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A Better Mt. Pleasant will host one-night showing of Little Pink House, June 6 at the Marcus Renaissance Cinema in Sturtevant at 6:30 pm.

Little Pink House is the story of how Susette Kelo fought the government to save her home from eminent domain and lost, triggering the landmark U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Kelo vs. City of New London.

The film stars Catherine Keener and Jeanne Tripplehorn and is rated 93 percent “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Hollywood has come to Mount Pleasant to tell story of homeowners being forced to sell their homes to make way for Foxconn,” said Kelly Gallaher, a spokesperson for A Better Mt. Pleasant. “The timing of this film’s release could not be more relevant and we are pleased to host this exclusive screening.”

The screening will be followed by a Q&A session on how, according to A Better Mt. Pleasant, the village of Mount Pleasant is resorting to similar tactics to take valuable farmland and well-maintained homes so they can give the property to Foxconn.

Tickets are $12 and must be purchased through Tugg online tickets by May 30.

A Better Mt. Pleasant is a nonpartisan, community organization "dedicated to advancing a fair, accountable and transparent local government in Mount Pleasant."


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