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An illustration of Taliesin by Max Dalton.

Pop culture illustrator Max Dalton, in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, has created a limited-edition illustrated map of Taliesin, the architect’s personal estate in Wisconsin, and surrounding landmarks on the 800-acre property. 

The work will appear in the Summer 2018 edition of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly, a hard-copy magazine created for foundation members — including those who join the nonprofit by Oct. 15.

“I’m a big fan of modern design and early 20th-century architecture and, of course, Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my favorites,” Dalton said. “Just having the opportunity to work on something related to his work and being involved is such a great honor to me. I’m proud to be contributing — in a very tiny way — with the preservation of Wright’s legacy.”

Taliesin was built on Wright’s favorite boyhood hill in the Wisconsin River Valley — homesteaded by his Welsh grandparents.

Jeff Goodman, the foundation’s director of marketing and communication, approached Dalton about the project earlier this year.

“I’ve long admired Max Dalton’s ability to take visuals created by other artists and display them in a way that respects the original intent while adding his own signature style to how the work is presented,” Goodman said. “Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs and ideas are more relevant today than in his own lifetime, so we wanted an illustrator who could display the genius of Wright’s work with a contemporary approach.” 

Dalton said he researched Wright’s plans for Taliesin and selected a few of them to imitate his style — especially the architect’s handwriting and the way he illustrated trees and landforms surrounding the buildings. 

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