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Radio Milwaukee hosted its live 2017 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards on Dec. 7. The show featured performances by Rose of the West, Abby Jeanne, Zed Kenzo, B~Free and DJ sets by LUXI.

With over 3,500 online ballots cast, the 2017 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards were the biggest the station has hosted to date.

Winners included:

  • Abby Jeanne — Rebel LoveAlbum of the Year
  • Vincent VanGREAT — “A Message (feat. Bo Triplex)” — Song of the Year
  • Abby Jeanne — Solo Artist of the Year
  • GGOOLLDD — Band of the Year
  • Marielle Allschwang — “Aquarium” — Music Video of the Year
  • Trapper Schoepp — Bay Beach Amusement ParkAlbum Artwork of the Year
  • Life In A Tree — Say Goodbye to the Nighttime SkiesIndependent Release of the Year
  • Denny Lanez — BelieverBest Disc We Missed
  • WebsterX — DaymaresCritics Choice (Album of the Year)

Special honorary awards included:

  • Enzo DeMay — Rising Star Award
  • Arte Para Todos — Humanitarian Award
  • Hear Here Presents — Music Ambassador

For more information on the awards and Radio Milwaukee, visit

For more information on some of the winners, check out these Wisconsin Gazette articles:

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