This summer, Trump's plan to raid the Arctic Refuge for oil started falling apart at the seams -- BP is selling off their operations in Alaska, major banks are refusing to fund Arctic drilling projects, and the seismic testing company most likely to operate in the Refuge is under SEC investigation. The government official overseeing the drilling plans abruptly resigned -- and just this week, the House also passed a bill that would ban drilling in the area.

The Trump administration knows that their window of opportunity is closing, so they're scrambling to sell out the Refuge while they still can. We expect that they'll try to hold a lease sale in early December -- and we need people who are ready to take action if that happens. Sign up here, and we'll send you a free sticker so you can show your support.

The Gwich'in Nation of Alaska and Canada have been leading the fight to protect the Refuge, and they're asking for widespread support from people in the Lower 48 this Fall. If a lease sale happens, oil companies will be weighing the financial and reputational risks of investing in the Arctic Refuge. A massive response across 50 states will make them very, very nervous -- and that's a good thing.

If Trump pushes ahead with a lease sale, the Gwich'in Steering Committee is asking people to stand in solidarity by going to their own place of refuge in response, and by sharing their reasons for doing so. It can be a park, a library, even your own kitchen table -- any place that acts as a safe haven.

You can go solo, or you can bring friends. If you sign up now, we'll send you a free sticker to display on the day of action. The Arctic Refuge might be far away, but what happens there impacts all of us. Show your solidarity with the Gwich'in in by bringing the fight to the Lower 48.

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