All this kitten’s mother could do was stand by helplessly while her baby cried out. They were both prisoners in a lab where they were destined to suffer until they were murdered 💔

PETA helped put an end to these horrific kitten tests, but taxpayers are STILL paying for experiments that torture and kill animals to this day. Texas A&M University still experiments on dogs with canine muscular dystrophy — forcing them to spend their lives sick in a lab until they eventually die or are killed. Tell the school this is unacceptable!

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It's time animal experimentation was completely ended. It's cruel and it's not even relevant.


Progressive scientists won't test on animals because they know it's unethical and produces inaccurate results that cannot be applied to help humans. We have innovative technology available to test with instead, so leave animals alone.


Experimenting on animals is mad, bad "science" that causes so much suffering and rarely produces results that are relevant to humans. It's time to embrace humane, human-relevant research, and leave animals in peace.

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