Take action now to insist your Senators, Representatives, and Speaker Pelosi pressure Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump to protect clean energy workers from COVID-19 recession: http://sc.org/CovidRelief

Why This Matters: Mitch McConnell and the Republicans prioritized the fossil fuel industry in the last COVID-19 relief bill even though the clean energy industry employs more people. Now, clean energy workers could be left behind again. Over a half million people in the clean energy industry are still out of work (514,000 to be exact), and it could turn into permanent unemployment if Congress fails to give clean energy workers and their industry the support they need.

Our response to the current health and economic crises should not be to fuel the climate catastrophe. We must act now to save the clean energy economy and the millions of families that rely on these good-paying, clean energy jobs. As Congress responds to provide relief, they must do more to protect and support clean energy workers. These workers are building and installing the infrastructure that keeps the lights on and cuts damaging pollution in our communities. We cannot leave them behind.

Contact your federal legislator by clicking on the communications tools to the right. Tell your Senators, Congressional Representatives, and Speaker Pelosi that you want them to pressure Mitch McConnell to prioritize the clean energy workforce in the next COVID-19 relief package.

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