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The timeline for Wisconsin’s recount of the presidential vote

The Wisconsin Elections Commission unanimously approved the timeline and procedures for responding to recount petitions from the Jill Stein for President Campaign and from Rocky Roque De La Fuente.

At its meeting Monday morning, the commission approved the following timeline:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 29:  Stein and/or De La Fuente campaign submits payment to WEC.  Once full payment is received by either campaign, the WEC will issue a recount order to all presidential candidates.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30:  WEC staff will hold a teleconference for all county clerks and canvass members to go over the recount rules and processes.  The teleconference is tentatively scheduled for 10 a.m. and will be held via webinar.  Invitation instructions will be sent out next week to all county clerks.  A 24-hour public meeting notice is required for the recount and therefore each county should post their notice by this date.
  • Thursday, Dec. 1:  Recount begins in all Wisconsin counties.  A 24-hour public meeting notice is required.
  • Monday, Dec. 12:  County canvass boards need to be completed by 8 p.m. 
  • Tuesday, December 13:  WEC staff will prepare the official recount canvass certification by 3 p.m.


The commission also took action on the Stein campaign’s request that the recount be conducted entirely by hand instead of by equipment, unanimously passing the following motion: “The commission directs staff to decline the Stein campaign request to order counties to tally all ballots by hand and to permit each county to determine whether ballots will be counted by hand or using tabulating equipment, consistent with existing state law.”

In order for there to be a statewide hand-count, the Stein campaign would need to obtain a court order, according to the state.

Finally, the commission directed staff to notify municipal clerks who have been selected to conduct an audit of their electronic voting equipment to delay completion of that audit until after completion of the recount.

Judge allows canvassing outside Target

A judge ruled recently that a San Diego pro-gay marriage group can continue canvassing outside of Target stores in California, but the group’s volunteers must stay 30 feet away from store entrances and canvass at just one entrance at a time.

The retail giant had sought an injunction barring the activists from every outlet in the state, alleging they harass customers by cornering them near store entrances to discuss gay marriage, solicit donations and collect signatures on petitions.

Canvass For A Cause director Tres Watson called the ruling a win for not only his organization, but also for free speech.

From AP and WiG reports