Trump's Bureau of Land Management is rolling back commonsense lands protections so oil and gas corporations can drill in Colorado’s delicate and iconic landscapes. This reckless agenda with our public lands is fueling the climate crisis. It's clear nowhere is off limits for fossil fuel destruction-- not national monuments, land just outside national parks nor our towns.

In the face of a mass extinction and climate crisis, Colorado must be a part of the climate solution, not the problem. Right now, fossil fuel extraction on public lands contributes to a growing 12% of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and many of our counties continue receiving failing grades for air quality as a result.

Despite the role of public lands in battling climate disruption, the Trump Administration has shown no effort to protect these places and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by halting drilling. This month, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is offering thousands of acres of pristine landscapes in Northwestern Colorado for oil and gas drilling leasing, with little opportunity for the public to make their voices heard.

We can't trust industries with a long history of fossil fuel destruction, polluting our air and water, and contributing to climate change with our delicate wildlife systems, landscapes and water. . But we can come together to stop them. We need you to make Coloradans voices heard and tell the BLM to stop leasing public lands!

To make the problem worse, if these acres of public land are leased for oil and gas development, it would destroy important nesting grounds for threatened wildlife-- like the Greater Sage Grouse-- who has suffered the consequences of habitat destruction and a rapidly changing climate. Greater sage grouse are facing long-term population declines directly related to oil and gas development. Diverse coalitions have fought hard to rehabilitate the species and the Trump administration is threatening that progress.

Tell Colorado BLM to take action for the climate, protect threatened wildlife, and cancel the fall lease plans!

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