State of Craft Beer book

Some of Wisconsin’s top brewery owners and employees will participate in a 24-hour Facebook Live Telethon on Dec. 12 at Enlightened Brewing Company, 2018 S. First St., #170, Milwaukee, from 11 a.m. until 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

Book author and photographer Matthew Janzen will play host to the 24-hour Telethon promoting local breweries, companies, and his book State of Craft Beer — which explores the economic impact craft beer has on communities throughout Wisconsin.

Wisconsin State Journal calls State of Craft Beer “a 272-page doppelbock of a coffee table book that’s impressive both in- and outside its handsome leather cover.” Bill Siel of Kenosha News said of the book, “Whatever shape or form craft brewing takes a few decades into the future, Janzen’s book documents how it looks and feels right now.”

In theme with the values of craft breweries who support local companies, Janzen sourced 100 percent of the book manufacturers from Wisconsin, including paper from Combined Locks and Neenah; printer from Green Bay; bindery from Germantown; and book boxes from Wausau.

State of Craft Beer was released earlier this year, and according to Janzen “makes a great gift for beer lovers, or lovers of Wisconsin who want to see a unique view of the state through the lens of companies in our backyard.”

The 24-hour Facebook Live Telethon can be found at For more information about the book, visit

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