Dale Kooyenga

A rally in support of two Democratic candidates —  Julie Henszey and Tom Palzewicz — begins today at 4:30 p.m. at Wauwatosa City Hall, 7635 W. North Ave. Signs will be provided by organizers.

Julie Henszey is in a close race for State Senate District 5 — a race that could determine whether Republicans remain control of the state Senate.

Her opponent, incumbent Dale Kooyenga, is best known for stealing a protest sign placed in the Capitol. The sign was legally placed, with a copy of its display permit attached to the back.

The protester filed a federal lawsuit in October 2017 and won a $30,000 settlement from the state. Kooyenga promised to reimburse the state in April, but he didn’t make the payment until July fewer than 30 minutes after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a story about the situation.

In 2000, Kooyenga was convicted in Sheboygan for physically assaulting a minor who refused to attend a religious camp.

Kooyenga is backed by the Koch brother’s Americans for Prosperity, which seeks to abolish virtually all government programs except for the military. APA also promotes giving free rein to Big Business by eliminating regulations, including those involving environmental and employment practices, as well as product liability laws.

In keeping with such goals, Kooyenga has voted to allow: minors over 16 to work without permits; sulfide mining; baiting and feeding deer in order to shoot them without having to hunt; drug screening for welfare recipients but not government workers; towns to withdraw from county zoning laws; children to handle firearms, beginning at birth. He’s voted to prohibit: municipalities from requiring project labor agreements; local governments from issuing identification cards; local policies preventing the policing of immigration status.

Kooyenga has received a score of nine from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, 36 from the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, from the zero from the John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club and 20 from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, and zero from the Humane Voters of Wisconsin.

On the other hand, he’s scored 93 from the National Rifle Association and 100 from Wisconsin Right to Life.

Julie Henszey, a corporate trainer and an executive coach, has proven to be a strong candidate. Also an outdoor-adventure guide, she’s strongly in favor of preserving clean air and water in Wisconsin, as well as preserving vital state ecosystems imperiled by Republicans’ abolishment and dilution of — and failure to enforce — numerous environmental regulation.

Read more about Tom Palzewicz here.


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