’m so grateful and honored to be here with you tonight.

When I look back at my grandparents and my Mom and Dad, I realize that so much of their lives were devoted to one goal: helping me, my sister Tammy and brother Chris have every opportunity to succeed. I was always told by my Grandmother I could do anything I put my mind to and I did. I’ve worked very hard.

We have started businesses that have succeeded (and still do) and we have had ventures that have not. We have created jobs and even more tax dollars. We have worked 80 hour weeks and have gone without pay checks to keep employees paid.

This is not unique to Gary and me. It is the story of every small business owner in America.

I am a member of California’s Business Women for Trump. We’re comprised of farmers, doctors, small business owners, attorneys, and women in just about every field, profession, race and ethnicity.

And, we’re concerned about out-of-control, unreasonable government regulations that needlessly add costs to doing business and tie us ALL up in red tape.

And, don’t get me started about a bewildering tax code and high taxes to boot. This isn’t true just for small businesses but for farming as well.

Just this past week, our business is confronting a problem caused by Obamacare.

What a shock!

As a small business we used to offer medical insurance to our employees and, for those who chose to be covered, we paid most of their premiums.

This quarter we had several employees work over the 30 hour threshold set by Obamacare and, by the requirements of the law, they must sign up for one of the approved health care plans.

Our younger employees don’t understand why they are getting forced off of their previous plan which was significantly more affordable and tailored to their needs. Most of our employees are college-age and healthy. Yet they are required to buy coverage that does not meet their needs and is too expensive for their wallets.

One good thing; It has been a wake-up call to our young employees. They all are voting Republican this year!

One third of small businesses are owned by women. To the 9.4 million women business owners who employ about 8 million workers – a value of about $1.5 trillion dollars to our economy — I urge you to think about how important this election is for your future.

Who do you think better understands your challenges and will stand with you fighting for a better economy and more opportunities? —

A career Washington-insider who only knows how to use your tax dollars for more government jobs. And, incidentally, ladies, both in then Senator Clinton’s office and the Clinton Foundation, men have been better paid than women.

Or a successful businessman who knows how to make a payroll, who understands the special challenges women business owners face, such as gaining access to needed capital, and who has an admirable record of hiring and promoting women in his businesses?

For a moment, I would like to touch on an issue that Donald has spoken about from the beginning of his campaign: trade.

As an actress and a farmer– did you ever expect to see those words in the same sentence – I’ve seen first hand the impact of high taxes, over-regulation, and suspect trade deals.

I have seen tv and movie productions move out of the country. If you were an

“A” lister like Leonardo DiCaprio or an owner of a studio, you were okay. But, if you were a cameraman, sound tech, boom operator or did any one of the many jobs in a production, you were out of luck.

At the time, it did not affect me and I didn’t understand what my local union boys were talking about. Now I do and I’m sorry for not understanding the plight of these men and women who lost their livelihoods. And they did.

As an avocado grower, I have faced the impact of our trade policies. I’ve seen first-hand our domestic market flooded with imports that harmed local farmers and even drove some out of business. My neighbors who have raised this product for years are being forced to cut down their groves.

I’ll leave decisions about trade policies and how you balance the many economic interests of our nation to others but this much I do know: Donald Trump raised concerns on behalf of working people before the Washington elites did. He will make trade deals that benefit working men and women and their families right here in America!

There will be a time, and I hope soon, for a woman President. And, why not? As Donald has said, a good woman is worth ten men.

We have so many outstanding women in the Congress and in our state and local governments who are ready for the job now or in the near future.

But, let’s be clear: the Democrats offer up a woman who when she had a chance to stand up for women, did not do so.

Instead, she attacked women, denigrated them, called them liars. I personally know victims and they find Hilary’s actions and remarks repulsive!!

Her comments are comments of convenience.

If we are to prosper as a nation, if we are going to grow the economy and create jobs, we need a leader who will go to Washington and shake things up.

A president who will bring common sense to regulations and eliminate unnecessary ones. Who will fix our tax system.

Who will start us on the path to rebuild our infrastructure.

We need someone who knows how to build things! Who knows how to create jobs!

Who knows how to negotiate!

Who will tackle problems head on, so we can have true progress!

Since it was announced that I was speaking to you tonight, I have been attacked in social media with all kinds of outrageous insults, none of which are even remotely true.

The Left wants to silence those they disagree with. In politics, on college campuses, in business.

This must stop. I will not stand by idly.

It is time we stood up for ourselves, for Donald Trump and for our country. Donald is the most qualified man in America to turn things around in Washington and our nation.

So I ask you to join me and California’s Business Women for Trump in supporting America’s best opportunity to return to greatness.

Donald Trump, the next President of the United States. Thank you.

Day 2 in Cleveland: Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson in prime-time lineup

House Speaker Paul Ryan and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson are scheduled to address the Republican National Convention on Day 2 of the four-day show in Cleveland.
Today’s theme is “Make America Work Again” and the narrative that Donald Trump’s campaign will tell is that the candidate is a successful businessman with a record of creating jobs while the Obama administration has delivered job-killing regulations.
Look for Democrats to respond with statements about the thousands of lawsuits filed against Trump, the outsourcing of jobs by Trump’s businesses, labor strikes and also failed ventures.
 A look at the speaker lineup, which follows today’s nominating process:
•  Sharon Day, co-chair of the Republican National Committee.
• Dana White, president of Ultimate Fighting Championship. White says Trump hosted mixed martial arts competitions at the Trump Taj Mahal casino property when other venues shunned the sport.
• Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison.
• Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who has joined other states, including Wisconsin, in suing the Obama Administration’s over the president’s executive orders on immigration.
• Former U.S. Attorney General Michael B, Mukasey.
• Andy Wist, who founded the Standard Waterproofing Company in 1979 in his basement.
•  U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who before being elected to office started a polyester and plastics manufacturing business, PACUR, in Oshkosh.
• Chris Cox, executive director of NRA Institute for Legislative Action, who has been at the forefront of efforts resisting the president’s gun control initiatives.
• Natalie Gulbis, a professional golfer playing on the U.S.-based LPGA tour. She starred in the 2005 and 2006 reality show, “The Natalie Gulbis Show,” which aired on The Golf Channel.
• U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.
• House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.
• House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California. He ran a small business, Kevin O’s Deli.
• New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who ran for the GOP nomination.
• Tiffany Trump, daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples.
• Kerry Woolard, general manager at the Trump Winery, a 1,300-acre estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia.
• Donald Trump Jr., son of Donald Trump and executive vice president at The Trump Organization.
• U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia.
• Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon who ran for the nomination.
• Kimberlin Brown, an actress best known for roles on “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” and also an avocado farmer.

Activists stage Trump protest at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Four activists have scaled a pair of 60-foot flagpoles at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, attaching a 625-square-foot banner protesting Donald Trump’s positions on fracking and immigration.

“As the presidential campaigns swing into full step with this week’s RNC and next week’s DNC, communities directly impacted by oil and gas extraction have come together with immigrant communities being torn apart by deportations to take a stand against an unjust system that targets us all,” Emmelia Talarico said.  Talarico is an activist from Maryland who works to address labor and immigration injustice.

Activists said they want to demonstrate that while Trump is calling for the building of a wall with Mexico, social movements are breaking down the barriers that have prevented them from working together.

“Through the power of direct action, our movements can and will stop the hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump, and continue to push Hillary Clinton to ban fracking and stop the deportations,” Shane Davis said. He was forced from his home in Colorado after being exposed to the harmful impacts of fracking. Davis isa member of the Stop the Frack Attack Network Advisory Council.

“We must remember that fracking often targets low income communities of color, often many of which are immigrants such as the Central Valley of California, where over 95 percent of fracking occurs in California,” Davis said. “We cannot stand by and accept a political system in which both candidates support the toxic fracking industry, and one candidate freely uses violent racialized language against immigrant communities.”

Activists stage a protest against Donald Trump at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. — PHOTO: Robby Diesu
Activists stage a protest against Donald Trump at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. — PHOTO: Robby Diesu

Ready to watch? Our guide to the GOP convention

The Republican Party consummates its love-hate relationship with Donald Trump at its national convention this week in Cleveland.

Don’t expect the typical four-day love fest.

The presumptive nominee is unpredictable and prone to veer off-message. Plenty of party faithful arrive carrying reservations about the nominee along with their luggage. There are #NeverTrump-ers still hoping to alter the course of history. Protesters may be out in force. And a large swath of GOP regulars will simply sit this one out.


What to watch for …


House Speaker Paul Ryan, the convention chairman, has run hot, cold and lukewarm on Trump.

He endorsed the GOP’s presumptive nominee belatedly and subsequently denounced Trump for “racist” comments.

Ryan will be on difficult terrain at the convention, trying to unify the fractured party while holding himself at arm’s distance from its combative nominee.

He’ll be shooting for a Goldilocks moment — not too hot, not too cold — with his policy-focused speech Tuesday night. Plenty of other GOP legislators will be trying to navigate similarly difficult pathways.



Remember when all eyes were on the likes of Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz as top contenders to win the Republican presidential nomination?

While Bush, John Kasich and some other vanquished hopefuls will avoid the convention hall, those who do show up will face the somewhat awkward task of completing their transformation from anti-Trumps to cheerleaders.

Cruz, Walker, Chris Christie, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee all are in the Cleveland speaker’s lineup.

You can bet Trump critics will dredge up all the nasty things they said about Trump during the primaries.

And what Trump said about them. Does Trump say “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” doesn’t not lie anymore?



Expect to hear many variations on Donald Trump’s central campaign theme of “Make America Great Again.”

Here’s the themes for each day of the convention:

Monday: Make America Safe Again, with words from Melania Trump, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, Jason Beardsley and U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana.

Tuesday: Make America Work Again, with words from Tiffany Trump, Kerry Woolard, Donald Trump Jr., U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Ben Carson and Kimberlin Brown.

Wednesday: Make America First Again, with words from Lynne Patton. Eric Trump, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Thursday: Make America One Again, with words from Peter Thiel, Tom Barrack, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump.



The opening day of the convention’s focus is said to focus on national security strategy (that would be the wall along the Southern border) and foreign policy (that would be Trump’s take on what happened in Benghazi in September 2012).

The “Prime Time” lineup includes former a number of people identified as immigration reform advocates, as well as Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty,” Scott Baio of “Charles in Charge” and “Happy Days,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Melania Trump, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin and also Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who claims to be a Democrat.



Given the GOP’s conflicted relationship with its nominee, the list of convention no-shows could be as notable as the lineup of speakers and attendees.

Check out the explanations offered by those steering clear of Cleveland.

Some will be up-front about wanting to keep their distance from Trump; others will deliver dog-ate-my-homework excuses to be elsewhere.



A conservative cabal hoping to derail Trump’s nomination is on life support.

There were jokes that the convention’s rules committee had employed chains, whips and muzzles last week as it crushed an effort to let delegates back the candidate of their choice.

The dissidents may make a last-ditch effort to get the full convention to revisit that idea. And there is sure to be an extra element of drama to the roll call of the states meant to deliver the nomination to Trump.

All sides will be watching for lingering evidence of dissent.

And there’s always the possibility that protesters will try to do something disruptive inside the convention hall.



The convention will be a coming-out of sorts for Trump’s vice presidential pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

The former congressman is well known to GOP insiders as an anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-immigrant conservative — and yet he’s far from a household name to the American public at large.

In a recent CBS News poll, 86 percent of respondents said they didn’t know enough about Pence to have an opinion.

Pence, who once described his style as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf,” is expected to offer a calming contrast to Trump but can be hard-hitting when he wants.

Watch what role he chooses to play in his Wednesday night speech at the convention: Democratic attack-dog? Christian standard-bearer? Congressional wheeler-dealer? All of the above?

And keep an eye on what the chemistry — if any — looks like between Pence and Trump. They barely know each other.



For months, say-anything Trump has been promising to be more presidential when the time is right. His speech to the convention Thursday night is the moment to prove he can do it.

But Trump’s had mixed success with past efforts to rein in his run-on mouth. He’s not a natural with a teleprompter and can come across as rather flat when he’s reading from a script.

Watch to see if he can find a comfortable middle ground — maintaining the tell-it-like-it-is style that has endeared him to some voters while toning down the excesses that have turned off others.



Don’t get your hopes up. Republicans always have a harder time recruiting Hollywood A-listers than do Democrats, and Trump is an even tougher draw than usual.

The best of the low-wattage stars in the lineup so far include actor and former underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr. and pro golfer Natalie Gulbis.



Conventions always draw protesters.

Trump’s polarizing campaign is attracting more than usual. Authorities are prepared for spontaneous gatherings and the potential for violence.

Among the groups that applied for permits or announced protest plans: Black Lives Matter and Stand Together Against Trump, a group that opposes the GOP presumptive nominee’s proposal to freeze entry into the U.S. of people from places with a history of terrorism. Pro-Trump groups will be gathering outside the convention hall, too: including Bikers for Trump, Tea Partiers for Trump and Truckers for Trump.



A global security firm that trains the news media and nonprofit organizations to deal with crisis situations has advised journalists covering the convention in Cleveland to wear body armor.

The firm noted that Ohio is a state where people can carry guns in the open and also conceal their weapons — and those weapons will be allowed in the 1.7 mile event zone at the convention center.


Journalists advised to wear body armor at Republican National Convention

A global technology firm is recommending that journalists covering the Republican National Convention wear military-grade body armor.

The recommendation from Global Journalist Security — found in an update following the shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — advised the wearing of body armor by those covering events in the RNC’s 1.7 square mile “event zone” in Cleveland.

The convention is beginning today, with a surprise visit expected from Donald Trump.

GJS, described on its website as a “forward-looking, technology-oriented hostile environments training and consulting firm” for news and nonprofit organizations, has security advisers at the convention, including some who are trained military personnel with medical training.

The firm expressed concern with safety in Cleveland.

Ohio is a conceal and carry state and many Republican leaders have expressed support for the decision to allow people to carry guns in the area around the Quicken Loans Arena.

GJS cautioned, “Sidearms including revolvers and semi-automatic, high-capacity pistols like Glocks may be carried beneath the clothing of a concealed-carry permit holders. Both sidearms and long guns including semi-automatic, high-powered rifles may be carried openly. Both concealed- and open-carry weapons will be permitted within the 1.7 square mile RNC ‘Event Zone.’ A number of groups from different political perspectives have already indicated they are planning armed demonstrations. The potential for tragic incidents or even armed clashes along with confusion by police and others about threats should not be underestimated.”

The Cleveland Police Department is preparing for mass arrests. An announcement said the law enforcement can house more than 975 detainees at a time and local courts will be kept open 20 hours each day of the convention, with 12 judges working 10-hour shifts.

GJS encouraged journalists to “report to us or relevant press freedom groups incidents involving journalists’ mistreatment, injuries or arrests. We will issue reports as needed on this information in addition to sharing information with press freedom groups.”

Did you know?

Guns are allowed in the “event zone” at the Republican National Convention but rules state that gas masks are not allowed, neither are knives measuring more than 2 inches, large backpacks or ice coolers.