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We The People amendment question on April 5 ballots

Voters in 11 Wisconsin communities will be asked on April 5 ballots whether they support amending the Constitution to overturn the Citizens United ruling allowing corporations to finance campaigns.

Voters will cast ballots in Beloit, Janesville, Brodhead, Monroe, Clarno, York, Darlington, Belmont, Platteville, Lancaster and New London. Voters are being asked to send a message that “a corporation is not a person and money is not speech.”

If all vote in favor, this will bring to 72 the number of Wisconsin communities that have called for the We The People amendment, according to a statement from United to Amend.

Nationwide, 16 state Legislatures have voted for a constitutional amendment, as have more than 680 towns, villages, cities and counties.

“Most of our legislators are part of pay-to-play politics – they must serve their big-money funders, not the people. I want my democracy to work for my grandchildren again” said Jeanette Kelty, of the United to Amend leader in the Monroe area.

“It is now obvious that we are losing our democracy,” stated Nettie McGee, a reformer in Outagamie County. “The huge money in our political system buys our elections and politicians.”

Polls show support for the amendment among Democrats, independents and Republicans.

United to Amend said the roots of the problem run deeper than Citizens United. More than a century ago, Robert M. La Follette spoke against corruption wrought by the “concessions and privileges” given to corporations by legislators. “Why,” he asked, “in a government where the people are sovereign, why are these things tolerated?”

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United To Amend is a nonpartisan, grassroots movement. For more information go to wiuta.org.

NAACP engaged in Maryland marriage equality fight

Leaders of the NAACP say the nation’s largest civil rights group is totally engaged in the campaign for marriage equality in Maryland, where the group is headquartered.

At a press conference at the heaquarters in Baltimore on Oct. 15, NAACP president and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous, Maryland NAACP president Gerald Stansbury, Baltimore NAACP president Tessa Hill-Aston, Maryland NAACP youth and college president Chizoba Ukairo and the Rev. Dr Todd Yeary of Baltimore’s Douglass Memorial Community Church planned to discuss the organization’s “unprecedented engagement” in the fight.

Maryland is one of four states facing a marriage-related ballot question on Nov. 6. In that state and in Washington, voters will decide whether to affirm marriage equality bills passed earlier this year.

In Maine, voters also will decide whether to legalize same-sex marriage.

In Minnesota, voters will decide whether to amend their state constitution to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

The NAACP board of directors in May passed a resolution endorsing marriage equality. That’s the same month that President Barack Obama endorsed gay marriage.