Wings of Rescue

On Valentine’s Day, approximately 130 shelter cats and dogs will board the “Freekibble Flight to Freedom” in West Memphis, Ark., and will be given a second chance at finding a forever home. Of these 130 shelter pets, 100 will be sent to Waukesha and 30 to Chicago.

At 3 p.m., 100 shelter pets will arrive at the Waukesha County airport. The Humane Animal Welfare Society, the Washington County Humane Society, Elmbrook Humane Society, Humane Society of Jefferson County and PAWS Chicago will all take in their share of rescues.

The rescue comes as part of a larger operation carried out by Wings of Rescue. Over the course of two days, Wings of Rescue airlifted 500 at-risk shelter pets from overcrowded shelters in Florida, South Carolina, Memphis, Mississippi, Arkansas, Arizona and California to receiving shelters in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Washington and Idaho. and have collaborated with Wings of Rescue to make this rescue and previous rescues possible. Previous rescues have helped animals affected by hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, as well as animals affected by wildfires in California. They have also rescued dogs from South Korean dog meat industry. and have helped to provide the transport funds, as well as crates to transport the pets and food.

Wings of Rescue is a donation-based charity that aims to fly large numbers of at-risk shelter pets from shelters with high intake rates and disperses them across the United States and Canada to shelters that have available space and waiting adopters. Volunteer pilots fly personal planes and chartered cargo planes across the country to help transport the pets.

Since 2012, Wings of Rescue has saved approximately 29,000 at-risk shelter pets. 

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